Codecamp Iasi-26 nov 2011 - Html 5 WebSockets
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Codecamp Iasi-26 nov 2011 - Html 5 WebSockets





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Codecamp Iasi-26 nov 2011 - Html 5 WebSockets Presentation Transcript

  • 1. html 5 websocketsFlorin Cardașim, nov 2011
  • 2. Agenda Real-time web SSE, Q&A WebSockets Demo: Demo: WebSockets in long polling Windows 8, ASP.NET & WCF 4.5
  • 3. How do we implement real-timeweb?periodic ajax pollingcomet/long polling/http streaming …flash/javafx/silverlighthtml5 server-sent eventshtml5 web sockets
  • 4. PollingBrowser connect Server no message connect no event message connect event connect no message connect no event message connect event
  • 5. PollingNo real-time user experienceWasted bandwidth, most requests return no dataFrequent polling determine high server loads
  • 6. Comet/long pollingBrowser Server connect wait event event connect wait event event connect wait
  • 7. Comet/long pollingReal-time user experienceHigh number of clients determines high pressure on bandwidth, memory, threads/processesDEMO
  • 8. Html5 server-sent eventsBrowser Server open event stream <EventSource> event event onmessage event event onmessag e event event onmessag e
  • 9. Html5 server-sent eventsSimulates a server push channel over HTTPUnidirectional, from server to browserStandardizes some form of Comet/http streamingNew html tag: <EventSource>New mime type: text/event-stream
  • 10. Html5 WebSockets GET /text HTTP/1.1Client/Browser Upgrade: WebSocket Server Connection: Upgrade Host: ... HTTP/1.1 101 WebSocket Protocol Handshake Upgrade: WebSocket ... TCP comm channel Full duplex, bidirectional
  • 11. Html5 WebSocketsFull duplex, bidirectionalSingle TCP socketStandard ports: http/80, https/443Bandwidth savingsHigher scalability comparing with CometIn&outside of browserIETF WebSockets Communication protocolW3C WebSockets API
  • 12. Server side support Socket.IO (node.js)  Socket.IO Fallbacks Jetty (Java)  Adobe Flash Socket Ruby/EventMachine  AJAX Long Polling Python/Twisted  AJAX Multipart Streaming Windows 8, IIS 8, ASP.NET-WCF 4.5  Forever iFrame … others  JSONP Polling
  • 13. Browser support
  • 14. DEMO: WebSockets@MicrosoftASP.NET 4.5WCF 4.5Windows 8 Developer PreviewIIS 8ASP.NET 4.5WCF 4.5IE 10, Chrome
  • 15. WebSockets @Microsoft Your code! WCF high level abstractions ASP.NET high levelWCF WebSocket transport abstractions System.Net.WebSockets ASP.NET HTTP Pipeline HttpListener IIS (iiswsock.dll) http.sys
  • 16. References
  • 17. Q&A
  • 18. Please fill your evaluation formThank you!Florin Cardașim, nov 2011
  • 19. WebSockets vs Polling bandwidth