Sierra Club: Making the World Safer with Local Power


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Sierra Club: Making the World Safer with Local Power

  1. 1. Sierra Club & CarbonfreeDC: The Potential of Microgrids Making the World Safe for Local Power Shalom Flank, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer & Microgrid Architect February 20, 2013
  2. 2. What is a Pareto Microgrid?• A Megawatt-scale system with an• Always-on utility interconnection that• Combines multiple energy sources and• Operates autonomously (always-islanded) and is• Well-suited for local ownership and control
  3. 3. Easy Integration of Multiple Sources of Local Power Incoming Utility Power GridLink™ Fuel CellsParking Canopy PV Local Distribution Microgrid Existing Backup GensetsCombined Heat & Power Wind Turbines Energy Storage Geothermal (Bldg Integrated & Remote)
  4. 4. Connecting Distributed Resources to the Utility Penetration Limit Issues: • Voltage Regulation • Overcurrent / Fault Current Central Power • Grounding • Switching / service restoration PV Panels CHP / Trigeneration GridLink™ Distributed Energy Microgrid Water Treatment Facility Storage Local Power: (eg. Biosolids)
  5. 5. Pepco DC: Local Power Applications Pepco 2011 Interconnection Report to DC-PSC (Docket 1050, Order 16601) Level / Size Number of Applications Total kW 1 (<10kW) 163 612 2 (10kW – 2MW) 19 805 3 No export, no spot 1 0 networks (>50kW area network) 4 (2MW-10MW) 1 92002011 Level 3, 16kW on Spot network, would have required Level 4 Application: Project abandoned2010 Level 4, 50kW on Spot network, limited to 5% of peak load: Reduced size to 36kW
  6. 6. Pepco DC: Load Growth vs. Local Power“The more generation that is added to a particular circuit, the greater thepotential that a circuit limitation will be exceeded, which would result in thedenial of new interconnection requests.” (2011 Interconnection Report, p4) Peak MW (2342) (2179) # of New (2240) Projects (183) (124) (264) MWSources:• Pepco 2011 Interconnection Report to DC-PSC: (Docket 1050, Order 16601)• 2012 Pepco Consolidated Report (3/15/2012)
  7. 7. Penetration Limits for Local PowerUtility / Report Feeder / Section Source DG LimitNREL “Ubiquitous” national “Updating Small Generator threshold 15% Interconnection Procedures for New Market Conditions” (p 3)Ontario Hydro 7% “Technical Interconnection Requirements for DG” Item 5.3.2.i (p7)Pepco Radial circuit: 15% DC Small Generator Spot Network (load side): 5% Interconnection Rules: 4004.2 (a, c)California 15% peak load (5% spot) Revised CA Rule 21 (100% of daytime min load) (9/20/2012) 5% Utility service territory cap
  8. 8. Too many problems – is there a simple solution?
  9. 9. Pareto GridLink Technology
  10. 10. Local Power: Clean Energy Microgrids
  11. 11. Microgrids: Making the World Safe for Local Power• Interconnection: No impact on distribution system, insert any amount of generation anywhere on the network• Penetration depth: Improved stability for the macrogrid• Renewables: Easy integration of dispersed generation throughout the microgrid• Reliability: No interruption during grid outage, ride- through for grid disturbances• Independence: Autonomous operation, local control
  12. 12. Pareto Energy Contacts Guy Warner CEO 202-903-0758 Shalom Flank, Ph.D.Chief Technology Officer & Microgrid Architect 202-903-0758 Christopher Niebylski Director, Microgrid Analytics 202-903-0758