Energy Farmers - Bioenergy and Biomass


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Energy Farmers is a waste to energy and bioenergy development company based in Western Australia.

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Energy Farmers - Bioenergy and Biomass

  1. 1. Millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases arereleased into the atmosphere from agriculture. Through new agricultural systems we can reduce these emissions and create new revenue streams for farmers. We are…
  2. 2. We have combined our engineeringand agriculture skills to developbioenergy and waste to energyprojects.
  3. 3. Our vision is farmers using their wastesto drive sustainable bioenergy projects.Our mission is to provide the pathwaysbetween biomass resources andtechnology.Our goal is to be recognised as aleading agricultural based biomassdevelopment company in Australia.
  4. 4. We are building a strong support teamwith a range of experiences…
  5. 5. Dr Stephen Joseph – Senior Technical AdvisorDr Paul Blackwell – Senior Scientific AdvisorJonathon Haeusler - Principal LawyerLyndon Crudelli - Principal Accountant
  6. 6. Our business model guaranteesfeedstock supply and shares thebenefits with stakeholders. Energy Station Energy Technology Other Farmers Farmers Provider Investors
  7. 7. We’ve been getting our hands dirty…
  8. 8. and engaging with farmers…
  9. 9. and industry.
  10. 10. We’ve also partnered withtechnology providers…
  11. 11. and invested in our own.
  12. 12. We are doing research and testing…
  13. 13. on feedstocks…
  14. 14. manures, compost and biochar.
  15. 15. And we are looking forward to theexciting potential of biomass to liquids.
  16. 16. We are sharing our story…
  17. 17. and have been getting enquiries fromall over the world.
  18. 18. Our projects include:
  19. 19. Mid West Waste to EnergyCurrent Situation Mid West farmers burn approx. one million Ha’s of crop residue to control chemical resistant weeds. This is a resource going to waste, burning stubbles reduces air quality, wastes nutrients and creates greenhouse gas emissions.
  20. 20. Mid West Waste to EnergyOpportunity We can capture this resource (weeds included), and process it via gasification/pyrolysis into power, heat and biofuels. Nutrient rich bi-products can be used to replace fossil based fertilisers and to lock away carbon in the soil.
  21. 21. Mid West Waste to EnergyStatus • We have signed a development agreement with technology provider and initiated stage 1 of a 3 stage development plan. • We are conducting test work on crop residue and municipal waste for nutrient balance and energy value. • We are engaging with farmers and potential development partners.
  22. 22. Chandala PoultryCurrent Situation Chandala Poultry produces approx. 3000 tonnes of chicken litter/year. This waste represents a biosecurity issue for the farm and creates methane and nitrous oxide emissions.Opportunity We plan to use pyrolysis to recover the energy from the litter and meet the farms electrical, heat and cooling requirements.
  23. 23. Chandala PoultryStatus • Signed MOA with Chandala Poultry • Initiated test work on the chicken litter • Constructing pyrolysis kiln for testwork. • Identifying markets for biochar. • Engaging with farmers to conduct crop trials using biochar in the 2013 season • Investigating methodology development under the Carbon Faming Initiative.
  24. 24. These projects can be scaled up andreplicated globally. They all… generate a commercial return reduce agricultural emissions produce renewable energy create nutrient rich bi-products store carbon in soils generate carbon credits provide local employment.
  25. 25. If your interested in working with us pleasecontact