Transforming Communities Grant Plan


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An outline of the work we will be doing as a part of our Transforming Communities of Practice grant from Microsoft.

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  • Why these? It’s a mix of reasons, really. We’ve had long exposure to domestic violence service organizations and that work has brought us a surfeit of ideas, contacts and built good will with the organizations in question. We have contacts in the funding world and a good audience of federal officials willing to learn about the progress of work in this area. Pet rescure? It takes us to a very different community. There are degree of technology assets available – in part because of the widespread adoption, in the US, of PetFinder[1], a service with a robust API. This also brings us to a new set of funders. Finally, there is a large amount of community goodwill in this area and we believe that we can effectively tap into that.Autism was the subject of a recent Bing Fund Hackathon. We sent a contractor to the event to observe and help us learn[2]. [1][2]
  • Generalized Generator Agenda:introductions:  around the table, all participants Name, organization, role, biggest frustration in the office (whether it has to do with technology or not)What is Caravan Studios and why did we ask for your time today?Theory of technology interventions of common issues: 10 minutes, in pairs, 5 minutes eachReport backOpen discussionWhich of these resonate across organizations and participants?What efforts are underway (technology or not) to address these challenges?Applying the theory of technology intervention to the challenges What are the opportunities?How can we describe those opportunities?Review opportunities generated10 minutes, in pairsAdd new ideas if they come up in the individual conversationClosingReview material generated Feedback from participantsDefine follow up with participants
  • We’d like to use dot voting for this – get a number of votes based on the number of ideas, spend all votes in whatever way you like. We’re investigating if we can do this with the current Net2 platform.
  • Transforming Communities Grant Plan

    1. 1. HACKATHONS, CHALLENGES, AND APPSPrototyping a Sustainable CommunityProcess to Develop Ideas, BuildSolutions, and Showcase Innovation
    2. 2. How do we create an environmentthat supports the development ofinnovative solutions that can beadopted by organizations in the fieldand sustained over time?
    3. 3. The Steps① Learn② Generate③ Build④ Select⑤ Share
    4. 4. ① LEARN
    5. 5. • Identify Issue Areas• Domestic Violence• Pet Rescue• Food Rescue• Autism• Gun Violence• Research• Mini-Generator session at #ntc13• Desk research• Interviews with librarians• Outreach to YouthBuild① Learn
    6. 6. ② GENERATE
    7. 7. • Bring together NGO experts in each issue area• TSG offices week of May 6• 5, two-and-a-half hour sessions• Engineer for others to hold these• We don’t actually expect them to• At least, not yet• Goals• 6 participants in each issue area• 3 well-defined ideas in each area• 6 ideas with a two-sentence description• 15 more ideas from the community-at-large• Follow up• Notes of session• Resource for surfaced technology capacity building issues② Generate
    8. 8. ③ BUILD
    9. 9. • Hackathon• Bring together technology activists to prototype solutions• Use the Idea Gallery to spark the prototypes• And the Hack for Good README Guides provide detail and technology assets• Goals• 25 attendees in real world; 20 virtual attendees• X prototypes• We can better estimate this after the Generator Session• Hackers-at-Large• Outreach to the broad community of technology activists• Invite them to submit prototypes③ Build
    10. 10. ④ SELECT
    11. 11. • Community Selection• Aggregate prototypes by issue area• Invite Generator participants to vote based on area of expertise• We will use communication to guide the path• We won’t use technology to prevent them from voting in another area• Reach out to community experts to vote• Again with the comms instead of tech• Goals• Over 100 ballots cast per issue area• Between 3 to 5 community winners based on total number ofentrants④ Select
    12. 12. ⑤ SHARE
    13. 13. • Demo to technology experts• Showcase to Microsoft staff• Other technology communities as appropriate• Demo to the community• Paired with experts who generated the idea• Webinar on• Invited demo• As appropriate, to funders, government officials, etc.• Invitation to complete• Caravan Studios staff select certain projects for the Public GoodApp House⑤ Share
    14. 14. BUT WAIT.There’s More.
    15. 15. • API for Domestic Violence information• Currently a submitted project in Microsoft Volunteer Manager• Develop a community survey to aid with issue selection• Libraries as a central node• Document before events• Encourage others to host similar events• Contribute, even without events• Submit some ideas as projects through corporatevolunteerism portals• Microsoft Volunteer Manager and other appropriate tools• Dollars for Doers can go to support Caravan Studios• It’s not a lot but it’ll pay for the pizza at the events• Share with college, universities, and coding programs• Judge the completeness of code completed by these groups
    16. 16. Caravan Studios is a division of TechSoupGlobal, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
    17. 17. We hope you will connect with us at:@caravanstudioshttp://caravanstudios.tumblr.comand@techsoup