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New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
New Years Resolutions
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New Years Resolutions


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • 1. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS<br />You made your list<br />You checked it twice<br />Were you good<br />Or will you pay the price<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 2. My Yearly New Year Resolutions<br />Lose weight<br />Lose more weight<br />Go to college<br />Get a degree<br />Raise happy healthy children<br />Work in a job that I enjoy so it doesn’t feel like work<br />Make a million dollars<br />Buy enough land and build enough houses so my children can live near me but not with me<br />If I don’t make a million then win the lotto<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 3. Sound FAMILIAR?<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 4. Let’s take a look at what you can do to create a list that will work<br />Take out a clean piece of paper<br />Make a T<br />POSITIVE <br />NEGATIVE <br />How does your list relate to your POSSIE<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 5. Physical<br />POSITIVE<br />NEGATIVE<br /><ul><li> Love salads and fruit
  • 6. Gym available at work
  • 7. Great insurance to cover all </li></ul> check-ups<br /><ul><li> Aware of my limitations
  • 8. Hate to exercise
  • 9. Enjoy food
  • 10. Stress eater
  • 11. Physical limitations</li></ul>Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 12. Occupational<br />POSITIVE<br />NEGATIVE<br /><ul><li> Great company to work for
  • 13. Professional development </li></ul> encouraged<br /><ul><li> Employees shown appreciation</li></ul> through shout-outs and bonuses<br /><ul><li> Current position very stressful
  • 14. Late, early, late, early, early</li></ul>Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 15. Social<br />POSITIVE<br />NEGATIVE<br /><ul><li> Very sociable at work
  • 16. Active in company-wide causes
  • 17. Team leader
  • 18. No time for friends
  • 19. Late, early, late, early, early
  • 20. Homebody
  • 21. Speak before thinking</li></ul>Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 22. Emotional<br />POSITIVE<br />NEGATIVE<br /><ul><li> Comfortable with me
  • 23. Love life, sharing, family
  • 24. Love to share what I learned with </li></ul> others<br /><ul><li> Put more emphasis on the </li></ul> happiness of others<br /><ul><li> Hard to express feelings
  • 25. Some fear of what the future holds</li></ul>Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 26. Spiritual<br />POSITIVE<br />NEGATIVE<br /><ul><li> Count my blessings
  • 27. Enjoy being alone – me time
  • 28. I love life
  • 29. Slow to forgive
  • 30. Gives to much to others
  • 31. Hard to find harmony between </li></ul> work and life<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 32. Intellectual<br />POSITIVE<br />NEGATIVE<br /><ul><li> Enjoy learning
  • 33. Loves challenges
  • 34. Love to share what I learned with </li></ul> others<br /><ul><li> Enjoy learning
  • 35. Hard to understand certain subjects
  • 36. Hard to relax with time-limits</li></ul>Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 37. WHAT DOES MY FUTURE HOLD?<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 38. Physical<br /> Take care of my body – it’s the only one I have<br /> Find an exercise I enjoy<br /> Focus on good nutrition<br /> Drink lot’s of water<br /> Go for medical exams<br />Occupational<br /> Seek a job where I can grow, function and thrive<br /> Takes breaks away from the stress - breathe <br /> Find a balance between work and home<br />Social<br /> Believe in myself and others<br /> Participate in more community service<br /> Choose to accept others for who they are<br /> Create positive relationships with others<br /> Go outside my comfort zone<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 39. Spiritual<br /> Count my blessings, both big and small<br /> Learn to forgive<br /> Have compassion – love, forgiveness, joy<br /> Find my meaning and purpose in life and fulfill that dream <br />Intellectual<br /> Beat stress by exercising my brain<br /> Live a higher quality of life<br /> Graduate<br /> Complete Masters in Communications<br />Emotional<br /> Do not fear the future<br /> Find two positives for every negative<br /> Keep an attitude of gratitude<br /> Laugh <br /> Stop and smell the roses<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />
  • 40. Follow your possie<br />This New Year’s Eve do not write out resolutions that will sit in a drawer and never see the light of day <br />Create a new you!<br />THE LIFE YOU SAVE WILL BE YOUR OWN!<br />Cheryl Ramirez<br />