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  • 1. Survey Results
  • 2. Do you read your local newspaper?
  • 3. Do you use your local newspaper website?
  • 4. Have you seen any posters advertising your local newspaper?
  • 5. What do you expect to find in your local newspaper?
  • 6. What would you like to be included in your local newspaper?
  • 7. What name do you prefer?
  • 8. What colours would you prefer to see as our colour scheme?
  • 9. Do you think that we should use the same colour scheme throughout; for our paper, poster and website?
  • 10. What kind of stories would you like to see in our local newspaper?
  • 11. For a newspaper poster that advertises the paper from a shops perspective, which layout would you prefer?
  • 12. Why have you chosen this option?
    For layout 2 the majority thought that it was more appealing as it was more presentable by showing the audience the newspaper. They also liked the layout of the poster as they felt it had more information in comparison to layout 1. For layout 1 the only feedback we received was about the headline and how because it was centred it attracted the audiences attention more so than layout 2.
  • 13. Which information would you like our website to include?
  • 14. Would you like the stories to include the full information like the newspapers or a short brief?