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  • 2. Q 1 How can D.I.Y. be translated into the digital world without ANALOG/ TANGIBLE DIGITAL/ INTANGIBLE losing ‘realness’? Q 2 How can companies utilize these TRANSPARENCY approaches in the digital experiences they offer their customers? SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT/ PARTICIPATION Do it yourself (DIY) is a term used to describe building, mo difying, or repairingWHY D.I.Y. ? of something without the aid of experts or professionals... In term DIY has taken on a broad recent years, the er meaning that covers a wid e range of skill sets.ANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN DIY, Wikipedia
  • 3. HISTORY WAY OF LIFE FAMILY VALUES ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT SELF-EFFICACY BROUGHT ON BY THE INTERNET PREVIOUSLY Toge th Bond erness in Home g Punk Cu lture makin Rejection g Political ’ nt Bands ‘Baseme & music) (clothing NECESSITY OPTION Pre-Industrial Post-Industrial Revolution Revolution ent lopm D eve re twa Sof ing k ds Hac uct Mo d Pro TREND PROGRESSION Do It Yourself, Minor Threat via Flickr, nashboroANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN Hacking in a Suite at Clarion via Flickr, J. Nilsson
  • 4. “I CAN DO” “I PREFER TO DO” “It’s almost a reaction to the digital world. People want to make things by hand and take something from beginning to end.” - Jodi Levine, NY Post SELF-EFFICACY RECONNECTION W/ AUTHENTICITY TREND PROGRESSION ‘Cooking in the Kitchen’ via Flickr, theladymargaret ‘Handmade Slippers Pink’ via Flickr, Ina HalsorANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 5. “Crafters used to have secret sources, but now you can find amazing things. The online community also shares tips and techniques through blogs, and talented crafters can sell their crafts at flea markets and online” - NY Post ISOLATED SHARED ACTIVITY SOCIAL (non-profit) EXPERIENCE (often profitable) TREND PROGRESSION ‘Knit,Knit,Knit’ via Flickr, heather_lindsay ‘Guerilla Knitting’ via Flickr, ClaudelondonANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN,
  • 6. “With the economy as it is today many of us are not spending on the more frivolous pur- chases such as decor items. The desire to reuse as much as possible and wanting to make our homes uniquely reflect our personalities rather than looking like everything was purchased at one store has inspired many to come up with some wonderfully inventive decor items we can all do in our own homes.” - METHODICAL QUIRKY UTILITARIANISM INDIVIDUALISM TREND PROGRESSION ‘Sunglass Solution’ by Emily via Cupcakes & Cashmere Lynn Yaeger via Sight UnseenANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 7. “The recession is prompting Americans to forgo luxuries—and that means doing for themselves what they would once have paid someone else to do. The trend is popular enough to have named it “insourcing.” - The Washington Post ECONOMIC “There’s a move among consumers to save RECESSION money by returning to the old trie values of frugality.” - NY Times d-and-trueKEY FORCES ‘Recession Britain’ via Flickr, the real DerrynANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 8. “To conserve dollars, consumers are doing more for themselves that in the days of the go-go economy they outsourced to others.” - Hardware Retailing “To boost small business sales, American Express held its first-ever Small Business Saturday, where consumers are encouraged to spend locally.” - CNN NEW LOCALISMKEY FORCES ‘Lili Coffee Shop’ via Flickr, eyescorpianANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 9. “The integration of “Younger workers tend to value leisure time markets and the In have certainly brou ternet and strive for a balance between their work and ght billions of peop closer contact. Ever le into personal lives. You may wind up following their ybody has access same American m to the example, finding ways to build more balance into ovies and music no just American, also w, and not your own life.” - NY Times Indian, Romanian, African and Chine South se.” - NY Times “...the amount of time that working-age Americans are devoting to leisure activities has risen by 4-8 hours a week...” - The Economist LEISURELY DESIRES ACCESSIBILITYKEY FORCES ‘Technology’ via Flickr, Stephanie D. ‘Playing Guitar’ via Flickr Remon RijperANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 10. NAKED TABLE The Naked Table Project invites groups to participate in the creation of a simple, contemporary table, from assembly, to designating a replacement tree, to a locally-grown invited dinner on the table, to its final home. Participants also get to visit the woods with a professional forester to see the source of their lumber and identify a replacement seedling tree. The GPS coordinates of that tree are then recorded and attached to the base of the signed, numbered and finished Naked Table.EXAMPLES ‘Naked Table’ via Springwise www.nakedtable.comANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 11. NAKED TABLE CODES Locally Grown, Community, Hand-Crafted TRANSPARENCY “Connecting “From tree, to “Actual people to each workshops, to source” other and the eating together environment around the through table.” making things SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT/ PARTICIPATION by hand.”EXAMPLES Chris Messina via TwitterANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN Cheesemonger via Tumblr
  • 12. QUIRKY “We bring two brand new consumer products to market each week, by enabling a fluid conversation between a global community and Quirky’s expert product design staff.” Users can submit a product idea and have community members and Quirky’s design staff vote on it. If a users idea is chosen, their product is brought to market and revenues are shared.EXAMPLES www.quirky.comANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 13. QUIRKY CODES Invent, Participate, Innovate TRANSPARENCY “The easiest “Our process way to bring breathes new your ideas to meaning into life.” the word collaborative” SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT/ PARTICIPATION SOCIALEXAMPLES Aaron Koblin, Ten Thousand Cents Open Ideo, IdeoANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN Sole Search,
  • 14. MIGHTYBELL “Mightybell brings together people passionate about mastering a topic or achieving a goal together. Broken down into step-by-step, day-by-day actions, Mightybell Experiences make accomplishing big things not only easier, but a heck of a lot more social and interesting.” Mightybell, www.mashable.comEXAMPLESANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 15. MIGHTYBELL CODES Create, Share, Explore, Generate TRANSPARENCY “The most “Thousands “More social compelling way of people are & interesting” to learn and do using together” Mightybell” SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT/ PARTICIPATIONEXAMPLES ‘Why is there a USB drive sticking out of this wall?’ via GizmodoANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN via Know How Shop LA,
  • 16. VIA TWITTER : ShuyoFox Shu yo! Didn’t think hip sters went to and craft show New England-y s, but there’s a arts flannel shirt on dude here wit , drinking PBR ha . Lol. VIA TWITTER: Brooklyn_Local MCS Craft beer seems to be everywhere in Brooklyn. Check out Private Tap BROOKLYN HIPSTERSCULTURE ‘Brooklyn Skillshare’ via Flickr, Goodlifer via Facebook.comANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 17. VIA TWITTER VIA TWITTER: : technickle An infoarbitrage Roger Ehrenberg drew Nicklin Today, I will be College grads getting serious about building at the NY Tim es hack day to about our ope stuff, not just becoming I-Bankers n data platform talk and its APIs. j.m szNQgW #wh @hackNY $$ itehat #hackth p/ ecity HACKERS/COLLEGE ‘TECHIES’CULTURE Photo via Hack NYANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN
  • 18. MAKING THE DIGITAL ‘BELIEVABLE’ D.I.Y. ha comp s a HUMAN es on dari for ‘RE ent and st b oun TAL. ALNE rives the GI SS’. eters and DI . te L D.I.Y YSICA H of P D.I.Y. suggests a TANGIBLE CONNECTION TO tal has failed to GOODS, that digi mplish authentically acco ...thus far. D.I.Y. IN THE DIGITAL WO has worked to RLD make the tren SOCIAL, facili d tating INFORMATIOD.I.Y. TODAY N EXCHANGE COMMERCE. & Little Printer, Berg ‘Craftsman3’ via Flickr, paul indigoANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN ‘Connected’ via Flickr, Hoodlumpr
  • 19. FUTURE IMPLICATIONS However, companies can use digital platforms to tap into the codes and beliefs of D.I.Y....TRANSPARENCY, INVOLVEMENT/PARTICIPATION & SOCIAL. 1 2 “There have been several, often related, efforts Continued community-based D.I.Y. initiatives; hand s to develop 3D printers... Much of this work was on creating; move towards ‘craft’ fueled by tech driven by and targeted to DIY/enthusiast/early overload. Contrasted with, software tinkering, app adopter communities, with links to both the building, customization of ‘tech devices’ as they academic and hacker communities.” become more homogenous and sophisticated.D.I.Y. TODAY 3D Printer, Karsten Schmidt ‘3D Awesome Chair via Harvard College Tech Review Breadhouses Network, www.breadhousesnetwork.orgANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN ‘IPhone Hacked’ via Flickr, mr ographer
  • 20. CARA COLUCCI MARGAUX HALDIMANN Parsons the New School for Design Parsons the New School for Design 201.693.2202 954.663.2382THANKS!ANALYZING TRENDS / TIM STOCK / FALL 2011 / CARA COLUCCI & MARGAUX HALDIMANN