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Power point presentation eng 3355

  1. 1. Prepared by: Business Team 5 Lucy Snelson Patricia Tellez Kaitlyn Urenda Pedro Vega
  2. 2.  Founded in 1946.  North Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  Second largest home improvement retailer world wide.  Serves more than 14 million customers a week. 1,710 stores in the United States and 20 in Canada. Lowe’s stores stock 40,000 products. Hundreds of thousands more available by special order.
  3. 3. Mission Statement To provide home improvement products and valuable solutions to the customers. Values statement We will provide customer- valued Solutions with the best prices, products and services to make Lowe’s the first choice for home improvement.
  4. 4. Strengths  Established presence and efficient merchandising:  Store segmentation efficiently caters to the customers’ needs.  Dedicated service for commercial business customers.  Commerce development initiatives:  Provides customers several shopping options  Buying online, pick-up in-store, or direct shipment to the customer home.  Programs promoting long-term business.  Roofing, siding , and fencing.  Strong distribution system:  Owns and operates 14 regional distribution centers.
  5. 5. Weaknesses Dependence on third party manufacturers  Difficult to ensure the quality of the goods they offer in their stores.  Often leads to product recalls.
  6. 6. Opportunities Private label brands drive growth  Increasing demand for private label brands.  Excellent reputation among consumers.  Well poised to reap the benefits of private label brands. Online and language investments  The company launched Lowe’s.com en Español.  Increase appeal to the Hispanic consumers.  Enhance their experience.
  7. 7. Threats Difficult US economy  Affects sales for the company. Competition  Large, small, direct and indirect competitors.  Financial performance could be severely affected if they are unable to meet the competitive pressures. Poor outlook of housing market  Decreasing demand for home improvement and building materials.  The number of new houses being built, or not built, directly impacts demand.
  8. 8.  A frequent topic in the national news between 2005 and 2007 involved a language panic. The display of signs in Spanish upsets many customers. English is pivotal to the preservation of a strong national identity. Quickly became an immigration related topic.
  9. 9.  Lowes cannot be responsible for the entire well being and ideals of the United States. Common courtesy and understanding is a key element. Place of business needs to hold the needs of its customers above prejudice or ignorance of the general public.
  10. 10.  Bilingual signs should stay. Special training for employees.  Accommodate needs for those with an English language barrier Advertising campaign promoting tolerance among different cultural groups.
  11. 11.  Dual language signs are a source of convenience for the diverse nationalities in our country. Proper training of employees will boost confidence and pride among customers. Lowe’s will establish itself as a community leader and mentor. Increase in revenues by attracting new customers.