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Newsletter of International Council of Security & Safety Management co-founded by Capt SB Tyagi

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ICSSM Newsletter Dec11

  1. 1. New wslette Dec er: cember 2011 r Let’s profe ’s ession nalize the pro t ofessio onals… … http://w www.wix.com/ /sbtyagi/iciss s The most ess e sential qu uality, whic we hav but ign ch ve nored, is the power t r of o observatio on. We see but we don’t ob w bserve. Observation is not ju seeing thing but n ust t und derstandin the im ng mplication of wh ns hat we see. So effective eobservatiion of wh goes on around us is a very impo hat o d v ortant requ uirement for better rsecurity sense. W Wherever you are, b it at ho y be ome or ouutside in a public place look p karound and try and see through thing rather th just see them. d gs han sTry and ggauge the need for a thing to be present at a particular p e o p place, for a person r nto be sta anding at a particula place. D ar Don’t igno anything that s ore seems unu usual. Pry yharder an you wil come ou with sur nd ll ut rprising re esults. Ma observ ake vation a habit. Capt S B Tyagii For ICISS S Digitally signed by Capt SB Tyagi, COASCC DN: cn=Capt SB Tyagi, COASCC, o=International Council of Security & Safety Management, ou=Co- founder, email=sbtyagi1958@gmail.com, c=IN Date: 2011.12.01 14:05:06 +0530
  2. 2. Before my joining as a Security Executive, I served as a Commissioned Officer with theIndian Army. During my service, I got the opportunity of deployment at Indo-Bangladeshborder, Indo-Pakistan border, Indo-Myanmar border and Indo-China border. These groundscenarios taught me to define security as protecting the political and physical integrity ofsovereign nations like that of our country.In its traditional form, security is centered on the preservation of the sovereign state fromexternal threats and the activities of other states. It thus requires internationally recognizedboundaries protected if necessary by military action, prohibition of the use of forcebetween states and non-intervention in the affairs of other states. Under the UN Charter,individual state security is supported by collective security. The Security Council’s primaryresponsibility is to maintain international peace and security. The Security Council canauthorize the use of all necessary means in response to a breach of the peace, threat tothe peace or act of aggression. The ‘collective security’ is defined simply as the SecurityCouncil, rather than as any broader community of states or other interests. The vetoensures the agreement of the five permanent members in any such collective action and isthus a safeguard against contested action. The decision to use the veto is political. Well,these were my learning when I was trained in the Officers’ Training Academy of IndianArmy and thereafter serving at International Borders of our nation.But soon after I joined my new assignment, I saw and learnt a different aspect of security.Though we name it as Industrial security, but it can always be seen in conjunction withHuman Security. This includes almost everything from Infrastructure, Installation,Perimeter, Access control, Township security to all sorts of employee insecurities and soon and so forth.Coming to the International security it is assumed that the action of one or more states thatthreatens the security of other state(s). This means that less attention has been paid to therole of non-state actors, such as terrorists, extremists, in generating insecurity. However inthe context of terrorism this has now changed. For example post 9/11; the UN SecurityCouncil recognized terrorist acts as constituting a threat to international security.Human security denotes individual freedom from basic insecurities, whatever the root ofthat insecurity may be. It is also caused by internal conflict, by collapse of state institutionsand vital installations like that of ours. It also emanates from violence and abusive actionsby non-state actors like the present day scenario of Terrorism and Naxalism. Humaninsecurity is also caused by violations of economic and social rights such as the right tofood, health and housing, as well as civil and political rights such as fearing torture,deprivation of life and liberty. However although denial of human rights contributes tohuman insecurity and human insecurity generates further violations of human rights, it is awider concept than human rights. It encompasses physical security, economic security,legal security, political security, food security, gender security and relational security.Human security is perhaps best summarized by the inclusion of ‘freedom from fear’ and‘freedom from want’ among the four freedoms proclaimed by President Roosevelt duringWorld War Two. The Report on the Commission on Human Security, May 2005 added thatit also includes the freedom to take action on ones own behalf, which is the enjoyment of
  3. 3. autonomy and self-esteem. Human security thus goes beyond and supplements y d sinternation security nal y.Human se ecurity does not depend upon internatio n onal law’s distinction betwee conflict, ns en ,military acction, inter rnal affairs and polic action. In so-calle post-co s ce ed onflict situa ations, the eforms of vviolence typpically mut tate from c conflicts lik bombing military attacks into criminal ke gs, lviolence like murd der, lootinng, abduc ctions, kid dnappings, corruptio , on, armed crimes, d ,organized crime etc Where the state government cannot guarantee security within the d c. e estate, oth actors may assu her ume that r responsibil xample an occupying army or lity, for ex g rinternation peacek nal keepers lik Indian A ke Army is doi Peace- ing -keeping in Lebanon Somalia, n n, ,Congo etc Howeve such bod c. er dies tend to perceive security within state security terms or in o e w e t nterms of the security of their own forc ces rather than in that of the human security of r t e s fcivilians w within the s state.To summ marize we can say that securiity in any form or at any lev does not have a t a velmeasuring yard and the threat cannot be calculate correctly Hence t task of a security g d e ed y. the yman at a any level is importa and ch ant hallenging. But when the sec . curity meaasures areepracticed by one an all, it gives confid nd dence to security professional s to make sure that s e tsecurity is for everyb s body! Som ste yo ca take while tra nsact me eps ou an ting onlin to e ne ensur sec re curityWhile all b banks hav made all efforts to ensure se ve o ecurity for the custom mer’s inter rest, listedbelow are some tips to ensure maximum security: e s e m  Ch hange your HPIN after your firs login and change it at least o st d t once a mon nth  Ch hange you HPIN after you access Citibank On ur a nline Intern Banking using net sha ared PCs  De estroy the HPIN mailer after meemorizing it  Ke eep your HPIN a secret an dont disclose it to anyon (includ nd d t ne ding bank emmployees)  Do not write the HPIN on your A o e ATM/Debit Card or Citibank Cre Card. edit  Do not hand over your ATM/Deb Card or Credit Car to anyon o d r bit rd ne.  Do not use common names as HPINs - choose passwords that are difficult for o s d othhers to gue ess  Use a differe passw ent word for ea of your accounts. ach  Use both let tters and numbers a a combination of lower cas and capital letters n and f se if th passwo he ords or HPI INS are ca sensitiv ase ve  If y you believ that so ve omeone is trying to commit fraud by pretending to be a s o g conncerned b banks’ bussiness ass sociate and such ac ctivities ra aise doubts, please conntact the co oncerned bank imme b ediately.  Be alert for scam e-m e mails. The ese are de esigned to trick you into downnloading a viru or jumping to a fra us audulent w website and disclosing sensitive informatio d g e on.
  4. 4.  Be eware! Pho "look alike" webs ony a sites are designed to trick con d nsumers and collect you persona information. Make s ur al sure that websites on which yo transact business w n ou t pos privacy a security stateme st and ents and reeview them carefully. m  Verify the ad ddress of every web bsite, know as the URL. wn  Ma sure th the UR you wa appea in the "address" or "locat ake hat RL ant ars " " tion" box on your bro owser window. So ome websites may appear to be legiti o imate but act tually are ccounterfeits Take a f s. few extra seconds an type the URL your s nd e rself.  Do ont reply to any e- -mail that requests your personal inf s formation. Be very sus spicious o any bus of siness or person who asks for your p w f password, passport dettails, other banks det r tails or som other highly sensitive inform me mation.  Oppen e-mails only when you know the sender. Be espec w e cially care eful about opeening an e e-mail with an attach hment. Eve a friend may acciidentally se an e- en d end ma with a virus. ailMany e-ccommerce websites utilize state-of-th e s he-art enccryption a and other securityprocedure to give y a conv es you venient and secure shopping an banking experienc d nd g ce.  If y you suspe a webs is not w ect site rports to be leave the site. Do not follow what it pur e, e any of the ins y structions it may pres sent you.  Ask yourself if the inf formation you are asked to provide m a p makes sens for the se acttivity you a engage in. For e are ed example, an online auction site should not ask for a a e n you drivers license nu ur umber or th PIN for your credi card. If a site or e- he it -mail asks for informatio that doe on esnt feel rig do not respond. ght, t  Keeep a Paper Trial. Print out th "addres of the company site you are on-it’s P he ss" a Uniform Reso ource Loca ator (URL) The URL ensures that you a dealing with the ). are g righ compan Its als a good idea to print out a copy of your order and ht ny. so d t o connfirmation number for your reco ords.  Look for the padlock symbol a the bott e at tom right of a web page to ensure the e site is running in secure mode BE e g e EFORE you input sen u nsitive inforrmation.  Maake sure y your hom compu ter has th most current an me he c nti-virus software. s Ant ti-virus sofftware needs frequen updates to guard against new viruses. nt a w  Insstall a personal firewall to he preven unautho elp nt orized acc cess to yo home our commputer, es specially if you conne through a cable or DSL mo f ect h o odem.  Log off. Do not just close your browser. Follow the secure a e area exit instructions to e ensure you protectio ur on.  Do not kee computers onlin when not in use. Either shut the off or o ep ne r em phyysically dissconnect th hem from I nternet connection.  Moonitor you transac ur ctions. Re eview your order co r onfirmation credit card, and ns, c ban stateme nk ents as so oon as you receive them to make sure that you are being u m chaarged only for transactions you made. Immediately report any irregularit y u y ties.  Reegularly do ownload security pa s atches from your sof ftware ven dors.
  5. 5. The Supe Trackstic is the perfect too l for individ er ck p duals, law enforceme and go ent overnment tagencies looking for a way to track anyt thing that moves. Th Super T he Trackstick records its r sown location, time, d date, spee heading altitude and tempe ed, g, a erature at p preset inter rvals. With hover 4Mb of memor it can st ry, tore month of travel informatio hs on.The inclu uded magn netic mount makes the Supe Trackstick er attach and remove from any metal surface. It haseasy to a d hseamless integration into Google Earth™ n ™ orksHow it woThe Sup per Tracks stick receives signa als from twenty fo oursatellites orbiting the earth With this infor h. rmation, the tTrackstick Pro ca precise k an ely calcula ate its own positi o ionanywhere on the pla e anet to with fifteen meters. hinWhere it w worksThe Supe Trackstic will wor anywhe re on the planet Ear er ck rk rth. oute travelled can be viewed andYour exac location and the ro ct e aplayed ba ack direct within Google E tly Earth™. Everything is Eincluded a there a no mon and are nthly fees.Applications / Feat tures  Proofessional GPS loc cation Recoorder  Vehicle location and rou historie ute es  Package / coontainer shipment hist tory  Emmployee an nd vehhicle monittoring  Mileage recording and verificatio d on  Hoomeland Se ecurity  Search and R Rescue  Military Operaations  Priv vate Invesstigation  Public Safetyy  Law Enforcem w ment  Child / Family Safety y Rou record ed with Super Trackstick in B ute Burbank, California a
  6. 6. In retail m marketing, sshrinkage is a proble faced by the secu em b urity profes ssional wor over on rld ndaily basi Loss p is. prevention is one criiterion use by the managem ed ment to evaluate the eeffectiveness of the security profession e nals hired by them. Certain chheck list th herefore in norder whic can be used for performanc management of se ch ce ecurity proffessionals. Following gfactors mi ight be helpful to do the same - tManagem ments reco orded a 75 improv 5% vement he ere, attribu uting this t training support, to g, ,targets giv to offic ven cers and th change of attitude. heir eAlthough the actual unknow losses measure during the trial did not show an wn s ed nimprovem ment, Mana agements were impr ressed with the officcers’ desire and kno e owledge tooassist in r reducing su losses The surv recorde a 119% improvem uch s. vey ed % ment in awaareness of fstore lossses, and a 4 46% impro ovement in security officers’ ability to redu stock losses. n o uceThis show wed an 80% improveement, wit 11 store recordin improve net loss during th es ng ed ses gthe trial. M Managemeents are no involvin officers at till-focu ow ng used meetiings, and sharing all s ldata.Overall, thhere was a 30% improvement, with Mana agements rating the service ‘sa atisfactory’ ’prior to the training a ‘very good’ or ‘ex and g xcellent’ af fterwards.By helping security officers to understa o and basic manageme skills a m ent and the rud diments of floss prevention, the were th ey hen able t commu to unicate mo effectiv ore vely with managers. m .There wa a measured 55% improvem as ment here. However, it was re ecognized that some eofficers were still str ruggling an would n eed extra assistance nd e.Managemments rated officers as valuab membe of the store team recording a 45% d ble ers m, %improvem ment.Managem ments believed that offficers had consisten helped to raise se d ntly ecurity awareness inntheir store and sig es gnificantly improved o i overall sec curity, with many off h ficers atten nding staff f
  7. 7. meetings and help ping staff to under rstand ho they could help improve security. ow c p e .Managem ments were also impr e ressed with the way in which officers car h o rried out th duties, heir ,and with t their personal commi itment to th manage and stor he er re. hese results – taken together with the quantitative data – dOverall, th n r demonstra that by ate ytraining oofficers on loss prevention there is a measu urable im provement in their rperforman that ad value to the secu nce dds t urity guardi role and justifies client expe ing enditure.Although security is typically viewed as a drain on the bottom line, the re are man ways in v m ny nwhich it can – and often does – ad value to the hos busines Modern security d dd t st ss. ymanagem ment should envision security a integral to all act d n as tivities with the org hin ganization,and not as a separa function ‘living life on the ed s ate n e dge’.The value of securit can be loosely cat e ty tegorized into hard and soft be a enefits. Har benefits rd spertain to the quantifiable aspects of s o security, an can usu nd ually be de escribed in financiallterminolog Soft be gy. enefits are equally im mportant, but are som b mewhat mo qualita ore ative. They ydescribe t more in the ntangible benefits of security. bUltimately the secu y, urity sector desperat tely needs to develo a strate s op egy – both internally h yand exterrnally-led – that will cement iits rightful place at the top o the orga l of anizational lagenda. T That strate egy must be holisti c, take ac ccount of each and every threat to all d lorganizati ional proceesses and be comple etely aligne with cor ed rporate obj ectives.Employee Theft fro e om a retai store is a term that is use when an employ il s t ed yee steals smerchanddise, food, cash, or supplies w s while on th job. How he wever, in tthe eyes of the law, o ,employee theft is ju theft…t ust the elemen of the crime are identical. T commit theft, the nts To t eemployee must “int tend” to permanently deprive their employer of th value of the item p y he o mstolen.Employee theft can occur ju like sh e n ust hoplifting by concealing merch b handise in a purse, n ,pocket, or bag and removing it from the store. It can also oc r e c ccur by ste ealing cash allowing h, gothers to steal merchandise, eating fo , ood, and by refund, credit ca b ard, or check fraud. .Employee theft can sometime be char e es rged as em mbezzlemen due to t nt the trusted fiduciary d ystatus of the emplo oyee. All of these me f ethods lead to loss of inventor (shrinkage) and/or d o ry rprofit for the merch hant. Employee thef is an insidious cr ft rime becauuse the merchant is spaying a w benefits to the thief o n top of pa wage and b aying for th cost of t he their dishonestly.In Europe ean countr ries where the retail e ling busine ess has already see the boo and is en om sstabilized relatively, the Retail loss prev vention is a professio onal divers sification of security o yprofessionnals that is responsible for re educing invventory los sses inside retail sto e ores. Losssprevention professionals ma n anage in-s tore security programs that focus on reducing ginventory losses du to employee theft shoplifting, fraud, vendor th ue t, heft, and accounting a gerrors.Like other in the se rs ecurity ind dustry, reta loss pre ail evention prrofessiona ls must int teract with hstore pers sonnel and store cust d tomers wh hen dishonestly or carelessness occurs. As you can s A n
  8. 8. imagine, a accusing ssomeone of dishones stly or care elessness is not a sm mall matter and must r tbe done w with the utm most care and profess a sionalism.In India to this tren is sure to set-in! T oo nd The prolife eration of malls and m m mega-store such as es sSpencer’s Wal-Mart Reliance and Big B s, t, e Bazaars shharply focu the nee of such specialist us ed tsecurity pprofessiona and for the respon from protection profession - time is now! als nse pToday our country is on a road to develo r s d opment staarting many l energy ventures and critical y a linfrastruct tures which will go a long way into developing our national ssecurity. Th present he tsecurity situation po ortrays a gr picture asserting the need to di-risk a safegu rim e, g and uards such hassets and ventures Thus s.India in th year 200 he 09-2010 sppent Rs.59 9052.95 croores on ho omeland se ecurity prot tecting 1.2 2billion peo ople. The mmarket seggment of s security sol lutions and man gua d arding combined was saround US I.57 billion for 20 and the major se S$ 010 e ectors were airports, mass tran e nsport anddmaritime. This mark is estim ket mated to be UD$9.7 billion by ye 2016. T Indian electronic e b ear The csecurity mmarket is gr rowing at 23% CAGR with pote 2 R ential to gro at 40% ow %.The organized play yers comp prise only 20% of th market but acco he t ount for 80 of the 0% erevenues and is in ndicative that the la arge part of the ma arket is st untappe by the till ed eorganized lot. dIndians ha been s ave splurging huge mone on secu h ey uring their houses an d new-found wealth, h ,pushing d demand fo security gadgets by over 50% to Rs 200 cr or y 5 s1, rores. Burg glar alarm msystems, video sur rveillance and door- -phones, access con a ntrol, wall mount air sensors, ,motion de etectors, tw way ke fobs, W wo- ey Wi-Fi camer wireless external siren and wristband ra, dtransmitte are some of the ultra-sma devices that are in deman with in ers e art s nd ncreasingly yaffluent In ndians.“While th total s he security market is mgrowing a the rate o 25-26%, the real at ofestate and resident security market tialis almos double at almo st ost 52%annually,” said Dire ” ector (Sec curity) ofHoneywel South A ll, Asia.The real estate s security market is mworth Rs1 1200 crore and the security es egadgets inndustry is expecting to piggyback on this gro owth, it is said.Manufactu urers’ unve eiled nearly 25 new yproducts at a security fair - IFSECIndia-2008 - that underlin 8 t nes thedemand for hom me secur rity andautomatio devices. “Also, 30 of the on 0%stalls at t the fair we visited by real ere destate deevelopers aand individ dual end uusers who wanted security an home automation s nd a n
  9. 9. devices,” IFSEC In oordinator said. This year mo ndia-2008 project co s ore than 280 world 2 dleading ccompanies from 23 countries (26% more than 20 009) are llikely to be present b thighlightin the burg ng geoning bu usiness in the field of industria security management. There o al ewould be 11,341 G Governmen and sec nt curity profe essional fro 43 cou om untries in this event twhich sho ows the siz and importance of the home security market of In ze f m ndia.The grow drivers of this phenomenal market ar governm wth re ment secto corpora sectors or, ate sand retail and resid dential sect tors. This market is import driv to larg extent but seeing ven ge b gthat the iinitial India entrepr an reneurs an corpora nd ates who ventured in the fiel of local ld lmanufactu uring of h hardware, system co omponents and dev s veloping so oftware, have been h n ccessful in short time others ar encourarather suc e, re aged to follo suit. owBeware if the ATM screen goe blank a f es after you sw wipe your card. It co ould be a mischief by m yfraudsters to withdra cash fr s aw rom your a account aft you lea the AT in a hu A bit of ter ave TM uff. fadhesive and a screewdriver ar all thats needed to outwit hi- re s o -tech safet gadgets. ty These swindlers are pa of a powerful inter-state art e networ spread across the country. Assam Police and rk . P d Kolkat Police have recently rounded up three swindlers ta d e s who h have masteered the tampering of ATMs. The trick t k applies only to ATM mach s A hines that need a cu ustomer to o insert and extra the car to start operation (as op- act rd t ns - posed to ATMs where the card pops out after the s t e transa ction is complete). Many n nationalize banks, ed , includi ng SBI an Bank of Baroda, use this system at nd o ttheir ATM most of which are unmanne d. Ms,So, what is this low w-tech, highly effec ctive modu operand Frauds us di? sters, who generally ystrike in p pairs, enter ATM by swiping va lid debit ca at the gate, press down a key on ke- r s ard g s k -yboard an stick it with adhe nd esive so th it does not retur to its or hat s rn riginal pos sition. This sswitches on the ma achine. The then w ey walk out an wait for a victim t step into the trap! nd to o !When a c customer e enters the ATM and swipes the card, he does not realize tha the ma- e at -chine is aalready on. A message flashes for him to key his PIN, which he does. But since . s o P h ethe mach hine has been swi itched on in an im mproper way, the screen go w oes blank kautomatic cally as a s security fea ature to sto fraudule withdrawals. op entThe custoomer thinks it is a system fault and gives it a secon try. He has no clu that the s s nd ue etwo custo omers gettting impatient outside are actually criminals waiting to steal his money. e g h .They start abusing h for tak t him king too mu time and force him to leav in a huff Exit cus- uch a h ve f. -tomer, ennter fraudstter. They simply use a screwd s e driver to re elease the key. The ATM res- e -tarts automatically. What it ha in store is PIN of the last customer w as e who swiped his card. d .The gang enters the amount and walks o with ca e a out ash.The SBI h been r has receiving several suc complaints. "We were at a lo to loca the fra- ch w oss ate -ud becaus the CCT showe the cus se TVs ed stomer swip ping his ca But cu ard. ustomers complained dthat they c couldnt withdraw mooney," an S official said. SBI Times of India, New Delhi Edition
  10. 10. Suggestions & feedback ma be sent to us on e-mail: sb ay t btyagi1958 8@gmail.c comP.S. - If y you dont like to receive ou newsle t r ur etter, we apologize for bothe a ering you. .Please le us know your ma address and we will move it out fro our co et w ail s e om ontact list, ,thank you u!