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Kimmaya consulting snapshot

  1. 1. An Introduction to:Kimmaya Consulting Pvt. Ltd. BUSINESS CONSULTING SOLUTIONS PUBLIC RELATIONS Email: / Visit us at:
  2. 2. IntroductionKimmaya Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Is a one stop shop for all your businessneeds. We specialize in:1. Business Consulting: Our consulting offers end to endbusiness solutions. We also do turnkey projects.2. Public Relations Solutions: We specialize in lucid PRand provide complete media solutions that empowerthe image and visibility of your brand.We look forward to meeting you for detailed discussions and workingwith you.Warm regards,Archana SinghaniaExcellence Coordinator
  3. 3. BUSINESS CONSULTING SOLUTIONS Our consulting offers end to end business solutions.
  4. 4. Business Consulting SolutionsOur consulting solutions include: – Orchestrating Joint Ventures, mergers and creating Special Purpose Vehicles to facilitate business across the globe – Presenting and lobbying for your brand at the correct forums to the people who matter – New project feasibility studies – Soft landing for companies setting up in India – Complete setting up & running of new companies entering India – Tailor made HR policies, procedures, manuals, training for new and existing companies – Legal counsel for individuals and companies
  5. 5. PUBLIC RELATIONS SOLUTIONS We specialize in lucid representational PR and provide complete media solutions that empower the image and visibility of your brand.
  6. 6. Public Relations SolutionsEstablished as Master Strategists, we have a proven trackrecord of being able to generate markets and brand magicfrom virtually nothing. Our services include: – Conception – Movement – Placement – Image make over and image building – Network management – Public Relations – Corporate Communications – Brand creation – Perception ManagementWe provide the ideal one-stop shop for all yourcommunication needs. We are here to communicate whatyou want, in the way you want it communicated to theaudience of your choice.
  7. 7. Advantage: Kimmaya Heritage Initiated in 1996, we have been here for a while and are here to stay. We are not new and we are not learning the ropes at your expense. We have a proud heritage of performance and success that we live up to every day of our existence. Accountability Since we work on an ongoing basis with most of our clients, we are accountable for the efficacy of our work and measure our performance effect regularly. Local Reach We have a network of affiliates spread across India. This helps us to provide localized support almost everywhere. Global Reach Though headquartered in India, we have our footprints across US, UK, Europe and the Asia Pacific. We are capable of delivering our solutions effectively in these countries while payments can be made in India itself. Confidentiality We respect our clients and follow the highest levels of client confidentiality. All our coaches / consultants and trainers sign strict NDA agreements. Value we provide inputs that are of extremely high value to you and without pricing ourselves out of the market. With us you will find value in every sense. Flexibility and Ideas Our team is young, dynamic, innovative and professional; our advantages are flexibility and innovation! Relationships We focus on building long-term relationships and work with you as partners in business! When you work with us, we work together as one towards a common goal: your success.
  8. 8. Our driving forceAt the nerve centre of the organism called Kimmaya Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is anexperienced multi-cultured, motivated and skilled team working in focusedharmony guiding us to greater heights of performance and delivery of client requirements. KCPL wasfounded and is still driven by Captain Vinod Nair.Captain Vinod Nair is a master strategist whose magic has created many brands, stars and celebrities.He is also an acclaimed ‘Excellence Guru’ who specializes in personality transformation of people andteams to help them achieve their best. With twenty years of experience under his belt, he has so fartrained and worked with over one hundred thousand individuals. He is a man who lives by thedictum “People like diamonds are best when polished” In his constant quest for excellence, he hascrossed many milestones. Given below are a few highlights:He started his career in the Indian Army as a commissioned officer where he spent six eventful yearsin the 19th Battalion of the PUNJAB Regiment. During his tenure, he participated actively in liveoperations and High Risk Missions along the line of control in Jammu & Kashmir. He has trained theBorder Wing Home Guards in Rajasthan and has received the Sainya Seva medal for meritoriousService in Jammu & Kashmir.Vinod has excelled at various levels in Athletics and Boxing. He has undergone commando training.He is a qualified instructor, trained to train the trainer. In an IQ test conducted by Josh Reynolds,President of the Brain Tainment Centre (USA), Vinod scored an incredible 163 points, that is, a scoreachieved by only 00.03% of the One Million people who took the test.He founded and is currently Director of Kimmaya Consulting Pvt. Ltd. a purely global citizen, he ishighly sought after strategist because of his unfailing ability to hit the nail on the head . He is anendearing individual who is considered as one of the finest orators of our time.The 20 finalists for the Miss India World Wide India Pageant (year 2008 & 2009) were coachedpersonally by him. The winner, Ms. Shagun Sarabai went on to win the world title for the 2008. Vinodalso participated in the special celebrities season of the death defying serial ‘Fear Factor – Khatron KeKhiladi’ shot in Johannesburg and hosted by Akshay Kumar.Captain Vinod Nair is well known for his regular appearances on various TV and FM radio channelsbesides numerous Newspaper and magazine write ups. He lives in Pali Hill, Bombay and is the pillar ofstrength silently supporting and empowering some of the best-known names of our time.He is supported by over 70 consultants and working worldwide in almost two hundred companies.Other consultant profiles are available on request.
  9. 9. Few companies where Vinod has consulted • Infowavz International Pvt. Ltd.• i-flex solutions limited (Formerly known as Citicorp Information Technology Industries Limited) • Mastek Ltd.• Tata Consultancy Services • Datamatics Limited• Syntel (India) Ltd. • New India Assurance• Raj Oil Mills Ltd. • Transworks• CBSIndia Limited • FinEng Solutions Pvt. Ltd.• Accenture • Intentia South Asia Pvt. Ltd.• Onward Technologies Limited • NIIT Limited• GEBBS India Limited • New India Assurance Ltd.• Shonkh Negolice Infotech Limited • Johnson & Johnson Ltd.• Origin Information Technology (India) Limited • Mahindra British Telecom Limited• Omnitech Infosolutions Ltd. • Datamatics Staffing Services• IS3C Consultancy • Spectramind eServices Pvt. Ltd.• Eftia OSS Solutions (Asia Pacific) Pvt. Ltd. • GLOBAL E-Serve• Associated Trade Logistics Pvt. Ltd. • Hiranandani Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd.• EDUXELL 21 Consultancy (Singapore) • IIMM (Indian Institute of Modern Management)• Siemens Information Systems Limited • Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Ltd.• Chicago Pneumatic India Limited • Reliance Industries Ltd - Petroleum Business• Cashtech Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. • Tata Technologies Ltd.• Tata Engineering & Locomotive Company Ltd (TELCO) • Quinnox Consultancy Services• Baan Info Systems India Ltd. • Sanchez Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.• Sitel India Pvt. Ltd. • All India Radio, Times FM• Mahindra Consulting Limited • Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.• Prudential ICICI Asset Management Company Ltd. • Larsen & Toubro Information Technology Limited• Tata Infotech Limited • ICTM (Indian Centre for Telecom Management)• Asset International (Aptech Ltd.) • Lucky Ali• Geodesic Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. • Maestros Mediline Systems Ltd.• Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd. • Dreams4U• Archana Kochhar • Direct Capital Services• Haden International Group India Pvt. Ltd. • Kuoni (SOTC)• Nirmal Industries • Harbinger Techventures• HCL Perot Systems Ltd. • Maestros Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.• EMCO Ltd. • Dynalog (India) Limited• Mphasis Software & Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. •• Nucsoft Ltd. • ENSEMBLE Note: This list has deliberately not been updated since 2005
  10. 10. We thank you for investing your time to know more aboutus and look forward to meeting you to understand yourprecise requirements.Thank you for your support. We look forward to workingwith you.Warm regards, Archana Singhania Kimmaya Consulting Pvt. Ltd.