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  • 1. We help make brands relevant every day. Our unique business process turns real-time consumer insights into relevant branded content and distributes it through paid and social channels. We call our discipline “relevant content marketing,” and we have been practicing it for Fortune 500 companies for over three years. Process video:
  • 2. Developing the R24 process The foundation of our Relevant Content Marketing process came directly from publishing. Publishing industry: 1)Must create relevant content daily in order to maintain and build it’s audience 2)Iteration is the key to understanding how to deepen engagement September 2009 we launched A sports and pop culture website with a comedic edge. In 18 months we built an audience from zero to four million monthly unique visitors Developed a content syndication network (50 partners) with an anchor relationship in FOX Sports Created four to five pieces of multi-media content each day based on real-time insights from cultural events and conversations that are relevant to passionate audience. Our specially trained staff of digital strategists, pulse editors, writers, designers, illustrators, photographers, film makers, editors, motion-graphics designers and audio engineers made this new process possible.
  • 4. 6 CLIENT: NEWS EVENT: 2014 Super Bowl EXECUTION: Express Replay.6 second Vine videos that were created The moment after big plays happened during the game. Commercials and the half-time show we created in advance. Entire re-cap of all 10 Vines featured in link atch?v=SP7pxou1O_s
  • 5. 7 CLIENT: Doritos NEWS EVENT: Brad Pitts ridiculous Channel No5 commercial inspired us to create a Doritos cologne DORITOS CASE STUDY: Watch video
  • 6. 8 CLIENT: Mikes Hard Lemonade NEWS EVENT: Winter Olympics. Visual representation of popular twitter hash tag #SochiProblems
  • 7. 9 CLIENT: NEWS EVENT: 2014 Oscars. John Travolta’s horrible pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name COPY: You thought Idina was hard, John? Good news: saving on these trips is easier than saying them.
  • 8. 10 CLIENT: NEWS EVENT: Justin Bieber throws eggs at his neighbors house COPY: Deep savings mean you can fly to LA just for commemorative souvenirs. Hope the neighbors like it! #7YearsOfKidrauhl
  • 9. COPY: Are we doing this right? #CurlingFries CLIENT: Arby’s NEWS EVENT: Nations trending interest in Olympic curling
  • 10. 12 CLIENT: Mikes Hard Lemonade NEWS EVENT: Winter Olympics. Ashley Wagner angry face
  • 11. 13 CLIENT: Arby’s NEWS EVENT: Winter Olympics. Bob Costas Pink Eye
  • 12. 14 CLIENT: FOX television NEWS EVENT: Shark chases kayaker on Cape Cod. SHOW EVENT: Master Chef contestant gets eliminated from show because he overcooks an Artic Char
  • 13. COPY: If you aint cheddarin you aint tryin CLIENT: Arby’s NEWS EVENT: Major League Baseball is again wrapped up in another PED scandal with Biogenesis, A-rod and other high profile players.
  • 14. Our Reactive content development process turns traditional display advertising into a dynamic relevant content platform
  • 15. CLIENT: Dunkin Donuts NEWS EVENT: Disney buys Lucas films Watch video:
  • 16. 18 CLIENT: TREND: Bad Tattoo Art
  • 18. CLIENT: NEWS EVENT: 2014 Oscars IDEA: Express Movies / Best Picture Vine videos. Produced 4 videos. Gravity, Nebraska, Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle. Wolf of Wall Street / Watch video: 8030031&set=vb.188195410030&type=2&theater
  • 19. 21 CLIENT: Mikes Hard Lemonade NEWS EVENT: 2014 Super Bowl
  • 20. 22 CLIENT: Mikes Hard Lemonade NEWS EVENT: 2014 Super Bowl Posted immediately after Seahawks win
  • 21. 23 CLIENT: Doritos CULTURAL EVENT: Shark Week COPY: “ This week the snacker becomes the snack”
  • 22. 24CLIENT: Fox Sports CULTURAL EVENT: Day after 2014 Super Bowl: The entire NFL season in one visual
  • 23. 25 CLIENT: Mikes Hard Lemonade NEWS EVENT: Red Sox win the World Series
  • 24. 26 CLIENT: EVENT: NFL Playoffs / Immediately following the AFC championship game. COPY: Hey Broncos fans, this #SuperBowl wear your heart on your sleeve and your deal on your back.
  • 25. 27 CLIENT: Doritos CULTURAL EVENT: Labor Day Weekend Instagram Video
  • 26. CLIENT Tostitos CULTURAL EVENT: 4TH OF JULY COPY: What will you bring to the party this weekend?
  • 27. CLIENT: Heineken USA / Newcastle Brown Ale NEWS EVENT: March Madness Watch video: Stop motion Lego animation of the 5 greatest moments in March Madness history as told through an Englishman.
  • 28. CLIENT Mike’s Hard Lemonade CULTURAL EVENT: Thanksgiving COPY: Thanksgiving: A special time to spend with your lovable and slightly dysfunctional family.
  • 29. CLIENT Enterprise CULTURAL EVENT: Breast Cancer Awareness
  • 30. CLIENT: FOX Sports CULTURAL EVENT: Black History Month: IDEA Spoken word poem. Long form kinetic type motion animation er/story/check-out-this- spoken-word-sports-tribute- to-black-history-month- 022714 Watch video here:
  • 32. CLIENT: National Geographic Channel / Life Below Zero: Animation using live audio from show Watch video here:
  • 33. CLIENT: FOX Television / Master Chef Junior: Short form video animation series using live audio from show Watch video here:
  • 34. CLIENT: National Geographic Channel Brain Games Video of M.C. Escher’s famous drawing hands Illusion image brought to life through animation Watch video here: 5991005&set=vb.29194481004&type=2&theater
  • 35. CLIENT: FOX Television Instagram “photos” from different animated characters
  • 36. CLIENT: National Car Rental: Go Like a Pro Gadgets: A series of gadgets designed to improve the life of a National Pro.
  • 37. 41 CLIENT: FOX Television Master Chef / Walmart Infotainment video based on episode.
  • 38. Thank you