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French Conferation PPoint Group 4
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French Conferation PPoint Group 4


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Water problems all over Europe
  • 2. Similarities in the water issues
  • 3.
    • Floods :
    • There are some in South of France and in Spain : Mediterranean sea. In Holland, floods are in west south and west north. Floods cost a lot of money to the countries because they have to repare what the floods have broken.
  • 4. Holland spain France
  • 5. Pollution
    • Agriculture rejects a lot of toxic fertilisants in the ground and it can pollute ground water and this is where most of our drinkable water is taken.
    • Some factories don’t care and reject chemicals substances into rivers. This kills the fishes and after it goes into the sea.
    • Humans also reject a lot of bad things (cleaning products, detergents, oil) into water:
    • - in their house water, they reject domestic products. This is a problem because sewage water treatment plant has to clean it.
    • - in seas and rivers humans reject garbages because of their ignorance.
  • 7. Rising sea level
    • The rising sea level is due to the green house effect, because some gases can’t escape from earth and they are causing global warming so the icebergs are melting and there is a rising sea level so the islands are disapearing and some countries are loosing land.
  • 8.  
  • 9. The differencies in the water issues
  • 10. Floods are produced by the torrential rains (though in some regions of Spain they are produced for the thaw) that are generated in autumn and spring mainly . This is the problem that most influences our community both in economics terms and when it comes to basic needs. REASONS: -Changeble climed -Agriculture -Global warming -Sociopolitic questions
      • -Human activities that accelerate the desertification
        • · Inmoderate shepherding
        • · Bad use of the soil and of the water
        • · Compactation of the soil
        • · Salinitation of the soil because of the use of agricultural technologies and abuse of fertilizers
    -Natural disasters The FOREST FIRE destroy a lot surface of vegetal cover leaving the soil naked of and exposed to a strong erosion. FLOODS WATER SHORTAGE WATER SHORTAGE SPAIN
  • 11. The Netherlands has been struggling against floods since the first people settled there The importance of the protection has led the Dutch to dedicate a Department solely to the protection against floods On the night of 31 January/1 February 1953 a storm tide surge broke many dikes This pushed the Dutch government into ordering the Delta Works North Sea flood of 1953 the Disaster The Maaslantkering is a storm surge barrier in the Nieuwe Waterweg waterway located between the towns of Hoek van Holland and Maassluis, Netherlands, which automatically closes when needed. Major issues in Netherlands
  • 12. Problems in France
    • There’s more pollution in France than in the European countries, in rivers and seas
    • Over uses of water in house
    • Water restrictions in summer because there’s water shortage.