Capreno Corn Herbicide - 2012 Man vs. Weed Advertorial Series Iowa


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Capreno Corn Herbicide provides the longest-lasting residual if any post-applied corn herbicide. Shawn Adam, a farmer in Iowa, relies on Capreno for fall panicum issues and likes how this corn herbicide is flexible in use and timing with fall panicum's wet springs.

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Capreno Corn Herbicide - 2012 Man vs. Weed Advertorial Series Iowa

  1. 1. AdvertorialTIME IS MORE THAN MONEY – IT’S EVERYTHINGNo one better understands the adage pre- and postemergence options to Adam also explained that there’s peace“time is money” than a farmer. For complement their busy schedule. of mind with a Capreno purchase thatIowa’s Shawn Adam, it’s more than that. Corvus is Adam’s choice for burndown may not come with other herbicides.“Timing is everything,” he said and residual. “It’s just dependable and flexible,” heemphatically. “Farming is one of the “We used it as a pre-emerge and have said. “We can’t control weather andmost complicated businesses. If you’re accomplished weed control all year,” conditions. A situation may arise wherenot efficient and getting things done in he said. “That was amazing to us.” we’re not able to spray today – it’s tooa timely fashion, it’s not going to work.” windy or wet or whatever – but withAdam farms approximately 6,000 acres According to Bayer CropScience Capreno we have a lot broader windowof corn and soybeans with his dad Herbicides Product Manager Jeff to apply it. That’s a big benefit for us.”and brother in southeast Iowa. They Springsteen, Corvus reactivates with rain, making it an extremely To learn more about Capreno herbiciderun both pre- and post- corn herbicide or Corvus herbicide, contact your localprograms to distribute workload and to effective one-pass option. Bayer CropScience representative orfocus on planting when needed. Adam Capreno postemergence corn visit they have about an 8- or 9-day herbicide delivers season-longperiod to plant corn, and sometimes control of more than 65 grassthat’s the window to get both corn and and broadleaf weeds, including Recognizing Agriculture’s Lasting Heritagesoybeans planted. Once planting ends, glyphosate-resistant weeds.weed management applications begin Capreno herbicide, the longest lasting “Capreno provides the longest-lasting herbicide of its kind, has partnered withsoon after, he added. residual of any post-applied corn the American Farm Bureau Foundation herbicide,” said Springsteen. “The for Agriculture to further recognize Century result is an amazing end-of-season Farmers and the lasting heritage of American clean. It’s also extremely flexible. agriculture. The program, available at, “Plus, Capreno can fit the way you celebrates the contribution of century farms want to farm or adjust to the to the lasting heritage of our nation. The unexpected, with the ability to be site includes profiles of farm families that applied at various growth stages, have worked the land and kept farms in as well as effectively alone or in a their families for more than 100 years. tankmix with glyphosate, Liberty® “On behalf of Capreno and BayerShawn Adam, Southeast Iowa Farmer herbicide or atrazine.” CropScience, we’re excited to partner The Adams have been using with the American Farm Bureau FoundationThe Adams plant stacked-trait hybrids Capreno for the last two years, for Agriculture to make this programon most of their corn acres to secure and chose it due to a fall panicum possible,” said Jeff Springsteen,the genetics they want rather than let Capreno herbicide marketing manager. issue and its flexibility in use and “Bayer CropScience constantly strives totraits dictate their herbicide programs, timing with their wet springs. He deliver innovations, whether it’s developinghe said. For example, on a given said they have sprayed Capreno a top-performing crop input, or supportingRoundup Ready® corn field, they may anywhere between V3 to V6 and a useful, educational website. This onlinenever apply glyphosate. had success. “Even the V3, the resource is a great opportunity to honor“We stay with a more conventional earlier sprayed stuff, held the weed the lasting heritage of agriculture and theherbicide program. We’ll use pressure down. It was above and future of farmers.”[glyphosate traits] as a fail-safe beyond. We didn’t have any weedsrescue if we need to come back left in the fields.”late with weed breakages.” To further aid timing, Capreno is rainfast inFor the majority of those corn acres, only one hour, Springsteen added.Adam puts his trust in Bayer CropScience “Capreno is one of our highly demandedproducts Corvus® and Capreno® low-use-rate products, and provides anherbicides, which give him both easy-to-use rate of 3 fl oz/A.”Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Always read and follow label instructions. Bayer, the Bayer Cross, Capreno, Corvus and Liberty are registeredtrademarks of Bayer. Capreno, Corvus and Liberty are not registered in all states. Corvus is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Roundup Ready is a registered trademark of Monsanto Technology LLC.For additional product information call toll-free 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit our website at www.BayerCropScience.usCRP0112CAPREN0244-R00 FINAL MECHANICAL R1 24906 12 SHRB CAPRNO Advertorial_R01.indd Date 02-09-2012 Time 5:20 PM by mz/tm/mz Printed At 100% 400 E Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563-1342 Job info Production Info Approvals Sign Date P > 630 505 1100 F > 630 505 1109 Job 24743 Prod Mgr M. Hull Client Bayer CropScience Due to Prod 02/09/12 Acct Service Product SHRB Vendor Classic Color Division CAPRNO Ad Production Info Creative Art Element Advertorial Ad Title “Time is More Live than Money” Prod # 24906-1 Creative Copy Trim 7.75 in x10 in Bleed Job Title 2012 Capreno Advertorial Production Mgr Pages Folded Size Shipped By Classic Color Insertion In Iowa Farmer Proofreader Compliance Copy N/A 130043 130043AD1_r1_24906_1.indd