AdvertorialONE-PASS WONDERIndiana farmer finds singular success for weed control in cornOne pass.                          ...
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Capreno Corn Herbicide - 2012 Man vs. Weed Advertorial Series Indiana


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Capreno® Corn Herbicide has been beneficial for growers to maintain and control tough weeds. Doug DeYoung a farmer in Morocco, Indiana, uses Capreno's one-pass solution to tackle giant ragweed and burcucumber. Capreno Corn Herbicide provides lasting residual of any post-applied corn herbicide.

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Capreno Corn Herbicide - 2012 Man vs. Weed Advertorial Series Indiana

  1. 1. AdvertorialONE-PASS WONDERIndiana farmer finds singular success for weed control in cornOne pass. In past years, DeYoung sprayed DeYoung said that Capreno also helps everything right behind the planter with a him manage planting and sprayLike many farmers, Doug DeYoung has reduced rate of atrazine or Harness® schedule demands.heard those magic words before, but untillast year, he didn’t really believe Extra, followed by a summertime post One fewer trip across the field is a bigin them. application of Roundup®. That program advantage, he explained, especially in left DeYoung with weed escapes, continuous corn. “It made the planting“I’m always skeptical. I’ve had products especially with giant ragweed and season a little less hectic. You couldin the past that said one-pass,” DeYoung burcucumber. Using Capreno was a basically get your corn planted first andsaid, adding that they didn’t deliver on different story, however. come back and spray it. When I’mall promises. “Capreno did the job. It took care of planting corn, I need another man to runSo, when he heard of Capreno® the weeds that you would think it should, a sprayer during planting season, but ifherbicide, he wanted to try it out on more plus these problem weeds,” he said. I’m done planting corn, I can jump on thethan a patch. “I had the least burcucumber at harvest sprayer, and save on labor too.” than I’ve had in last 10 years. This year To learn more about Capreno herbicide, I had total weed control, and that is contact your local Bayer CropScience very valuable.” representative or visit So valuable, that DeYoung said he plans to use Capreno on all his acres in 2012. “Our goal is to spray it once and be happy,” DeYoung said. “Where I used Recognizing Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage Roundup only, I had to spray twice Capreno herbicide, the longest-lasting because I didn’t have any residual.” herbicide of its kind, has partnered with Doug DeYoung, Morocco, Ind. the American Farm Bureau Foundation For optimum control of burcucumber, for Agriculture to further recognize Century“I tried it on two-thirds of my acres to be Capreno should be tankmixed with Farmers and the lasting heritage of Americansure it was truly a one-pass product,” he atrazine or glyphosate. agriculture. The program, available atexplained. “Now after I’ve used it, I’ve According to Bayer CropScience prod-,changed my mind. I believe it. You never uct manager Jeff Springsteen, Capreno celebrates the contribution of century farmsknow until you try it on your own farm.” postemergence corn herbicide delivers to the lasting heritage of our nation. TheDeYoung farms 1,500 acres of continu- season-long control of more than 65 site includes profiles of farm families thatous corn in northwest Indiana. He made grass and broadleaf weeds, including have worked the land and kept farms in their families for more than 100 years.the decision to go all corn-on-corn about glyphosate-resistant years ago, he said. “I was getting “Capreno provides the longest-lasting “On behalf of Capreno and Bayerstronger yields in my corn over my CropScience, we’re excited to partner residual of any post-applied corn with the American Farm Bureau Foundationsoybean yields. Basically, [corn] was herbicide,” said Springsteen. “Caprenomore profitable.” for Agriculture to make this program allows maximum flexibility on corn possible,” said Jeff Springsteen, CaprenoHowever, he cannot remain profitable acres, with a wide application window herbicide marketing manager. “Bayer Crop-if he can’t control weeds, so weed from pre-emergence to V6. It can be Science constantly strives to deliver innova-management is a major component applied effectively alone or in tankmix tions, whether it’s developing a top-performingof his overall strategy. with glyphosate, Liberty® herbicide or crop input or supporting a useful, educational atrazine. And that makes it a valuable website. This online resource is a greatKNOW YOUR WEEDS resistance management option.” opportunity to honor the lasting heritage of agriculture and the future of farmers.”When it comes to herbicide choice, DeYoung chose a tankmix of CaprenoDeYoung asks himself one thing first and generic glyphosate for an addi-and foremost: Does it work on the tional mode of action.right weeds? “There’s definitely concern out there,”“That’s the No. 1 quality. Does it get the DeYoung said of resistance. “By usingweeds that I might have a problem with?” Capreno instead of just Roundup,With Capreno, he said the answer is a it’s going to help prevent resistance.resounding “yes,” even on his toughest You need to switch your chemicals to pre-weeds – giant ragweed and burcucumber. vent glyphosate resistance, and we don’t want to lose glyphosate.” Bayer CropScience LP, 2 T.W. Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. Always read and follow label instructions. Bayer, the Bayer Cross, Capreno and Liberty are registered trademarks of Bayer. Capreno and Liberty are not registered in all states. Atrazine is a Restricted Use Pesticide. Harness and Roundup are registered trademarks of Monsanto Technology LLC. For additional product information call toll-free 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937) or visit our website at CRP0112CAPREN0247-R00 INITIAL MECHANICAL R1 24908 12 SHRB CAPRNO Advertorial_R01.indd Date 2-6-2012 Time 8:45 AM by mz Printed At 100% 400 E Diehl Rd, Naperville, IL 60563-1342 Job info Production Info Approvals Sign Date P > 630 505 1100 F > 630 505 1109 Job 24743 Prod Mgr M. Hull Client Bayer CropScience Due to Prod 1/20/12 Acct Service Product SHRB Vendor Classic Color Division CAPRNO Ad Production Info Creative Art Element Advertorial Ad Title One Pass Wonder Live Prod # 24908-1 Job Title 2012 Capreno Creative Copy Trim 7.375 in x 10 in Bleed Advertorial Production Mgr Pages Shipped By Classic Color Folded Size Insertion In IN Agri-News Proofreader Compliance Copy N/A !"##$" !"##$"%&!())*+#$!,-.//