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Improving Operational Space Responsiveness
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Improving Operational Space Responsiveness


Presented at AIAA InfoTech Aerospace Conference …

Presented at AIAA InfoTech Aerospace Conference
7 - 10 May 2007
Doubletree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country
Rohnert Park, California

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Improving Operational Space Responsiveness Pat G. Cappelaere ( D. Mandl L. Derezinski S. Frye EO-1 1
  • 2. Responsive Space A Better Question To Ask: Has Rapid Space Deployment Generated A Better Operational Response From A User’s Perspective Magritte 2
  • 3. Operationally Responsive Space A New Business Model “This model designs military capabilities directly for the operational commander. The key attribute of the Operationally Responsive Space business model is that the field commanders drive the demand…” Adm A. K. Cebrowski, OFT Director, 25 Mar, 2004 3
  • 5. YASP (Yet Another Stove Pipe) TACSAT-1 Tacsat-1 Copperfield Tacsat-2 TIE USCG D7 Matagorda, 110’ But: Where is the Don Matilde? 5
  • 7. Reality Shortly after… Sept 11 ... about 2 weeks Hurricane Katrina 7
  • 8. Know your Customer 8
  • 9. Problem Statement • Restricted Data Access • Science Data Rights • We want to charge you (USGS) • They Won’t Let You Have Access to It • You Don’t Know Where the Data Is • You Know Where it is But Don’t Know How to Get It • Or You Can’t Have Access to It • You Got It but Data Is Not in Right Format • And It is Too Complicated to Process It Right • Do Not Have a Scientist in the Trunk • You Have Access to Satellite but It is Too Complicated to Task From the Field • Data/User Mismatch 9
  • 10. What Happened? • Broader Audience • Not just the engineers/scientists • Many New Organizations Involved • Broader Needs For Humanitarian Assistance/Emergency Response • Plume, Contaminants, Oil Spills, Water.. • Those Users are Focused on Specific Products & Realtime Delivery 10
  • 11. They Do Not Care About Infrastructure Or Plumbing 11
  • 12. SensorWeb Enablement Concept • Many SWE Data Nodes SD SD SD • One or more Decision Support Node System SD SD SD SD • Standard OGC Interfaces Node Node SD SD Decision Support System Data Center Public User 12
  • 13. SensorWeb Enablement EO-1 General Atomics Altair UAS Stilleto SWE SWE SWE • Users are shielded from Implementation Specifics Catalog DSS Service • Assets are Discoverable Using Catalog Services User Transparent User Access To Assets 13
  • 14. SWE Data Node OGC Components • Sensor Planning Service (SPS) • Sensor Observation Service (SOS) • Web Feature Service (WFS) • Sensor Alert Service (SAS) • Auxiliary Services • Web Mapping Service (WMS) • Web Coverage Service (WCS) • Web Coordinate Transformation Service (WCTS) • Catalog Service (CS-W) 14
  • 15. DSS Easy Data Aggregation • WFS-Basic / OpenSearch • • (Amazon) • • GeoRSS Data Publishing & Mashup • 15
  • 16. SensorWeb Today • Many Specifications... Still Evolving... OGC OWS-5: Next Iteration • Good News: • Open Source Reference Implementation: Ruby on Rails, GeoBliki • We Are Producing Data • We Are Delivering Data Products to Our Customers Based on Subscriptions (Pubsub) 16
  • 17. OWS-4 17
  • 18. OWS-4 EO Demo Participants GeoBliki Vightel Innovative Corporation Solutions UAH VAST GMU Demis 18
  • 19. [Geo-Data] Mass Production This is What We Achieved... 19
  • 20. But What Do We Really Need? A Perfect Fit! Custom Tailored Data Products For Customer Size=1 20
  • 21. How Can We Get There? • Automated Workflows • Service-chains • Bad News: • BPEL, BPEL4WS, BPEL2.0… • SOAP, WS-* What Did We Do For OWS-4? 21
  • 22. GeoBrain Still A Good Option 22
  • 23. A New and Lighter Alternative Using Standards <process-definition BPMN xmlns:xsi=quot;; xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=quot;; name=quot;EO1 Tasking Workflowquot; revision=quot;0.1quot; theme=quot;n/aquot; security=quot;restrictedquot; > <sequence> <participant ref='XForms' task='RequestTasking’ comments='Enter EO-1 Tasking Parameters' /> <participant ref=quot;SPSquot; task='GetFeasibilities’ comments='Check EO-1 Tasking Feasibilities'/> <participant ref='XForms' task='SelectFeasibility' comments='Select Desired Feasibility' /> <cancel-process if=quot;${f:status} == 'cancelled'quot; /> <participant ref=quot;SPSquot; task='Submit' comments='Submit Task to JPL'/> <cancel-process if=quot;${f:status} == 'cancelled'quot; /> <participant ref=quot;SOSquot; task='Publish' comments=quot;SOS will make raw data availablequot;/> <set field=quot;msgquot; value=quot;You've got dataquot; /> <participant ref=quot;WNS” task='Email' /> </sequence> </process-definition> To XML via XPDL 2.0 23
  • 24. With Other Open Tools • OpenWFEru • Process Engine • Ruby Rools Ruby Rools • Inference Engine • XForms • User Interface And a RESTFul Approach… 24
  • 25. Last Problem But Not The Least And You Want Me to Let People I Do Not Know Task My Satellite? • Identity 2.0 • Decentralized User Authentication • Easy and Cheap to Implement • User Centric/Open Source • Relies on Trust among Cooperating Organizations/Entities 25
  • 26. / PKI Approach SWE IdP https DSS Identity Propagation Email Organization Access Rights 26
  • 27. Our Next Target: This Summer For a More Operationally Responsive Space 27
  • 28. Thank You! • Pat Cappelaere, Vightel Corporation, MD • • Dan Mandl, NASA GSFC, MD • • Linda Derezinski, Innovative Solution, MD • • Stu Frye, Noblis, VA • 28