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Geobliki: A Platform For Emergency Response
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Geobliki: A Platform For Emergency Response


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Presentation To the O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference In San Jose, CA on 5/30/2007

Presentation To the O'Reilly Where 2.0 Conference In San Jose, CA on 5/30/2007

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Make a difference in case of emergency! Geobliki: A Platform For Emergency Response Pat G. Cappelaere ( D. Mandl L. Derezinski S. Frye EO-1 Where 2.0 May 29-30th, 2007 San Jose, CA 1
  • 2. Disasters Happen! Data Shortly After… • Sept 11 ... about 2 weeks • Hurricane Katrina 2
  • 3. NASA and Others Have Assets Aura Terra EO-1 Aqua IceSat CALIPSO ALTAIR • SOPHISTICATED PAYLOADS... • SO WE ARE GETTING DATA... 3
  • 4. But Where is The Data When We Need It? • Restricted Data Access • Science Data Rights • Charge Account? • They Won’t Let You Have Access to It • You Don’t Know Where the Data Is • You Know Where It Is But Don’t Know How to Get It • Or You Can’t Have Access to It • You Got It but Data Is Not in Right Format • And It Is Too Complicated to Process It Right • Do Not Have a Scientist in the Trunk • You Have Access to Satellite but It Is Too Complicated to Task From the Field • Data/User Mismatch 4
  • 5. Who Needs the Data? 5
  • 6. What Happened? • Broader Audience • Not just the engineers/scientists • Many New Organizations Involved • Broader Needs For Humanitarian Assistance/Emergency Response • Plume, Contaminants, Oil Spills, Water.. • Those Users are Focused on Specific Products & Realtime Delivery 6
  • 7. So...Create One or More Data Nodes • Sensor Planning Service (SPS) to Task Asset • Sensor Observation Service (SOS) to get Raw Data • Web Feature Service (WFS) to find Processed Features • Sensor Alert/Notification Service (SAS/WNS) GeoBliki: A Generic Platform than can be used For Emergency Response: Ruby-on-Rails App Quick Prototyping Quick Deployment Simple 80% Solution 7
  • 8. Easy Data Aggregation • WFS-Simple / OpenSearch (A9) • GeoRSS Data Publishing & Mashup • But we may need a little more… 8
  • 9. GeoRSS + GeoNames GeoNames Data Access
  • 10. A SensorWeb Architecture OGC SWE Nodes DSS Web Processing Identity Providers WPS IdP Services Certificate Authorities Catalog Models and CS/W Models Services Simulators Security Perimeter Using OpenID 2.0 Govt / NG And PKI Organizations 8
  • 11. Last Problem But Not The Least And You Want Me to Let People I Do Not Know Task My Satellite? • Identity 2.0 • Decentralized User Authentication • Easy and Cheap to Implement • User Centric/Open Source • Relies on Trust among Cooperating Organizations/Entities 11
  • 12. / PKI Approach SWE IdP https DSS Identity Propagation Email Organization Access Rights 12
  • 13. [Geo-Data] Mass Production This is What We Achieved... 13
  • 14. But What Do We Really Need? For A Perfect Fit! Custom Tailored Data Products For Customer Size=1 14
  • 15. How Can We Get There? • Automated Workflows • Service-chains 15
  • 16. From Geo… to GeoBPMS... <process-definition BPMN xmlns:xsi=quot;; xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation=quot;; name=quot;EO1 Tasking Workflowquot; revision=quot;0.1quot; theme=quot;n/aquot; security=quot;restrictedquot; > <sequence> <participant ref='XForms' task='RequestTasking’ comments='Enter EO-1 Tasking Parameters' /> <participant ref=quot;SPSquot; task='GetFeasibilities’ comments='Check EO-1 Tasking Feasibilities'/> <participant ref='XForms' task='SelectFeasibility' comments='Select Desired Feasibility' /> <cancel-process if=quot;${f:status} == 'cancelled'quot; /> <participant ref=quot;SPSquot; task='Submit' comments='Submit Task to JPL'/> <cancel-process if=quot;${f:status} == 'cancelled'quot; /> <participant ref=quot;SOSquot; task='Publish' comments=quot;SOS will make raw data availablequot;/> <set field=quot;msgquot; value=quot;You've got dataquot; /> <participant ref=quot;WNS” task='Email' /> </sequence> </process-definition> To XML 16
  • 17. GeoBliki + Other Open Source Tools • OpenWFEru • Process Engine • Ruby Rools Ruby Rools • Inference Engine • XForms • User Interface A GeoBPMS… with... 17
  • 18. Community MapBuilder: Ajax Client WFS Application Development WFS-B Framework Library for OpenLayers Rendering,Tiling... GeoRSS WCS Google Yahoo MSN WMS Maps Maps Maps
  • 19. It is Going to Get Hot! Next 12 months Next 3 Months For A Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) - WildFires - Tanker Oil Spills 19
  • 20. Thank You! • Pat Cappelaere, Vightel Corporation, MD • Come And Visit Us At: • • Dan Mandl, NASA GSFC, MD • • Linda Derezinski, Innovative Solution, MD • • Stu Frye, Noblis, VA • 20