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Thanks for checking out my presentation again. If you'd like some context and to discuss anything here within please reach out on twitter @mitch_4 or email mitch AT CapitalAuto dot Ca.

We have grown using data driven strategies to well over 2MM page views per year, which may not sound like a lot depending on your background, but in the car business it's tops! The main point to my presentation is that if you can base your decisions on objective data you'll avoid so many set backs and land mines caused by unavoidable preference and opinion.

I try to speak from experience and leave BS on the sidelines and I can't tell you the number of times I've had a strong opinion on something I "just know will work" and have it completely flop. In many circumstances you'll never know if it's a flop or not unless you find a way to truly measure it because business are big and it's so easy to associate and explain away anything without objective proof to back it all up.

We sell new Ford and Lincoln vehicles and more used vehicles than any Ford dealer in Canada and our business is very similar to most SMB's out there. I love talking about marketing and startegy so please let me know if I can help, again twitter @mitch_4 or email mitch at CapitalAuto DOT ca.

Stay Awesome!

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  • This is the perception of my industry. Car dealerships have been around for over 100 years. The internet has been an incredible change over the past 10 yearswe’re not awesome but we’ve done few things that have set us ahead of the curve.
  • This isn’t to brag by any means. There are people in this room with tons more traffic than this. In our industry it’s well above the benchmark of 4000 visits/mo.
  • Usually present to car dealers for an hour to do it so to cram 15 minutes I had to pick a few things and I decided to take a big bite and talk about data and data driven decisions to grow your online footprint. So here is 4 sexy data driven strategies to be awesome online. Each one builds on each other starting with a website survey, some testing, web video and how to get more trafficThe whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.
  • You can beat the crap out of Google analytics until you’re red in the face but it’s only ever going to tell you what has happened on your website. 4q ads the why. Saying no is the hardest part when it’s a CMO or an executive level manager telling you what to do because they know what works.
  • Saying no is the hardest part when it’s a CMO or an executive level manager telling you what to do because “they know what works”
  • steam roller situations = allow them to win and have the power instead of a complete change run a test.If their idea works it’s a huge win win, if it’s a complete flop let them save face as best you can but show them the data. They’re not dumb. How do you properly test new data from 4q surveys or Hippo suggestions?
  • Here’s how AB testing works
  • Here’s how AB testing works
  • If we have time I’ll show a live demo of this because it’s so simple
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2013-07-18 07:38) -----iphone + imovie on your phone
  • BONUS… AB Test pages with and without video. Watch what happens to time on site and pages per visit.
  • So far has been about making your website awesome but this is about the most effective way I’ve found, bar none to increase your audience
  • The why is pretty easy195K visits from search traffic
  • This is a keyword spreadsheet we’ve used extensively in the pastI’ve modified it from car dealership to make sense for Regina businesses
  • Find an admin to do if you don’t have time
  • I didn’t even want to talk about data to be honest… but I’m confident it’s where you can pick up the biggest winsonce you start to see even a few small wins it get’s really exciting. Being awesome online isn’t easyA data driven approach = spend your time and energy where it will have the most impact. If you’re going to go big, know what worked and whats working.
  • Data Driven Strategies to Be Awesome Online

    1. 1. How To Be Awesome Online
    2. 2. Yes.. From a car dealership : )
    3. 3. 5300 9500 12000 18000 20000 23000 26000 30000 35000 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Yearly Website Traffic - Avg/Month Yearly Website Traffic
    4. 4. 4 Sexy Data Driven Strategies, to be awesome online.
    5. 5. 4Q Survey Cost: Free
    6. 6. What is a 4Q Survey?
    7. 7. 4Q Survey Result Dashboard
    8. 8. Why is it important? • Context is gold! – What was the purpose of your visit today – Were you able to complete your task? – (If unable) Why not? – How would you rank this site 1-10 – What would make this site better?
    9. 9. My favorite part… • Call bullshit on internal opinions. • Say no to internal preferences. • Do what works.
    10. 10. But I can’t say no.. He’s the HPPO
    11. 11. AB Testing Cost: Free or $17/mo How to test Hippo brainwaves and 4q insights!
    12. 12. A/B Testing
    13. 13. A/B Testing Optimizely and Google Content Experiments
    14. 14. Optimizely – Controlled & Super Easy
    15. 15. • Phone number placement • Pop-up conversion forms • Crazy video on the homepage • Thank you page after lead submission “What if we did ______?”+“That will never work!”= “What if we did ______?”+“That’s ridiculous!” + “well let’s just test it, see what happens”+ “Ok” = A/B Testing
    16. 16. Video Cost: Free(ish), Equipment Cost
    17. 17. Web Video • Websites that use video – See 200% to 300% more visitors – 100% more time spent on site – 63% more page views Marketing Sherpa 2012 via Harvard Business Review
    18. 18. What Kind Of Video? • Informative, Funny, or Emotional – < 2min Funny – < 3min Informative – < 10min Super Info – Emotional 2-5?
    19. 19. Start With A Data Driven Decision Top Exit Pages from Google Analytics
    20. 20. Start With A Data Driven Decision Top Landing Pages from Google Analytics
    21. 21. Growing Search Traffic Cost: Free(ish), Time Building New Pages
    22. 22. SEO
    23. 23. Why is that important? • If you have a 4q survey • AB testing your stuff • Site chocked with engaging video GET SOME EYEBALLS!
    24. 24. Where to start? • Google keyword tool for common searches • Google Adwords – actual search phrases • Your business/brand name • Your business + Regina (Capital Ford Regina) • Your brand + Regina (Ford Regina, Ford Dealer Regina) • Free “keyword visibility” tracking sheet
    25. 25. Keyword Spreadsheet
    26. 26. Fill in the yellow, It does the rest. Delete the 3 or 4 garbage terms
    27. 27. 1st page 1st result = 1.1 2nd page 3rd result = 2.3 3rd page 5th result = 3.5 > 4th page = 4
    28. 28. Ok, spreadsheet, now what? • If you build it they will come sometimes • Make some content about each of those keyword phrases. • Blog posts, video, internal pages etc.. Track your progress and show what works
    29. 29. Blog about Marketing Agency Regina And Video On Marketing Strategy Regina Upcoming week let’s focus on some provincial keywords, we’re losing ground!
    30. 30. Data isn’t sexy at first…
    31. 31. The Goods… • • • Keyword Spreadsheet (email copy) • Mitch Gallant – – 531-6404 (call/text) – @mitch_4