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Oow 2011, Simplifying Work Order Management in the utility market with Oracle BPM

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Stedin operates in the Dutch Energy market and is responsible for the handling of all metering in the industry and houses. …

Stedin operates in the Dutch Energy market and is responsible for the handling of all metering in the industry and houses.
Due to new regulations around Smart metering the number of metering replacements increase with a factor 10-100 the coming years. Up until two years ago work management for changing meter is mostly done by hand, and very error prone. The DSL system will be responsible for the work order management. This presentation describes Stedin, the project case, how it was implemented by Capgemini with Oracle BPM, and what the lessons learned were.

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  • 1. Simplifying Work Order management in the utilitymarket with Oracle BPMLéon Smiers, CapgeminiBjörn Ampting, StedinOctober 4th 2011
  • 2. Agenda  Introduction  Stedin metering company and Smart Metering  The Project Case  Implementation choices with Oracle BPM  Results for the Business & Lessons learned | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Léon Smiers  Solution Architect for Capgemini  Oracle ACE  Over 20 years experience in Oracle Technology  Oracle BPM Thought leader for Capgemini | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 5. Björn Ampting  Project manager / Consultant  With the company since 2006  Project role: responsible for demand management: •  Ensuring communication between management – end-users – implementation partners | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 6. Stedin metering company and Smart Metering
  • 7. Stedin MeetbedrijfStedin Meetbedrijf is responsible for servicing gas and electricitymeters for 2 million customers in the Netherlands. (250employees)Main tasks are exchanging & installing meters &collection of meter readingsPart of Stedin Netbeheer – Grid operator with 3 of the 4 largestdutch cities, highly urbanized area, including the port ofRotterdam (1500 employees)Part of Eneco Holding (5500 employees)turnover: $ 7 billion | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 8. Rollout of smart meters2007: Dutch government decided on obligatory rollout of smart metersfor every household by 2013, starting in 2009 Accurate billing Meter reading (site visit or by customer) no longer needed Insight in energy consumption Saving of energy More reliable electricity grids2010: Bill passed to start with rollout on customer demand.2012: Start of rollout on customer demand2013: Evaluation of goals2014: Possible start of complete rollout of smart meters2020: EU goal: 80% of households smart meter installed | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 9. Rollout of smart metersStedin Meetbedrijf is leader in the Netherlands in the number ofinstalled smart meters:Current installed base:110.000 smart meters using GPRS-technology | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 10. Project Case
  • 11. Business transformation 2006-2014 2006 2014100.000 site visits per year 600.000+ site visits per yearinvolving meter exchange involving meter exchangeMajority of the work: Majority of the work: • Maintenance • Smart meter installation • Newly built housing • 10% done by in-house • 50% done by internal installation department installation department | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 12. Original timeline (2006-2010) | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 13. Project and OracleGRIP – Grand rollout improvement programTwo projects within the program:1 - Workordermanagement (Oracle)2 - Field force automationCapgemini was chosen to be the implementation partner for the Oracleimplementation. | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 14. Project GRIP - Demonstration | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 15. Implementation choices with Oracle BPM
  • 16. Process Control in practice Utility company, Work Order Management  What is needed •  Better control of internal processes •  More efficient and effective operations •  Less failure in the processes •  Higher first time right when visiting customers | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 17. Utility company Work Order Management Functionality CRM Productcatalogue Prepare Call Center Interface Improved client satisfaction Chain optimization Execute Insight WorkPlanning Tasks Order Portal Process Process control Process quality Functional CRM exceptionFinancial Finish handling Completion | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 18. BPM Essentials  Helps in getting control work that needs to be done across applications, departments and even companies  Helps in structuring work that needs to be done, whether this be automated or manually.  Be able to get insight in work that has been done, learn from it and improve your current work process.  Be able to change your processes and know where a process change impact your systems and what people need to do  Shift towards ‘build-to-change’ processes, as opposed to ‘build-to-last’ back- office applications  Ensure that compliance is maintained during any changes to processes.  Faster time-to-market for innovative solutions | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 19. The BPM Closed loop & Oracle implementation BPA Suite BPM Process ComposerBPM Suite simulation BPM StudioBPA Suite SimulationJDeveloper simulation 1.DesignComplex Event Processing BPM Studio BPM Process Composer 5.Optimization 2.Modeling Meta Data Business Catalog Store BAM Unified run-time Process Cubes 4.Monitoring 3.Execution Enterprise Manager Enterprise Manager Process Spaces Workspace Process Spaces | Capgemini Technology Services 19
  • 20. Value of the process information Tactical level (‘learn & leverage’) Improved client BI satisfaction Information about the performance of the processes used to better tune the operation – in combination with the forecast Chain Governance level (‘read & react’) optimization BAM Dashboard function, where progress of the process is monitored>Weeks and exceptions are alerted Process control Months Operational level (‘sense & respond’) Alerts Days Direct feedback to the operational employee to approve Process quality Weeks or disapprove a certain action < sec Back-end applications | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 21. Utility company, Work Order Management Technical architecture Governance SecurityPresentation Exception handling ADF Human tasks Company LDAPComposition BPM BAMIntegration OSBApplication CRM Fin Planning ProductsData Work BAM BPM order Repository | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 22. Results for the Business & Lessons learned
  • 23. Oracle ADF•  To allow modifications on workorders a new application needed to be built•  During design Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) was introduced•  ADF proved to be an agile tool to create applications | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 24. Oracle ADF – Callcenter UI | Capgemini Technology Services 24
  • 25. Oracle ADF – Web selfservice | Capgemini Technology Services 25
  • 26. Oracle ADF – Regular BPM Workspace | Capgemini Technology Services 26
  • 27. Oracle ADF – Workspace in ADF | Capgemini Technology Services 27
  • 28. Oracle ADF – Workspace in ADF•  Early into the project we started using BAM•  2 departments installed televisions•  Insight into the BPM processes for end-users | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 29. BAM – Example case of immediate benefitAnother department responsible for processing workorders with customerswith extreme usage.Working for Meetbedrijf was one of the many tasks of this department.Proces before: Weekly reports via email to measure performance= | Capgemini Technology Services 29
  • 30. BAM – Example case of immediate benefit | Capgemini Technology Services 30
  • 31. BAM – Example case of immediate benefit | Capgemini Technology Services 31
  • 32. BAM – Example case of immediate benefitMain focus was to get the right events + data into the BAM-database, not to get the flashiest reports possible from the start.Projectteam challenged end-users to think ahead about futureinformation requirementsTry to show data/exceptions users can act uponAmazed about the amount of customizing that can be done by aknowledgeable user of BAM | Capgemini Technology Services 32
  • 33. | Capgemini Technology Services 33
  • 34. Oracle BPM - Results | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 35. Oracle BPM - Results  Functionality across applications, departments, companies  Multiple stakeholder involvement  KPI driven •  Include BAM in an early phase in the project, •  It helps improve end-user acceptance  Use BPM as lean-and-mean layer, keep business functionality contained in related applications  BPM development is Agile by nature •  Run through BPM Lifecycle multiple times •  End-users/stakeholder involvement is essential •  Start simple •  Learn from results from first releases | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 36. Questions? | Capgemini Technology Services
  • 37. More information About Capgemini With 115,000 people in 40 A deeply multicultural organization,countries, Capgemini is one of the worlds Capgemini has developed its own way offoremost providers of consulting, working, the Collaborative Business TM ®technology and outsourcing services. The Experience , and draws on Rightshore ,Group reported 2010 global revenues of its worldwide delivery model.EUR 8.7 billion Learn more about us at:Together with its clients, Capgemini creates www.capgemini.com.and delivers business and technologysolutions that fit their needs and drive theresults they want. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini | Sector, Alliance, Offering
  • 38. More informationPlease contact:• Björn Amptingbjorn.ampting@stedinmeetbedrijf.nl• Léon Smiersleon.smiers@capgemini.comhttp://twitter.com/leonsmiershttp://www.nl.capgemini.com/oracleblog/ | Sector, Alliance, Offering
  • 39. www.capgemini.comThe information contained in this presentation is proprietary. ©2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved