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Helping your business become more agile and productive through SAP and Microsoft interoperability

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  • 1. Capgemini ERP+ with Duet EnterpriseHelping your business become more agile and productive through SAP and Microsoft interoperability
  • 2. HOMECapgemini ERP+ with Duet EnterpriseHelping your business become more agile and productive through SAP andMicrosoft interoperability Your Our Proven Further Challenges Response Experience Information To achieve true agility, ERP+ with Duet Capgemini has Find out more about your enterprise needs to Enterprise enables extensive expertise in how Capgemini can combine structured SAP integration between SAP and Microsoft, help your organization data with unstructured SAP and Microsoft and a track record become more agile Microsoft data. You platforms (such as of increasing and productive by want to extend the SharePoint). You’ll interoperability between taking advantage capabilities of existing achieve greater agility, them. A pioneer of SAP-Microsoft line-of-business wider access to of Duet Enterprise interoperability. applications, and allow business services, lower implementation, we more employees to total cost of ownership invest in “business access them. (TCO) and better packs” to help clients compliance. get more from the platform. >> >> >> >>
  • 3. HOMEYour Combining Structured data stores, which can easily get and Unstructured Data for out of sync and are difficult for theChallenges Increased Agility organization to control. Clients are Major organizations have invested now asking for their two separate millions in the structured workloads sets of data – structured and of SAP, and separately in the unstructured – to be combined so unstructured workloads typical of that they can avoid these problemsOur Response the Microsoft environment. As a and achieve true agility. result, related information may be held within both SAP and Microsoft Increasing ERP Value by applications. For example, a sales Widening Access person logging a customer order may Today’s competitive marketplace callsProven need to transfer contact information manually from Outlook to SAP. for ERP systems that go beyond the traditional model to achieve reducedExperience cost, improved productivity, and Faced with these time-consuming increased business agility. tasks, users often invent workarounds that can result in multiple local At the same time, users of all types and levels are becoming able – andFurther keen – to drive business processesInformation themselves thanks to developments like the rise of the Internet, the adaptation of business applications for mobile devices, and the general availability of personal productivity tools such as Microsoft Office. That means enterprises can improve the return on their ERP investments by making services accessible to a wider range of users across a greater variety of devices. However, the majority of organizations have yet to do so systematically. Capgemini and SAP can help >>
  • 4. HOMEYour Capgemini has developed the it easy for us to integrate SAP with system management, single sign-on, ERP+ solution set in order to align SharePoint. Duet Enterprise enables authorization and user management,Challenges the SAP (structured) and Microsoft companies to: life cycle management, data (unstructured) environments. ERP+ model mapping, traceability, and provides applications integration Drive People Productivity: supportability. between SAP and Microsoft, and also business users can enjoy a the TCO benefits associated with unified view of data and tasks „ Tools and Business Content toOur Response running SAP on the Windows Server via Microsoft SharePoint 2010. compose solutions that blend the and SQL Server platforms. The ERP+ Planned for both individuals and worlds of process and collaboration. team harnesses industry-proven teams, Duet Enterprise boosts Duet Enterprise takes advantage methodologies and best practices people’s productivity in successfully of the respective tools of Microsoft ERP+ WITH DUET to help organizations build a tailored performing business tasks. and SAP to reduce IT training. ENTERPRISE integration strategy that optimizes These tools are enriched to support Microsoft and SAP interoperability. Expand Value of IT investment: end-to-end solution development Duet Enterprise helps IT realize between SAP and Microsoft. In order KEY BENEFITS Duet Enterprise is a new platform extended value by broadening the to accelerate development of Duet created by SAP and Microsoft. It use of SAP software throughout the Enterprise composites, configurable complements and strengthens the enterprise, and expanding the scope templates and building blocks are existing ERP+ solution set by making of Microsoft SharePoint. delivered.Proven Respond Rapidly to Business needs: „ Ready-to-Use Capabilities that allow users to interact with andExperience Duet Enterprise provides greater collaborate around SAP information, participate in SAP workflows, ability to meet business requirements by quickly composing solutions to access SAP reports, and browse changing needs. a SharePoint “My Site” profile, enriched with HR information fromFurther Duet Enterprise provides the SAP applications.Information following functionality: „ Foundation for interoperability between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint. Key focus areas are:
  • 5. HOMEYour By adding interoperability, Improved Compliance: Because Costs Savings: ERP+ with Duet users can easily access the data they Enterprise allows you to cut costs byChallenges Capgemini ERP+ with Duet Enterprise gives you: need, they are not tempted to create making better use of technologies local data stores, and so there are you have already licensed – including fewer compliance problems. Microsoft Office, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Better Value from Existing IT Windows and SQL – instead of Investments: Take more advantage of Better Data Control and Business licensing additional products. TrainingOur Response your SAP and Microsoft investments Analysis: With a global view of costs and TCO decrease as a result. (particularly SharePoint) by broadening customer data, businesses can the use of both throughout the rapidly improve the customer enterprise. The familiar Microsoft experience and strengthen ERP+ WITH DUET interface means employees can relationships. Better information ENTERPRISE access and respond to information control allows more informed fast. decision-making. KEY BENEFITS Greater Agility, Less Complexity: Our approach simplifies the application landscape, resulting in improved agility. The ability to pull SAP data into Microsoft makes your business moreProven responsive.Experience Increased Productivity: Integration of SAP applications and familiar Microsoft tools allows for blended processes and collaborative work efforts that simplify the userFurther experience. That dramaticallyInformation increases employee use of SAP, reduces instances of replicated data, and streamlines business processes.
  • 6. HOMEYour As a founding member of the SAP/ With Duet Enterprise, users can quickly organizations to streamline hiring Microsoft Unite program, Capgemini create applications that streamlineChallenges combines SAP business expertise business processes for improved manager functions while improving overall staffing systems. with technical Microsoft knowledge. productivity and potential reductions We have an extensive track record in staff size. Capgemini is developing BUSINESS PACK #2: Purchase of helping increase interoperability ready-made “business packs” to Requisition between SAP data and processes accelerate this process further. To our This business pack helps set up aOur Response and Microsoft interfaces. Across knowledge, Capgemini is the only process that allows end users to Capgemini we have over 20,000 systems integrator to develop this create SAP transactions seamlessly people skilled in the SAP and core competency. Our Duet Enterprise by filling in a requisition form in Microsoft ecosystems. We were the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. Business Pack Factory in India will first Systems Integrator (SI) with step up this activity, creating a broadProven certified Duet Enterprise solutions, and the first SI to deploy these portfolio of business packs providingExperience solutions in a production capacity; both industry-specific and general solutions. we currently have the most certified engineers on Duet Enterprise of any SI. When Microsoft looked to go live We have already developed the The Capgemini following business packs, both of on Duet Enterprise within its own Advantage ecosystem, it called in Capgemini’s which use Duet Enterprise for Microsoft experts to help. SharePoint 2010 and SAP. Success Story Capgemini has been successful in Our Investment in Business making a wide range of organizations Packs more agile with ERP+, tailoring SAP-Microsoft interoperability to BUSINESS PACK #1: Hiring Manager their specific needs. Clients include Portal Prima Industrie, Enel Servizi, Lennox, This business pack provides a hiring manager with a consolidated viewFurther Suzhou Far Eastern, InBev, DSM Engineering Plastics, Green Cargo, of SAP business processes acrossInformation and Cofathec. multiple SAP systems. It is an easy- to-use solution that empowers
  • 7. HOMEYour GT Advanced Technologies We worked with Capgemini to leverage Streamlines PurchaseChallenges Order Approvals with Duet Duet Enterprise’s interoperability to allow our executive teams and mobile users the Enterprise ability to review and approve purchase GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) orders outside of the SAP environment is a global supplier of polysilicon and from their mobile devices while travelling. This greatly improved the production equipment and crystallineOur Response growth systems and materials for a process. variety of industries, including the Tom Doyle, VP of Information solar and LED markets. It needed Technology at GT Advanced to simplify a Purchase Order (PO) Technologies approval process where the stepsProven and tasks varied across the growingExperience organization. Because of the complexity of the screens, the approval of purchase orders became time-consuming and The Capgemini inefficient for Managers. Advantage Capgemini helped GTAT to tackle this challenge using ERP+ with Duet Success Story Enterprise. We created a portal, which makes it easy to create, view, and approve or reject POs after viewing them alongside contextual information. SAP transactions and data are presented via a familiarFurther Microsoft interface. Duet Enterprise provides the bridge between SAPInformation and Microsoft technologies, while SharePoint’s InfoPath provides the forms.
  • 8. HOMEYour Next Steps to Business Agility: Please visitChallenges Contact us to find out how Capgemini http://www.capgemini.com/services- ERP+ with Duet Enterprise can help you and-solutions/technology/microsoft/ improve your business by integrating solutions/erp-plus/ for more information. SAP line-of-business processes with the familiar Microsoft interface. Capgemini Key ContactsOur Response offers delivery flexibility that provides you with a cost-effective, seamless Capgemini service. Our renowned collaborative way Krystianne Avedian of working translates to any business Global Microsoft Alliance Enablement need. Manager Krystianne.avedian@capgemini.comProven Phone: +1 949 378 4949ExperienceFurther About CapgeminiInformation With 115,000 people in organization, Capgemini has developed its 40 countries, Capgemini is own way of working, the Collaborative one of the world’s foremost Business ExperienceTM, and draws on providers of consulting, technology and Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery model. outsourcing services. The Group reported 2010 global revenues of EUR 8.7 billion. Learn more about us at www.capgemini.com Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business and technology solutions that fit their needs and drive the results they want. A deeply multicultural Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini