Capgemini Super Techies Show Season 2: The Videocon d2h Challenge Presentation


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Capgemini Super Techies Show Season 2: The Videocon d2h Challenge Presentation

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Capgemini Super Techies Show Season 2: The Videocon d2h Challenge Presentation

  1. 1. The Videocon d2h Challenge Suggest a technology solution to improve the SLA for customer complaint resolution
  2. 2. The Facts • One of the largest Indian pay TV providers, providing direct broadcast satellite service to commercial and residential customers in India • They have a subscriber base of 9 million • Their Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is USD 4 • Their revenue last fiscal year was USD 225 million • Videocon d2h signals are now broadcasted from the SingTel ST2 satellite • d2h employs over 1000 employees and 5000 indirect employees • Their state-of-the-art uplink center is located at Greater Noida • D2h is rapidly digitizing the Indian pay TV market, bridging the existing quality gap between analogue cable and DTH
  3. 3. Background on Challenge – Current customer complaint resolution process • In the current process of complaint registration, the call center agent first walks the customer through the troubleshooting steps over the phone • With this process, up to 75% complaints are resolved over the phone • The other 25% complaints require a field visit for resolution • Once a field visit complaint is registered at the call center, a work order is generated on the basis of the pin codes mapped to the respective service centers • The Service Center Coordinator then talks to the Subscriber and reconfirms the appointment for the Engineer’s visit
  4. 4. Background on Challenge – Current customer complaint resolution process (Contd.) • The work order is assigned by the Service Coordinator to the Engineer assigned to the geographical area of the Subscriber’s residence • Engineers are equipped with mobile phones, which are mapped to the inhouse system • On assignment of each work order, an auto SMS is sent to the Engineer’s mobile with the Subscriber details • In addition to this, the Service Coordinator communicates the details of the newly assigned work order to the Engineer by phone • The Engineer then visits the Subscriber’s residence and resolves the complaint
  5. 5. The Problem • The current customer complaint resolution process used by Videocon d2h needs improvement on the levels of service delivery, especially for field visits to subscriber residences • Processes and controls need to be improved to more efficiently track the status and progress of the assigned work orders • d2h aims to better acquire and retain customers
  6. 6. The Challenge Statement Suggest an auto tracking and status update platform for d2h Engineers, which meets the following criteria:  Has the ability to provide visibility to the Call Center about the progress and status of the work order at each stage: Arrival at the Subscriber’s house, completion of pre-defined intermediate steps, completion and so on  Pre-alerts Engineers on assignments  Sends auto-alerts and escalations when an SLA is violated by the Engineer  Performs geo tagging of the Subscriber address and location of the Engineer  Has the ability to patch in the Engineer in case a Subscriber calls the Call Center and requests to talk to the Engineer
  7. 7. The Challenge Statement- A pictorial Customer Support representation
  8. 8. The Challenge Statement - Details • • • • Deviations from the ideal workflow result in subscriber dissatisfaction. The main situations that lead to customer dissatisfaction include the following: The Engineer does not visit the customer’s residence on time for the appointment due to a delay while catering to the previous subscriber or nonconformity to the assigned work order The Engineer leaves the job half-complete and does not update the Coordinator about the same The Call Center Agent does not have updates on the status of the work order, when the Subscriber calls the Call Center for enquiry The Engineers do not respond to the auto-SMS sent to them; so, they could miss out on the Subscriber details sent to them
  9. 9. Important Points to Remember • Considerable budget has been made available for developing the solution • Budget (ballpark) for developing the hardware: INR 1 million • Budget (ballpark) for developing the software: INR 2 million