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Capgemini CRM Modernization Services

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  • As reviewed earlier a tipping point has been reached where the status quo of an on premises Siebel system no longer counters the changing market landscape and technology disruption offered by the cloud. At the same time organizations can no longer afford not to have user friendly capabilities that encourage adoption and engagement of customer facing resources. IT is now chartered as a business stakeholder and incented to reduce costs and contribute to the top line of the company with revenue producing applications and tools. Infrastructure, upgrades and ongoing maintenance are much less the priority in favor of improved time to value of new apps, plug and play integration and out of the box configurability for mobile devices. This is why Salesforce has become the overwhelming choice as a customer centric application to improve business agility, increase sales productivity, lead generation and higher sales revenue.
  • Source: ConfirmIT 2013
    The market is ready for remaining Siebel clients to migrate to the cloud with Salesforce being their most frequent destination. This is estimated at a 1B euro market with over 500 enterprises still running Siebel. The size of deals is expected to be well in the millions of euros depending on the scope and client. An independent organization surveyed many Siebel users that made the migration and the results of clients making the switch to Salesforce has been very impressive throughout customer facing functions. As you can see not only are their vast improvements in many business metrics like customer satisfaction but also accompanied by significantly decreased costs to the organization.
  • Capgemini offers this proven methodology to migrate to Salesforce® from a hallmark of expertise of both Siebel and Salesforce applications from the experience of hundreds of implementations by 1000’s of practioners over several years. As a Siebel Gold Star and Salesforce Global Strategic Partner, Capgemini offers enterprises the low risk, and rapid time to value necessary to bring the reality of moving CRM the cloud. This structured approach is along the lines of first understanding the business requirements in a user centric fashion so that new processes are uncovered and aligned with the organization. These are also performed from an industry specific standpoint so best practices learned from the numerous sectors we served are leveraged in the process. In short the migration is more that just a lift and shift technical upgrade but also is the foundation for digitally transforming the organizations business to be more nimble and serve the needs of a remote workforce where mobile connectivity using Salesforce1 is a key attribute. The data migration tools like RapidMigrate are valuable in performing the meta data migration and enhanced by Capgemini’s tools and accelerators. Also, our depth of knowledge in both Siebel and Salesforce (numbering over 2000 experts) are crucial to an effective and on time, on budget migration. Finally, the solid technical and business foundation make for Capgemini collaborative business processes and change management agents to be used in their fullest. Impacting the culture of an organization is critical. These are key attributes that differentiate others whose primary focus is the technical migration at the lowest possible cost to the organization.

  • Rapid Migrate is Capgemini’s framework for enhancing and simplifying the migration from Siebel to Salesforce.
    RapidMigrate comprises a set of processes for analyzing the key Siebel elements and defining the strategy for migrating metadata and data from Siebel to Salesforce
    The RapidMigrate tool helps us automate the process of metadata and data migration
    Key points:
    Intuitive UI for quick mapping of Siebel to Salesforce metadata
    Reusable components – reducing time and effort
    Data quality - migrated data is of superior quality
    Ability to view error logs
    Ability to setup audit Log for entities being migrated
    Ability to validate the count of metadata being migrated
    Possible to connect RapidMigrate to Siebel for referencing metadata from XML
  • Capgemini CRM Modernization Services

    1. 1. October 4-7 – San Francisco, CA2016 Dreamforce Capgemini CRM Modernization Services – Accelerate CRM to the Cloud
    2. 2. Contents 2 Business Case Capgemini's Salesforce & Siebel Capabilities & Value Proposition Siebel to Salesforce Migration Approach Tools & Enablers Migration Considerations Conclusion – Why Capgemini Case Studies 1 3 5 7 6 4 2
    3. 3. CRM Industry Trends Think Business Transformation not a Technology Migration Functionality and Rich User Experience  Point & click functionality resulting in greater participation by the business in application administration  Easy to navigate UI resulting in ease of user adoption  Rich functionality and additional new features coming out with 3 releases per year. Cost Considerations  Subscription model resulting in low initial investment  No Infrastructure cost tied to the application  No upgrade cost for the application  Less ongoing maintenance cost due to ease of development and maintenance. Integration  Ease of integration with robust API capabilities  Availability of App Exchange applications resulting in faster overall development  Out of the box configurable applications available for mobile devices  No application downtime required for deployment. KEY REASONS FOR THE SHIFT
    4. 4. Ambition IT and Business Alignment CRM Modernization Migration Business Benefits Client experience after moving to Salesforce from Siebel 41%+ Sales Productivity 50%+ Marketing ROI 45%+ Customer Satisfaction 55%- Decrease in Support Costs 41%+ Faster Decision Making 52%+ Decrease in IT Costs Salesforce CRM – Ecosystem That Brings Clear Results. Its time to move from Legacy to Next Gen CRM on Cloud Source: Confirmit Inc., on 240+ customers randomly selected. Market 1 B Euros is as per Salesforce estimates
    5. 5. Contents 5 Business Case Capgemini's Salesforce & Siebel Capabilities & Value Proposition Siebel to Salesforce Migration Approach Tools & Enablers Migration Considerations Conclusion – Why Capgemini Case Studies 1 3 5 7 6 4 2
    6. 6. We are a “top tier” Global Strategic Partner with Salesforce and bring deep implementation expertise with the platform 6 Implementation Methodology Capgemini’s CapGEM methodology for Salesforce solutions help drive adoption via early business testing, and rapid, iterative rollouts Scope of Services Capgemini provides end-to-end solutions from strategy, design to solution development and implementation COEs Capgemini serves clients globally from our Centres of Excellence through our Rightshore® Model Rich Bouquet of Services SALESFORCE.COM CRM ADVISORY SALESFORCE.COM IMPLEMENTATION INTEGRATION & MIGRATION SERVICES FORCE.COM & VMFORCE APPLICATION FACTORY APPLICATION MANAGEMENT & MANAGED SERVICES Solution Validation Solution Development & Testing Solution Deployment Rapid Development SprintsRapid Solution Validation Rapid Solution Workshops Draft Process Flow Diagrams (Optional) OUTPUTINPUT Enhancement Opportunities Future State Processes Finalized Requirement Matrix OOTB Functionality Matrix Rapid Solution WorkshopsRapid Solution WorkshopsRapid Solution Workshops Future State Requirements Workshops UAT E2E ALL Pilot Early Business Testing Rapid Rollouts 1 2 Project Timeline Weeks 1 to n….. Iteration 1 Solution Definition, Design & Development Solution Testing User Experience Program Management SIT UAT Deployment Solution Architecture / Release Management Project Setup Discovery User Experience Testing Planning Go Live Warranty Planning Inputs to Design Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration … Iteration n Change Mgmt Organizational Change Management to Drive Adoption Iteration specific UAT Project Management – Scope / Progress / Risk / Issues / Knowledge Transfer 1000+ Salesforce practitioners world- wide, including: 900+ Certified Consultants across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Developer areas. Many practitioners are certified in more than 1 application. 300+ Business Analysts, Integration Developers, Testers, Data Specialists and Reporting Analysts 50+ OCM and Training Specialists 30+ Large Engagement Managers Approved Plans to add another 800+ practitioners in 2016 through recruitment and internal training/certification initiatives France India US  Associated with Salesforce since 2007  Global Strategic Partner status and privileges  Strong collaboration across Leadership, Sales, Project Delivery and Product Management  Launched 3 Fullforce Solutions around Retail, Insurance and Manufacturing/Automotive for CSX  Partner Award for Innovation in Financial Services – Dreamforce 2015  “Industry Innovation Award” for our Retail “Fullforce” Offering – May 2014  Partner Award for Innovation in Marketing – Dreamforce 2012
    7. 7.  Listed by Gartner as one of top global CRM Systems Integrators  Global Strategic Partner: Highest level available to consulting partners  Siebel ‘Gold Star’ Distinction for Customer Satisfaction for 14 consecutive quarters  Ability to take clients from Strategy to Transformation to Outsourcing  Worldwide CRM personnel is 8000+, Over 2000 completed CRM projects globally  1,200+ Siebel Practitioners across globe, 400+ Siebel Implementations with rich experience in large-scale implementations, off- shore delivery capabilities for Siebel, with 700+ resources in India  Global infrastructure supporting Distributed Delivery, Organized by geography, functional, and industry expertise  Multi-site implementation and roll-out framework with Siebel Solution Centers — at a global level and with Rightshore® models in place for all implementations (Siebel Factory)  Proprietary Siebel tools and engagement accelerators for all phases of the engagement lifecycle ensure quality deliverables as per Oracle best practices Capgemini’s Siebel Expertise 7 Combined expertise enables Capgemini to understand the Siebel data and business model, conduct the requisite process and data transformation, and migrate seamlessly to Salesforce
    8. 8. Contents 8 Business Case Capgemini's Salesforce & Siebel Capabilities & Value Proposition Siebel to Salesforce Migration Approach Tools & Enablers Migration Considerations Conclusion – Why Capgemini Case Studies 1 3 5 7 6 4 2
    9. 9. Proven Migration Approach for Speed to Market Capgemini’s Migration Approach Highlights  Structured approach to enable accelerated process, metadata & data migration from Siebel to  Leverages Capgemini’s expertise on Salesforce as well as Siebel solutions  Accelerated migration supported by Capgemini’s proprietary tools & enablers  Strengthened by the key partnership with RapidMigrate® is built on & Heroku platforms and helps in accelerating migration of Metadata & Data from Siebel to Salesforce. Analysis Capgemini would conduct an in -depth analysis of the Siebel System Modernize Support Modernization of existing processes Build & Migrate Jumpstart migration by leveraging accelerators such as RapidMigrate Change Management Validate & test the migration Governance & Management Insight
    10. 10.  Adopt rather than Adapt: Avoid a one-to-one migration that would recreate the Siebel complexity  Prefer existing integrated solutions to heavy custom development  Don’t implement “like for like” User Interface: Keep standard, even if you slightly adapt your processes  Build for the future: Don’t ignore new capabilities/enhancements  Involve End-Users early on and throughout the project  Run a Pilot (to identify challenges and ensure user adoption)  Manage data quality  Manage change for a successful user adoption  Establish a strong governance model during and after Go-Live Key Success Factors 12
    11. 11. Contents 13 Business Case Capgemini's Salesforce & Siebel Capabilities & Value Proposition Siebel to Salesforce Migration Approach Tools & Enablers Migration Considerations Conclusion – Why Capgemini Case Studies 1 3 5 7 6 4 2
    12. 12. Capgemini's Rapid Enablers dedicated to de-commissioning Siebel and migration to Salesforce 14 Training Sandbox Program Management Service Oriented Architecture Data Governance FrameworkSemantic Models Data Model Mapper tool Architecture Comparison Tools Architecture Functionality Matrix & Requirements Gathering Salesforce Accelerators that Speed Delivery, Lower Costs, and Reduce Risk
    13. 13. Contents 17 Business Case Capgemini's Salesforce & Siebel Capabilities & Value Proposition Siebel to Salesforce Migration Approach Tools & Enablers Migration Considerations Conclusion – Why Capgemini Case Studies 1 3 5 7 6 4 2
    14. 14.  Migration from Siebel to Salesforce can be conducted in phases or at one go, depending on the complexity of the Siebel data model.  Siebel functionalities not supported by Salesforce may require custom development on platform and/or process reengineering.  The data structure, access control mechanism, business model, as well as the user interface of Siebel is significantly different than Salesforce. A one-to-one mapping of all entities should not be expected.  Complexity of the data migration effort would depend on entity relationship and size of the data store. Moreover, effort for data extraction and transformation, as well as data cleansing and de-duplicating should be considered.  Non availability of vertical solutions in Salesforce causes the increase in complexity of specific modules.  The migration plan and design should consider the platform limitations (API and Governor limits) and if needed, work with Salesforce to find suitable solution.  The out of the box reporting module in Salesforce may not be sufficient to cater to complex reporting requirements. Key Considerations 18
    15. 15. Why Capgemini for CRM Modernization Services 20  Proven expertise in multiple industry sectors and experience of 2000+ Siebel and Salesforce certified resources globally  Proven methodology processes featuring RapidMigrate provides for quick mapping of Siebel to Salesforce metadata  Rapid Design & Visualization framework featuring User Centered Design methods and Visualforce for Change & Enhance Management  Utilization of Salesforce accelerators to speed delivery, lower costs and reduce risk of the migration  Additional focus on organizational change management that provides training based on role-specific performance needs  Market leader and a Cloud visionary to enterprises, enabling two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies with their Cloud services requirements.
    16. 16. One of the world's largest consulting, technology and outsourcing companies with 180,000 employees in over 40 countries. Global Consulting and Systems Integrator Siebel to Salesforce Migration 23 Client Overview  Greater sales insight and more accurate forecasting afforded by end-to-end view of lead to conversion lifecycle  Realized 50% savings in IT support resources  Rapid time to value without system downtown provided by swift migration and seamless transition  Integrated marketing campaign management provides effective lead nurturing, qualification and assignment  Improved adoption via significant increases in logins and user activity  Rapid adoption improved accuracy of contacts and account assignments  Well positioned for transformational phase activities that yield large deal collaboration, increase in qualified leads and improved client centricity. Benefits/Results  Replace existing 2000 user Siebel and Marketo systems for with Salesforce opportunity management and Pardot marketing automation systems  Implemented in two phases:1) Transitional to migrate all users safely with no automation downtime; 2) Transformational - users adopt new, standard business rules and governance  Data migration process using Talend ETL tools for identification of priority objects.  Utilized steering committee and change agents for to validate business rules and proposed governance  Implemented in phases by geography with complete rollover in 6 month timeframe Solution  System adoption and usage was low due to difficult user interface  Sales productivity and effectiveness had declined due to lack of automation adoption  Disparate, home grown systems were increasing and preventing company-wide insight  Recent acquisitions were using their own systems with different business rules and governance  Marketing campaigns and demand generation were executed with separate systems that limited sales and marketing alignment and integrated campaign management Issues
    17. 17. European Provider of Post-Trade Services Siebel to Salesforce Migration 24 A Belgium-based financial services company that specializes in the settlement of securities transactions, as well as the safekeeping and asset servicing of these securities was using Siebel v7.7 CRM tool and wanted to replace it with another CRM solution to follow up on client inquiries and issues detected by an internal reconciliation mechanism. Client Overview  Increment in Client satisfaction due to a better case management and faster turnaround  Reduced maintenance cost for further development and extension  Enhanced support agents productivity  Enhanced stability, availability and performance of the application  Incremental approach to addressing complexity, thus increasing speed to market.  Increased sales conversion rate using Case Management, Activity Management and Telephony Integration.  Enabled Service Oriented Architecture to encapsulate discrete functionalities and promote re-use of business functions and code Benefits/Results  Achieve business requirements with vanilla implementation of Salesforce, and to use out-of-the- box functionalities and configuration possibilities of Salesforce  Implement Salesforce service cloud CRM solution in Client  Create interfaces with Siebel/mainframes and other databases using MS SQL Server(T-SQL,SSIS) and Data Loader web services  Perform data archiving(Quarterly) and data replication(frequency 5 mins) by utilizing MS SQL Server(T-SQL,SSIS), Data Loader web services  Migrate all business activities and active cases from Siebel to Salesforce by using CLI for Apex Data Loader  Perform System validation/Integration validation Solution  Client preferred Salesforce to replace current Siebel tracking application because of Salesforce User- friendliness  User acceptance  Delegation of more administrative functions to a business competence centre  Offers higher potential for future developments and coverage of more businesses Issues
    18. 18. Global Pharmaceutical Company Siebel to Salesforce/Veeva Migration 25 The client is one of the world's twenty leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Germany, it operates globally with 145 affiliates and more than 42,000 employees. The business areas consist of human pharmaceuticals and animal health. The company's key areas of interest are: respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's disease, HIV, thromboembolic disease and cerebrovascular disease. Client Overview  Reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  Alleviate staffing pains caused by business fluctuations, through flexible staffing and pricing models  SLA’s manage to user satisfaction, response and resolution times  Applied Flexible demand model for supporting over 20000 tickets in a year  Continuous improvement, increased quality and business improvements  FMA (failure mode analysis)  Increased knowledge base  Support and monitoring automation  L2 Agents support Business, Sales and Data Steward user groups  Replaced the regional/local support model to an integrated Global support model Benefits/Results  Transitioned Veeva + ODS applications having 4000 users in 2 months and additionally on boarded 50+ countries in 12 months  Over 40 Support and Developer FTEs in Veeva, ODS and Informatica  Application management of Veeva (Ingenius) system for 17,000+ remote sales reps supporting:  Seamless integration between multiple local systems in BI with Veeva  Territory Management  Call Planning  Samples Management  Syndicated data extract process  Travel and Expense management  Disconnected Analytics for Pharma (OBIEE 10.1.3)  CLM Solution  Client used Siebel ePharma (versions 7.5x and 7.8x) as their CRM standard software for Marketing and Sales Prescription Medicine  For several reasons, client decided to invest in the implementation of a SaaS CRM solution (Veeva/Salesforce) referred to as the Next Generation CRM (NxGn CRM) global program.  Deliver a fixed-cost, SLA driven model while providing bandwidth for additional responsibilities and/or small enhancements over 40 countries.  L2/L3 Support for over 60+ countries with local follow- the-sun support  Support over 325 unique Interfaces managing 100+ applications worldwide Issues
    19. 19. Global Automotive Manufacturer Siebel to Salesforce Migration 26 Client is the UK arm of Top Global Automotive Manufacturer. This department is responsible for around 70% of client’s vehicle sales. Currently, client holds around 12% of the market share in the UK. Client’s headquarters are in Luton. Client Overview  Flexible licensing  No separate hosting costs  No investment in hardware required  Short lead time to deliver new system  Predictable ongoing costs for applications service, support and customizations Benefits/Results  Opted for Salesforce  Developed bespoke coding for Deal Approval  Developed bespoke coding for Offer Letter generation  Capgemini engaged by the client to deliver a full life cycle implementation of Sales Cloud application and ongoing support for defect resolution and enhancements Solution  The previous CRM system (Siebel 7.5.3) was coming to the end of its shelf life.  Required CRM functionality  Required deal approval workflow functionality  Required the ability to generate Offer Letters to formally offer deals to its clients  On-going business support required Issues
    20. 20. Leading Energy Supplier Siebel to Salesforce Migration 27 Client is the UK's leading installer of domestic gas central heating systems. The company provides home energy related services covering gas, electricity, water, and home security in England, Scotland, and Wales. It is a British-owned company. Client Overview  Capgemini successfully implemented the full call center solution using Salesforce Service Cloud module.  The “Start-Small, Grow-Big” approach significantly reduced the risk of investing large amounts of money up-front and provides tangible results early on in the project lifecycle.  The new solution provides client’s management with an end-to-end view of each customer throughout the sales and implementation lifecycle. In addition, there is a clearer view of each sales lead through its lifecycle and tighter controls to mitigate sales lead slippage. Benefits/Results  The Capgemini SaaS team deployed the customized Salesforce application to replace existing functional breath of legacy systems.  In addition development was deployed to connect the Salesforce system to a host of other systems in order to increase the customer experience.  The solution leverages leading processes such as call scripting, scheduling, postcode lookups and telephony solutions.  The evolutionary nature of development also supports parallel continuous process improvement with fluid development negating the need for a protracted design phase. Solution  The New Heating arm of client received an average of 500,000 sales leads per year (figures quoted for Q1 2008). This principally arose from marketing campaigns, referrals from engineers in the field and directly from domestic customers in their homes.  However, only 100,000-150,000 of these opportunities were realized and successfully converted into a sale through to installation. It was realized that a 1% increase in sales conversions rates would equate to £4.4m in new sales.  In order to achieve this target, management has identified the need to provide a new Salesforce based lead management system to replace the existing Siebel system. Issues
    21. 21. About Capgemini With more than 180,000 people in over 40 countries, Capgemini is one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. The Group reported 2015 global revenues of EUR 11.9 billion. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. A deeply multicultural organization, Capgemini has developed its own way of working, the Collaborative Business Experience™, and draws on Rightshore®, its worldwide delivery model. The information contained in this presentation is proprietary. © 2016 Capgemini. All rights reserved. Rightshore® is a trademark belonging to Capgemini.