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  • 1. WOLMER’S TRUST HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS END OF TERM EXAMINATION THIRD FORM SOCIAL STUDIES Duration: 2 hours December 2009 Instructions: 1.This paper consists of FOUR Sections. 2. Candidates must complete all questions in Section A, B and C. After which they choose two questions from section D. _______________________________________ Copyright ©2009 Social Studies Unit: Department of History; Wolmer’s Trust High School for Girls.
  • 2. SECTION A Instructions: Write T for true or F for false at the end of each sentence. 1. In an organizational chart for Wolmer’s Girls School, the principal is at the top. ______ 2. Rules are important in schools in that it gives the principal absolute power. _______ 3. The Governor General is the official head of state of Jamaica. _________ 4. Rules are necessary in homes because they promote respect among family members. __ 5. The government of Jamaica is a Republic. ____ 6. Cuba is a democratic state. _________ 7. Laws are important to any country in that it allows for good governance. _____ 8. The cabinet is apart of the judiciary arm of government ______ 9. The system of choosing a government – proportional representation is used in Jamaica. 10. Queen Elizabeth II is the official head of state of Haiti. 10 marks SECTION B Instructions: Use the clues given to complete the spelling of the word 1. The body of individuals with the power and authority to control the affairs of a country _O_E_N_E__ 2. The body that consists of the Prime Minister and his ministers of Government. _A__N__ 3. This body deals with conflicts as they arise J_D__I__ 4. An absence of law and order C _ _ OS 5. Gives legal advice _T _ O R _ _ Y
  • 3. 6. Model of governance used by many Caricom countries __S_MI__T__ 7. A system in which decisions are taken by all concerned _ E _ _ C _ _ T _ _ 8. The lowest on the chart of the school hierarchy _T__E_TS 9. The Head of State is usually a president __P__L__ 10. The upper house of parliament _E_A_E 10 marks SECTION C Instructions: Fill in the blank spaces with the best possible answers. 1. __________________ is the Governor General of Jamaica. 2. The current President of the Socialist Republic of Cuba is _________________. 3. Cuba is the only _____________ state in the Caribbean and western hemisphere. 4. The current Prime Minister of Jamaica is _________________. 5. The current Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago is __________________. 6. The current President of the United States of America is _______________. 7. The _______________ chairs the Cabinet. 8. ______________________ is the Political Ombudsman in Jamaica.
  • 4. 9. The ____________ is a complex organization of full time employees whose duty it is to serve the duly constituted and elected government of the day. 10. The Attorney General in Jamaica is _____________________. 10 marks Instructions: Complete all Multiple Choice Questions in this section Choose the correct answers for the following and shade in the appropriate box. 1. The head of state in a Democratic Republic is the a. Prime Minister b. Attorney General c. President d. President of the Senate 2. Identify the group which comprises only Republics a. Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana b. Jamaica, Haiti and Guyana c. Guyana, Belize and Dominica d. Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and Guyana 3. All of the following are functions of the Cabinet except a. Make laws b. Introduces policies c. Formulate national budget d. Select ambassadors 4. The legislative arm of government is referred to as
  • 5. a. Senate b. Cabinet c. Parliament d. Judiciary 5. The Westminster Model of Government has its roots in a. America b. Britain c. Spain d. France 6. The members of Parliament who are not in the ruling party form the a. Cabinet b. Senate c. Opposition d. Ministry 7. The Honourable Audley Shaw is the present a. Minister of Education b. Minister of Information c. Minister of National Security d. Minister of Finance and Planning 8. Before a bill becomes law it must have the assent of the ………………………. a. President of the Senate b. Prime Minister c. Governor General d. Speaker
  • 6. 9. All of the following are Heads of Government except……………………….. a. Governor General b. Leader of Opposition c. Monarchy d. President 10. Which of the following in NOT a Constitutional Monarchy? a. Trinidad and Tobago b. Grenada c. Jamaica d. Antigua 11. The person who oversees the sitting of Parliament is known as the….. a. Chairman b. Senator c. Speaker d. Prime Minister 12. Which of the following countries does not fall in the category of dictatorship? a. China b. Jamaica c. Cuba d. North Korea 13. Governments are responsible for all of the following except………
  • 7. a. Making Laws b. Maintaining relations with other countries c. Keeping law and order d. Raising funds for general elections 14. Which are the main reasons why societies have laws? i. To avoid chaos and confusion’ ii. To prevent crimes among delinquents iii. To develop proper behavior among citizens iv. To keep governments in power a. i,ii, and iii b. ii, iii and iv c. i,ii and iv d. i, iii and iv 15. The government of a country assists in providing the family with…. i. Formal education opportunities ii. Religious training iii. Housing accommodation iv. Preventive medical services a. i,ii and iii b. i,iii and iv c. i,ii and iv d. ii,iii and iv 16. Which of the following is not concerned with the protection of the community? a. The Police Constabulary Force
  • 8. b. The Jamaica Defence Force c. Nurses Association d. Hawkeye Security 17. All the following are symbols of nationhood except a. The National Flag b. The National Pledge c. The National Anthem d. Bob Marley’s song ‘One Love’ 18. The body of laws governing a country is referred to as the a. Parliament b. Legislature c. Constitution d. Bicameral 19. Who is the Leader of the Opposition in Jamaica? a. Most Hon Percival James Patterson b. Most Hon Orette Bruce Golding c. Most Hon Portia Simpson Miller d. Most Hon Edward Seaga 20. The current Minister of Agriculture in Jamaica is ……………. a. Hon. Dr. St. Aubyn Bartlett b. Hon. Dr. Kenneth Baugh c. Hon. Dr. Christopher Tufton d. Hon. Dr. Horace Chang. SECTION D
  • 9. Instructions: Students MUST choose any three of the following questions. 1. Describe, with the aid of a diagram, the procedure involved in a bill becoming a law . 2. a. Draw a diagram to show the structure of government in Jamaica b. Define the following concepts: Government Cabinet Parliament 3. Describe the role and the responsibilities of the Civil Service. 4. State the functions of the Political Ombudsman 5. Compare the system of government between Jamaica and Cuba under the following heading. (i) Head of state (ii) Head of government (iii) Type of model (iv) System used to elect officials 6. A) What is a constitution? 3 Marks B) When was it developed and why? 4 Marks
  • 10. C) Identify three items identified in the constitution of Jamaica 3 Marks 10 marks each in this section.