Telling Great Stories & Learning to Listen
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Telling Great Stories & Learning to Listen



Narrative & Data IDC 261011

Narrative & Data IDC 261011



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  • Trout
  • Chip Wilson in 1998 Vancouver
  • David Eiswert. lead portfolio manager of T.Rowe Price’s Global Technology Strategy
  • David Eiswert. lead portfolio manager of T.Rowe Price’s Global Technology Strategy

Telling Great Stories & Learning to Listen Telling Great Stories & Learning to Listen Presentation Transcript

  • Telling Great Stories & Learning to Listen Some Thoughts on Narrative & Data, IDC Oct 2011
  • People love stories
  • They love all kinds of stories simply toldThey can take 90 minutes to play
  • Years to write & months to read
  • Minutes to sing
  • They can seem simple, but still be complex
  • We’re just suckers for good narratives with great returns
  • Great storytellers need to be great listeners
  • They know their audience cold
  • They have walked in their shoes
  • Lived in their homes
  • Slept in their beds
  • In fact, sometimes,they know their audiencebetter than the audienceknow themselves
  • Making them capable of magic
  • You should be able to tell your story to a class of 7 year olds
  • Pick a field big enough for a never ending story
  • But remember, stories are not just about communications
  • Stories live in your product They live in how you runand analyze your business
  • Good communications just make sure that things look good and sound their best
  • So make your products simple to use
  • Shoot for no cognitive barriers
  • Make the value crystal clear
  • Sell benefits and a big big vision
  • Something you can grow into with age
  • Oh, one more thing…. make it look sexy
  • These days the benchmark is real-time
  • So your product should respond instantly
  • Speed and reliability are at a premium
  • Table stakes are easy, quick and free
  • You should use data to be relevant
  • To be personal
  • To be social
  • To tell stories beautifully
  • And in tune with the medium
  • Be simple Be quickBe relevant
  • You need to win a place in the box inside people’s head
  • Then let them share your stories
  • Short morality tale about insight
  • 407,326 113,032Over 100 stores
  • Short morality tale about data
  • Who areyou telling the story to?
  • Investorswho write $200m cheques
  • 2% of TVhouseholds by region
  • 18% in Bay Area
  • 15 mins ofstreamingper month
  • 61% ofsubscribers
  • Customers who write$8 cheques
  • Talk less
  • Listen more
  • So how do you find a signal in the noise?
  • “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”
  • Where do you tell the story? Media Customers Team Investors Home School Event
  • What do you measure? Sales Marketing Support Operations Finance
  • What drives actions? NPS Funnels Unit Economics Cohorts Singletics
  • When do you measure? Real-Time Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Annually
  • What tools & tech? Hadoop BI Analytics Multivariant Personalization