Private Equity & Venture Capital Raising


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We are providing online Investment Analytics services to all companies seeking fund raising from Investment Funds, Venture Funds and through Initial Public offerings (IPO) in India

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Private Equity & Venture Capital Raising

  1. 1. Investment Risk Assessment & Advisory Assessing, Mitigating & Monitoring Risk in Investment Proposal Private Equity Investment Venture Capital Investment Angel Investment
  2. 2. Online Risk Assessment Platform (ORAP) Secured platform for all your in-house risk assessment for Credit & Investment
  3. 3. DO IT In-house on ORAP
  4. 4. Investment Risk Grading Assessment & Advisory Report (IRGAR) Speed Grading
  5. 5. Scenario Over 90% of investment proposal do no see the light of the day due to poor risk mitigation Cut DOWN Investment Risk Proactively IRGAR provides an Investment strength of your investment proposal, by experienced investment analyst @ affordable price
  6. 6. 6 IRGAR Highlights 1.Investment Risk Grading 2.Financial Performance Score 3.NPV, IRR Analysis 4.DCF Valuation 5.Pre & Post Money Valuation 6.Credit Risk Grading Score 7.Credit eligibility -CMA 8.Detailed 5 year Cash flow 9.Detailed 5 year BS & P&L 10.Detailed Business Invest. plan Modeling 11.Investment Argument * Subject to Certain Conditions
  7. 7. Advantages - Get an independent unbiased view - Being done by experienced analyst - Faster decision making - End to End Advisory - NO commission or brokerages
  8. 8.  Investment Risk Score , IRR, NPV, DCF valuation, Pre-money valuation of the Company derived from CapAnalec proprietary model validated on more than 100 startups by an experienced risk analyst Detailed 10-15 pages report analysis
  9. 9. Validated & Assessed by an experienced risk analyst Primary data point research from ROC filings & Banks feedback, supported with secondary research from various data packages on company & Industry information Investment Argument for VC Fund
  10. 10. Investment Argument in compliant with investment norms & supported risk mitigation by an experienced analyst based on the business financial plan for next 5 years model
  11. 11. Cloud based secured login with easy access, view, edit and print the dynamic changes to risk assessment on real time basis Work on cloud excel model : online dynamic assessment
  12. 12. Enabling you to assess, review, monitor & manage capital risk in-house @ click of mouse, before it is too late !!