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Website Building Workshop
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Website Building Workshop


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An overview what is an CMS, how to choose one, how they help you with your website, and 9 points why they matter

An overview what is an CMS, how to choose one, how they help you with your website, and 9 points why they matter

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Web Building Workshop (secrets and solutions) November 15th, 2012 Canvas Dreams, LLC
  • 2. OverviewHow a CMS can help you?Which CMS is right for me?CMS = a clear, usable website
  • 3. What is a CMS?A content management system (CMS) is a computerprogram that allows publishing, editing and modifyingcontent as well as maintenance from a central interface.Such systems of content management provide proceduresto manage workflow in a collaborative environment. -Wikipedia
  • 4. How is using Social Media like aCMS? In Twitter, you write something...
  • 5. How is using Social Media like aCMS?and in seconds, its published!
  • 6. Why a CMS makes life easier1. Easy to edit content 5. Version management2. Preview before making it 6. User levelslive 7. Auto system updates3. Extended functionality 8. Searching4. Templates
  • 7. Common Open Source CMSes
  • 8. WordpressPros● Lots of great templates● Great for blogging● Easy to set upCons● Gets hacked into frequently● Doesnt scale well over time● E-commerce plugins dont scale well
  • 9. Concrete5Pros● Easy to use● Great for a medium size e- commerce site (up to 2 products)● Very secureCons● Not as many templates to choose from
  • 10. How to choose a CMS for you● Make sure you feel comfortable ● Research, look at examples, updating/maintaining the know the functionality you can software, if not, hire someone use who can ● Quick and easy installation● Popular is not better, do not use it just because everyone else ● Simple administration interface does ● Quick and easy extension of● Read the fine print, know what CMS for extra functionality you are signing up with● Simple template manipulation● Helpful user community
  • 11. CMS = a clean, usable site9 steps to a better, shinier site...
  • 12. consistency● logo always links to home, top left● navigation - horizontal (sub-nav, left side)● breadcrumb under the navigation● search box (always top right)
  • 13. typography● people are writing more to each other than using the phone● don’t use long lines, max character lengths of 55● scalable fonts
  • 14. speedNeeds to load FAST
  • 15. contentPublish on a regular basis
  • 16. accessibilityUsable across all browsers/devices, google-friendly
  • 17. technologyDon’t have it be THE reason for the website
  • 18. interactionHave customers use forms, surveys, comments, forums, tests, ratings,CONTRIBUTE!
  • 19. web 2.0Conversation!
  • 20. Final ThoughtsCMS enables you to have a website you can updateNot all CMS platforms are the sameA CMS = a clean, usable site
  • 21. Questions?Nedra