Canvas8 present Changing retail expectations


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Last week I presented at the Russian Retail Food Summit in Moscow. It was a great experience.

This presentation analyses the enduring changes in people's behaviour post recession and looks to understand their retail expectations.
February 2010

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Canvas8 present Changing retail expectations

  1. 1. Changing trends in consumption Russian Retail Food Summit Moscow, February 2010
  2. 2. A quick introduction We help our users understand both what people are doing and why they are doing it Canvas8 is global trends service, based in London, that draws on the knowledge of industry thought leaders to offer expert insight into consumer attitudes and behaviour. We encourage a deeper understanding of consumers so brands can more effectively engage their audience.
  3. 3. Post-recession - If recession was the catalyst for changing people’s priorities, tech was the enabler - Has led to an increase in human awareness
  4. 4. The end of consumerism? No but enduring change... People are increasingly judicious Not just about VALUE We EXPECT MORE from brands Expect: - Personality - Integrity and responsibility - Great experience
  5. 5. 1. Personality Looking for brands with real identities: - Homegrown and natural - Curated retail - Unprescribed - Genuine
  6. 6. Starbucks - debranded Brand icon of the 90‘s forced to rethink its positioning Backlash against identikit Launched 15th Avenue - Local artwork - Community notice boards - Second-hand furniture
  7. 7. Pass the baton Tokyo based second hand retailer Sits alongside high end stores Sells goods through stories “A personal culture marketplace”
  8. 8. Monki Swedish based retailer Dreamlike interior Captures imagination Low-price retailer No ads or signage Encourages the ‘naturally curious’
  9. 9. 2. Integrity and responsibility Share consumers’ values - Not just profit but also people and planet - Creation of trust
  10. 10. Tesco - buy one get one free later "As one small, new step we will adapt our 'buy one get one free' offers in perishable foods to give our customers a new opportunity – 'buy one get one free – later', so customers will be able to get that other salad or vegetable or yogurt when they want it and when it will be used, not all together when it may – in the end – go to waste."
  11. 11. Marks and Spencer egg tracker Online tracker of where the eggs are grown - Where they’re sourced - Their in-company practices - Responsibility for both its own practices and its suppliers
  12. 12. Decathlon’s Trocathlon Bi-annual bazaar where people can buy and sell sports gear - Understands customers’ needs - Builds trust
  13. 13. Starbucks October 2009 green credentials questioned - Investigation by The Sun - Non-stop running water policy - 23.4m litres of water a day - 10,000 outlets worldwide
  14. 14. 3. Great experiences Creating a value add environment embracing: - Aesthetics - Expertise - Utility
  15. 15. Experience: Embrace the aesthetic Aesthetic presentation enhances the experience of food as blue Tiffany box does a ring - Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi - jewellery box dessert selection - Consumers treating themselves to small, affordable luxuries especially accessible with food - cupcakes at Miette
  16. 16. Primark Bremen Aesthetics not just at the top of the market: - Bremen, 60,000sq. ft. store opened in May 2009 - Similarly Avanti and New Yorker - Genuine change in discount retailing - Value merchandise in a distinctly non-value environment
  17. 17. Victor Churchill Butchers in Woollahra, Sydney Described as Louis Vuitton meets butchery Sleek design, high quality meat and knowledgeable staff
  18. 18. Present - Curated retail - World champion barista - Complementary environment “When people are milling around having a cup of coffee the atmosphere feels more informal”
  19. 19. ING Direct cafes Based in NYC, LA, Philadelphia and Wilmington - Cafe shop / wireless - Reasonably priced coffee - Marketing that pays its own way - Infinite ROI - Utilise the space for free seminars
  20. 20. Chronodrive Streamlines shopping times - Subsidiary of Auchan Group - Combines online shopping and drive-in collection - Bypasses trust issues and delivery logistics
  21. 21. Recap People are increasingly judicious but they are still spending Expectations have changed Looking for: - Personality - Integrity - Great experience
  22. 22. For more information: Email: