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Cansu ruban salesforce.com


This presentation is about solving problem of information system in the biggest firm which called salesforce.com.

This presentation is about solving problem of information system in the biggest firm which called salesforce.com.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1.  What is Salesforce.com? How the biggest of Salesforce.com‘s problems showed up? Timing of problems Questioning Customer Reaction Phases Of Solution Recovering
  • 2. Salesforce.com is the worldwide leader in on- demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. SUPPORT TRAINING CONSULTING-Customer Support -Training Option -Expert Consultance-Partner Support -Online Training -Find a Partner -Certification -Find a Class
  • 3. Salesforce.com had about 29.800 customer and 646.000 paying subscriptions worldwide in January 31,2007 BUT ;There was a big problem during a six week period in late 2005 and early 2006..
  • 4.  In December 20,2005; The problem was related with database software bug. Customers could not access the company’s servers Some businesses came to a standstill for the duration of outage.
  • 5.  In January and February, Salesforce.com experienced problems about ‘system performance issues’ On February 9,a primary hardware server failed.
  • 6.  These service outages have accured at a bad timeBecause; Salesforce.com was growing rapidly It was adding services to CRM It launched AppExchange Its services were 100-percent reliable
  • 7. The clients started to ask questions about: Raising outages Lack of communication with customer about outages Doubt about the service’s infrastructure The outages coincied with fiscal year Tepid response from management Poor customer services
  • 8. The reaction of client: Complaints grew louder Outraged clients created a blog Dropped Salesforce.com Criticized CEO of Salesforce.com ‘Having the company’s CEO minimize an outage that brings customer businesses to a halt as a ‘minor issue’ is not acceptable’
  • 9. Salesforce.com started to solve problems in these ways; Improve its clients communication Direct communication and customer support outlet Launched Trust.Salesforce.com Invested $50 millions in Mirrorforce technology
  • 10.  By March 2006,Salesforce.com had strengthened Information Technology infrastructure Salesforce.com was striving to achieve 99.999-percent availability
  • 11. ‘There is no such thing as a minor outagebecause we know that even one moment ofdegraded availability is a moment ourcustomers cannot do what they need to do’
  • 12. cansuruban@gmail.com