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Digital story

  1. 1. Maviş was playinghide-and-seek withhis three friends.There are red lineson the wings of abutterfly.Her name was ÇizgiliKız. Anotherbutterfly’s wingswere black spots.Shewas called Benekli.Last butterfly’swings weresnowwhite.Her name was Beyaz 1Kız.
  2. 2. Benekli was catcher.She closed her eyes.Other butterflies hid.Maviş landed on aflower.Benekli opened hereyes.Then she started tofind them.She found Çizgili Kızand Beyaz Kız.But she could not findMaviş. 2
  3. 3. Also Maviş was on theblue flower.He was watching them bysmiling. Benekli understood thatshe would not find Maviş.She forgave him. Mavişcame near them. Mavişwas not catcher duringthe play.In the end, they werebored of playing hide-and-seek. 3
  4. 4. Benekli: « Let’s do different thing,» said. They started to think what they could do. Beyaz Kız: « I know a very nice flower field. Let’s go there.» said.4
  5. 5. Maviş also wondered thefield.Maviş asked « Is it farfrom here?»Beyaz Kız:« A little, but we can flyslowly,»said.Maviş:«Let’s go then,» said.Four friends started to 5fly to go to the flower
  6. 6. They frequently rested along the road. They were flying for a while , then they were resting. The butterflies came near flower filed in the end.6
  7. 7. The scent of the flowerssmelled. Maviş dizziedbecause of the scent ofthe flowers. Thebutterflies started to flyfast. They wanted toarrive the flower field.They arrived the flowerfield in the end. Mavişwas amazed. He wasflying happily. The fieldwas full of aromaticflowers.Maviş landed on allflowers, he talked to 7them. He became friend
  8. 8. Four friends enjoyedtogether. They played withflowers.But the evening was aboutto come.The butterflies wanted tostay a little in the filed.But the weather started tooverclouded.The butterflies were notaware of that. Becausethey daydreamed toenjoying.The weather was gettingovercloud. The sunlight was 8diminishing. The sky was
  9. 9. Maviş:«Friends! It is raining».The other butterflies wasafraid of hearing the«rain».They wanted to go totheir homes immediately.Four butterflies left fromthe flower field in ahurry. 9
  10. 10. The butterflies did not want to soaked. A soaked butterfly can not survive. Four friends started to fly in a state of fear.10
  11. 11. The rain will begin soon.They had to find a placeto shelter. They heard asound calling them duringthat time:« Hey you! Flyingbutterflies, i am callingyou.»Maviş raised his head andlooked. A very small birdwas calling them.Bird:« Come here,» said. «Itis about to rain. Come andshelter in my nest. You 11will not soak here.»
  12. 12. The butterflies flew the The butterflies settled thenest of the bird. The nest nest. After little later, itfo the bird was among the started to rain. They camebranches of the tree. The on time. It rained for a longthick leaves were time. The butterflies didprotecting the nest. The not go out. They waited forrain could not reach here. stopping the rain. 12
  13. 13. When the rainstopped, they leftthere.While they wereleaving, they thankedto the bird.The bird saved theirlives. 13
  14. 14. Maviş and his friendshad a lot of fun thatday. But the rain made thembe afraid.No longer they will notgo far from their homes.This was a good lessonfor them. From now on,they will play in theirhomes.But still they enjoyed somuch. While they weregoing back, all of themwere very happy. 14
  15. 15. 1. What are the names ANSWERS of Maviş’s play 1- Maviş’s play mates are mates? Çizgili Kız, Benekli and Beyaz2. What were they Kız. playing in the forest? 2- They were playing hide-3. Where they flew and-seek in the forest. after playing hide- 3- They flew to flower filed. 4- They were afraid of rain. and-seek? 5- Bird saved them from rain.4. Why did they fear in the flower field?5. Who saved them from rain?
  16. 16. a) animals limb used for1) Hide-and-seek flying2) Wing b) have fun3) Friend c) game where one person hides and the other tries4) Enjoy to find him5) Nest d) one who is affectionately attached to another; pal, buddy e) structure in which a bird lays eggs and cares for its young