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Then vs Now

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This is a set of slides used as part of the keynote address for the Summer Institute for Online Teaching that was presented in May, 2006. A group of 25 faculty from the University of Nebraska met......

This is a set of slides used as part of the keynote address for the Summer Institute for Online Teaching that was presented in May, 2006. A group of 25 faculty from the University of Nebraska met on the first day of what would be a six-week course on learning to teach students at a distance.

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  • 1. Then vs Now Charles J. Ansorge Department of Educational Psychology May 10, 2006
  • 2. Background
    • Professor, Educational Psychology
    • Program Director
      • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods
    • Teach beginning level and advanced level statistics (distance and face-to-face)
  • 3. Why Distance Education?
    • Encouragement to offer statistics course to graduate students enrolled in distance program
      • Educational Administration
      • Nursing
      • Instructional Technology
    • Long-time interest in technology
    • Encouragement from President Dennis Smith
  • 4. Rough Start
    • My distance teaching adventure almost over before it began
    • First experience with synchronous teaching with satellite
    • Download links to Grand Island, Kearney, and Norfolk plus Lincoln
  • 5. Rough Start (cont’d)
    • Found it exceedingly difficult to manage students at all of the sites.
    • The class was a nightmare--worst teaching experience on my career
    • Never again
    • Not cut out to be a distance educator
  • 6. Rough Start (cont’d)
    • After course completed met with two individuals who offered encouraging words--Nancy Aden-Fox and Bea Gatliff
    • Their advice was to be patient and consider alternative ways to deliver courses
    • Sought & found grant to pursue ideas
  • 7. New Teaching Paradigm
    • Shift from synchronous teaching to asynchronous
    • Removed the “live” management issues that frustrated early efforts
    • Fall of 1999 taught statistics in distance classroom on campus
    • Each class videotaped, digitized, and streamed to distance students
  • 8. Streamed Video
    • The class content from the face-to-face class was compressed to a size that would permit view- ing.
    • Sound quality ok. Not video
  • 9. Class Videos
    • Objective was to provide materials for the online course similar to face-to-face
    • Believed the class videos were of crucial importance
    • Wanted a way to retain this component of the class
    • Initial effort to share videos not satisfactory
  • 10. Creation of CDs
    • Bandwidth issues made me consider an alternative way to share approximately 28 hours of content
    • Logical to consider CDs as a media to share since most computers included a CD player back in 2000
    • Worked with NMC to compress so content available on four CDs for class
  • 11. CDs (cont’d)
    • Availability of videos on the CDs huge addition for the online class
    • Quality satisfactory, but it could be better.
    • Example illustrates what students are able to view
    • QuickTime format permits easy review
  • 12. What Next?
    • CDs were very useful during the past few years
    • Some content was too fuzzy, however
    • New version of textbook introduced
    • New topics that needed to be added
    • Class no longer using cutting-edge technology
  • 13. What Next (cont’d)
    • Polled students in spring from class to find out about access to DVD players on computer
    • All had access to DVD drive
    • Sought and received a grant to refurbish the two statistics classes during the upcoming year
    • Video will be improved (See example)
  • 14. What Next (cont’d)
    • Plan to incorporate podcasts into classes
    • Have made weekly updates available for both classes since 2000.
    • These were narrated PowerPoint presentations usually 12-15 minutes
    • Thinking about converting to podcasts
  • 15. What Next (cont’d)
    • Have been using EDU as the assessment engine for exams
    • Had been standalone on a separate server
    • Currently integrated with Bb
    • Plan to develop new question formats including inline and algorithm forms
  • 16. Summary
    • Technology has changed significantly in the past seven years.
    • Much improved tools available to assist me in teaching students
    • Have enjoyed the journey
    • Looking forward to the work ahead to refurbish my courses