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  • 2. INTRO
    • Ethics is a major factor in our company’s success without business ethics or standards it will cost us a vast amount of money.
    • Living in a world of the global market.
    • Effective leaders demonstrating good ethics shapes and influences.
  • 4. Mission
    • Protecting the petroleum resources, exploiting and developing, it in accordance with the best method and in a way that secures the growth of the country resources, increasing its national income and securing the safety of workers, environment and structures in accordance with the provisions of the Kava Petroleum.
    • Starting from this point, Ministry of Oil adopted main objectives in order to be able to realize its mission without prejudice to any of the rules or laws organizing the drilling and exploring process simultaneously with production and export operations and to protect such wealth for the next generations.
  • 5. Chain of Command
  • 6. Oil Objectives
    • Proposing the general policy of oil and gas sector
    • Maintaining the level of Kava oil prices
    • Producing the international position occupied by the State of Kava
    • Securing the needs of local markets for petroleum and gas derivatives and proposing its pricing policies.
    • Assisting Supreme Petroleum Council
    • Activating the control over the oil sector plans, programs and activities represented by Kava Petroleum Corporation
    • Work on applying the environmental laws and statutes
    • Strengthening the cooperation and coordination with Government
    • Work on increasing the contribution of oil sector in supporting the national economy
    • Participating in setting up seminars and conferences specialized in oil and energy
  • 7. Petroleum Documents and Information Department
    • Preparing the working plans and programs
    • Saving and retrieving petroleum documents and information according to the latest methods.
    • Constant update of information .
    • Using efficient systems in the method of dealing with the different sources and pools of information.
    • Offering scientific advice and research services to the petroleum sector in the information field.
    • Developing the relations and cooperation with the advanced information center and relevant authorities locally and abroad
    • Identifying the degree of significance of documents and information polls and excluding those deemed undesired in coordination with the concerned authorities in the Ministry
    • Preparing periodical reports on the Department's activities and achievements.
  • 8. Documents Control
    • Planning and following up the organization processes of documents.
    • Organizing and classifying the documents and information pools in information banks and observatories which allow their retrieval rapidly and accurately.
    • Using modern technological techniques for saving and retrieving documents and data bases.
    • Offering objective research services using modern technologies.
  • 9. Kava Petroleum Product Solutions
    • Nic and management staff faced multiple problems after petroleum production started
    • Cultural differences
    • Labor Force response to corporate training
    • 4 hour naps were the culture and company policy conflicts
    • Compromise was the staggered shifts to accommodate cultural
    Cultural issues
  • 10. Kava Petroleum Product Solutions Weather
    • Rainy season prevented product shipment
    • Short term solution – transporting in smaller transportation vessels
    • Long term solution – Building a pipeline to transport product
  • 11. Kava Petroleum Product Solutions
    • Civil engineer shortage on the island
    • Recruited engineers from universities in the United States
    • 4-year cotracts using the company and the island atmosphere as a recruiting tool
    • Successfully recruited and now has a waiting list for civil engineers for years to come
    Infrastructure setbacks
  • 12.
    • Conclusion
    The bottom line about this company is they are here to use their skills to bring a much needed product to market. There will be a push to use their talents to reduce the over all negative impact they will have on the island and its population. This will include the use of modern technology that is more environmentally friendly. The ethics this team has will make this a very productive business with a strong sense of community they are now a part of.
  • 13.  
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