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  • Barber shop boys followed by introduction/welcome by PHW
  • NAA Introduce key staff and locations (GBN and BAE in junior dining room)
    Roll over – each Head of Year will accompany the student through their two years of A level study – your HOY will be Miss Gorrill
    Pastoral Assistant and sixth form administrator look after day-to-day issues and are often your first point of contact by phone.
    The school chaplain Rev Wallington provides spiritual and emotional support for sixth formers regardless of faith.
  • KAG
    We provide unbeatable pastoral care – a year contains approximately 170 students – large enough to have an atmosphere but small enough so that we get to know our students well
    Our students gain excellent exam results – Mrs Aldred has more to say about that later
    We take pride in providing outstanding information, advice and guidance for university and careers applications – especially important in the current economic climate.
    Our sixth formers are looked after by a specialist team of specifically trained sixth form tutors
    Our excellent exam results are a result of high quality teaching and learning
    Even after our students have left we continue to look after them. Many students return for advice and references several years after they have left and stay in touch in the long term to let us know how their lives are progressing. Once a Sladian; always a Sladian. In fact we have with us Justine Horrocks, an Old Sladian herself, who is our Connexions advisor and is available to answer questions this evening.
  • NAA Well they say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating – so here are the results!
    Our examination results as you can see were absolutely superb this year and are consistently good year-on-year – our expectations of our students never wanes.
    60% of all A level courses were passed with an A or B grade.
    As you can see this is an impressive set of results and a testament to the hard work of staff and students alike.
  • NAA – In a year where examination results and university places have received very negative and pessimistic media coverage – we can put your minds at rest concerning university applications.
    On results day we were congratulated by university admissions tutors on the quality of our students’ UCAS applications. All our references are written by experienced academic staff who know their students.
    All the way through the Higher Education process your son or daughter will be guided by a team of specialist tutors and the Directorate.
    The statistics are a tribute to the work of our experienced team. Successful university applications were far above the national average!
    Even after our students leave, especially if they have a gap year, they will still be provided with all the guidance they need to complete their UCAS application.
  • KAG
    Students applying for Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry require specialist preparation and support. We have a dedicated member of staff who provides that support from the beginning of Year 12. Support includes training in UKCAT and BMAT tests required by many universities. We have very strong links with Oxford and Cambridge universities and have our own specialist advisors who support our students; giving advice, going through personal statements and providing interview practice. We also provide our own interview practice with subject specialists and have visiting speakers- students, graduates and admissions tutors. Year 13 students who have been through the process also lead a support group for year 12s to pass on the benefit of their experiences.
  • KAG
    Exams are very important indeed but we also pride ourselves on turning out well-rounded and happy human beings:
    Make a positive contribution to society.
    Are independent, lifelong learners
    Take part in extra- and super-curricular opportunities
    Participate in an ethos of respect and caring
    Are self-motivated and hard-working
    Aspire to succeed
  • KAG
    University admissions tutors and employers are very keen on super-curricular activities. These are simply activities that provide students with an opportunity to extend their learning beyond their A level courses. So, for example, we ran a morning of undergraduate level masterclasses on Philisophy, Astrophysics and Mathematics which was attended by more that 60 students. Our AQA courses in Community Service and Primary School teaching allow our students to develop vital work experience and qualifications needed for Social Work and Teaching degrees. The clubs, societies and committees you see on the screen are almost entirely founded and run by students themselves. There are now so many that we have to have a student to act as a central coordinator!
  • NAA – In the summer term of year 12 we hold two fabulous induction activities.
    |In the first week we have a team-building day where students are faced with a variety of problem-solving and initiative-based challenges. This enables all students to mix and work together and ultimately to feel like part of the family.
    Later in September we have our Challenge of Management conference where team-building continues and students gain a valuable insight into the world of industry and have the chance to develop their leadership, problem-solving skills and language skills – a very valuable experience to be able to include in a university application.
  • NAA – IN the prospectus there are two vital pieces of information relating to entry criteria.
    On a green sheet of paper you will find the General ‘Admission to the Sixth Form’ criteria – that is to be used together with the individual subject requirements.
    It is then that you should be referring to the option grid also on green to check whether your four choices will fit!
    Once you have made your choices – please keep the grid as a reminder for yourself of the subjects chosen.
  • KAG
    You may hear many interesting stories about our sixth form as you attend other open evenings! Just to dispel the myths……
    You don’t have to be a Christian
    You don’t have to have all A*s at GCSE
    We give places based on academic ability only
    We do not have a uniform!
  • NAA – So – how do you apply!!
    If your current institution has provided you with access to the Futures4Me website or you have been provided with an individual login for Futures4Me then YOU MUST APPLY ELECTRONICALLY.
    However, if you are outside the catchment area you need to collect a paper version of the same form - these are available from the junior dining room by the prospectuses.
    You will apply for 4 A level subjects – please check that these fit comfortably into the option grid
    The website is very user friendly
    The blue sheet in the prospectus is simply for your own records – please do not send to us
  • Miss Gorrill and I will be available to answer questions following the talk, Rachel will also be staying and is more than willing to share her experiences of Sixth Form Life
    Or/ please follow the directions provided by Mr Pollard ( Deputy Head) for the start of your guided tour – you will be selecting a guided tour which totally focuses on your course choices
    In the Junior Dining Room you will also have the opportunity to meet Dr Eves, who is Head of the current year 12 and Mr Nuttall who heads up all Sixth Form Enrichment.
    Thank you so much for listening – we hope that you really enjoy your evening!!!
  • Canon Slade Sixth Form presentation

    2. 2. SIXTH FORM STAFF Director of Sixth Form: Mrs Nicola Aldred Deputy Directors and Year Managers Year 12: Dr Ben Eves Year 13: Miss Kerry Gorrill Head of Enrichment: Mr Geoff Nuttall
    3. 3. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?  Unbeatable pastoral care – we know our students  Excellent exam results  Outstanding information, advice and guidance for university and careers applications  Specialist sixth form pastoral team  High quality teaching  Post –results service - the Canon Slade warranty!
    4. 4. A Level Results 2010  8th nationally compared to other state school sixth forms according to The Guardian Subject Passes (A* - E) = 99% High Grades (A* - A) = 34% (A*-C) = 84% Going on to Higher Education =95%
    5. 5. University  95% of those who applied went to university  80% got their first choice place WHY?  We know our students well and write detailed, personally-crafted UCAS references. WE DO NOT USE STATEMENT BANKS  We give very careful information, advice and guidance throughout the application process.
    6. 6. Oxbridge, Medicine,Veterinary Science and Dentistry  Dedicated member of staff  UKCAT and BMAT training  Close links with Oxford and Cambridge  Interview practice with specialists  Visiting speakers: students, graduates, admissions tutors  Student-led support group
    7. 7. Our students…..  Make a positive contribution to society.  Are independent, lifelong learners  Take part in extra- and super-curricular opportunities  Participate in an ethos of respect and caring  Are self-motivated and hard-working  Aspire to succeed
    8. 8. Super-Curricular  Master classes  Book Club  History Society  Maths Society  Old English Society  Charity Committee  Concert Committee  Sixth Form Newspaper  Fairtrade  Trailblazers  Food Society  World Film Club  Japanese Society  Debating Society  Amnesty Group  Law Society  Physics Society  Extended Project Qualification  AQA Community Service  AQA Introduction to Primary Teaching
    9. 9. Extra- Curricular Activities  Induction Activity  Service as a Prefect  Curriculum Enrichment Programme  Philosophy & Ethics Lecture Programme  Duke of Edinburgh’s Award  Sixth Form Council  Challenge of Management Conference  Curriculum Support  General Studies Lecture Programme  Sign Language Course
    10. 10. Grade requirements  Students need to have a grade C or above in higher tier Maths and English Language  And have met the grade requirements for their chosen subjects (mainly Bs)  Entry is based solely on GCSE performance
    11. 11. Myth busting!  You don’t have to be a Christian  You don’t have to have all A*s at GCSE  We give places based on academic ability only  We do not have a uniform!
    12. 12. Application  Bolton, Bury, Manchester students through the CAP on the futures4me website  Students outside the area make a paper application  The deadline is 14th January  Enrolment consultations-March 2011
    13. 13. Thank you for joining us tonight! We do hope that your time with us is enjoyable and informative