Environmental Awareness Week 2011 - Our Collective Thoughts On Sustainability (Updated 10.21.2011)


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Environmental Awareness Week 2011 - Our Collective Thoughts On Sustainability (Updated 10.21.2011)

  1. 1. Commit
  2. 2. How important is p sustainability? y
  3. 3. How important are WE?“Western Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles Kent Turner President, Cannon Design North America St. Louis
  4. 4. “It’s where I live. It s live.”Sustainability is like your bankaccount,account if you are not addingmore than you are taking away,you are going to be in big trouble trouble.Amber LangC cagoChicagoJD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  5. 5. “Sustainability isn’t just important,it’s theit’ th very d fi iti of th f t definition f the futurepotential of life on earth…..and weare slipping so quickly th t unless li i i kl that lwe are REGENERATIVE, “Western Region Sustainability Coordinatorsustainability becomes a non- issue. Los AngelesWill this be the case this decade?Maybe not. So can we wait?Absolutely not!” yJohn M Syvertsen M.Senior PrincipalChicago
  6. 6. Sustainability is critical for us all as there is not an endless supply“of resources. Coordinator resources Western Region SustainabilityLos Angeles Rich Kahn Associate Principal New York City
  7. 7. It is the It i thfuture … … with purpose and andintentionRand EkmanChicago
  8. 8. Sustainability is S t i bilit i something th t thi that should be on everyones minds y because it impacts all of us and“the generations of our family in Western Region Sustainability Coordinator the future.Los Angeles Shawn Martin Human Resources Assistant Buffalo Office
  9. 9. “The world shrinks everyday, bringingregional practices into conflict onto global “Sustainability is crucial a Sustainabilityscale. These conflicts grow exponentially continuing Operations….. ”creating a hugely complex subject, withmassive implications. Sustainability is aboutfinding the harmony in those interactions.” David Radue interactions.John Lucht Manager OperationsCDT, LEED AP+BD&C New York C y e o CitySan Francisco, CA
  10. 10. To be sustainable is to: • last longer b •run better •cost less to operate That goes for our buildings as well as the planet we live on g g pMark NelsonFacilities Optimization pBoston
  11. 11. If in 10 years we’re still talking about Sustainability and Green Design as y g though it was a specialty market niche we’re doomed--as citizens of we re doomed as“Western Region Sustainability Coordinator this earth, as practitioners andLos Angeles stewards of the built environment environment. Andreas Hausler PM/PA/Sustainable Design Leader Pro Tem New York City
  12. 12. It is the most pressing i th t i pp Region Sustainability opportunity. Coordinator“Western yLos Angeles Alexander Sexsmith Los Angeles
  13. 13. Changing the destination of amillion streams is at once easierand more difficult when they haveall merged. So too shouldsustainability work at both a locallevel as well as strive to impactmassive global initiatives initiatives.John LuchtJ h L htCDT, LEED AP+BD&CSan Francisco, CA
  14. 14. Environment sustainability is like maintaining personal hygiene at a“different scale. scale Western Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles JT Hsu architect Los Angeles
  15. 15. Sustainability h ld beS t i bilit should b a wayof life:Eat, Sleep, Sustain, Work,Recycle, PlR l Play…….Tarun KumarArchitectMumbai
  16. 16. Very important, if we want our earth to be a clean, healthy place“to be for years to come come. Western Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles Kimberly Feinberg Marketing Coordinator Los Angeles
  17. 17. “The world shrinks everyday, bringingregional practices into conflict on y global “Courage is a muscle, if you dont g , ascale. it, it atrophies. ” exponentially use These conflicts growcreating a hugely complex subject, with John Syvertsenmassive implications. Sustainability is aboutfinding the harmony in those interactions.” interactions. Ashley MarshJohn Lucht AssociateCDT, LEED AP+BD&C Chicago ChiSan Francisco, CA
  18. 18. "We do not inherit this land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children " children. ~ Haida Indian sayingJason FrankenChicago
  19. 19. “Commitment  means power  for our future for our future”Gabrielle RossitAssociate / Interior DesignerAssociate / Interior DesignerToronto
  20. 20. How important is p sustainability? y
  21. 21. “A sustainability commitment to the built Aenvironment needs to start with the olddesign concept of energy conservationembraced passionately with newconcepts of energy master p p gy plans whichoptimize form, functional, financial, andon-site carbon performance.” pTed Fowler PE, LEED AP, CDTNY RegionBuffalo Office
  22. 22. It is important to reassure MOTHER NATURE that her kids respect  her magnanimity. Protect the earth . g yNamrata Betigiri, LEED APArchitect/Regional CoordinatorMumbai
  23. 23. “Sustainability h ld t“S t i bilit should notnecessarily take p y priority - it should ybecome the greatest commondenominator of all ourendeavors.”JD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  24. 24. take care of your momRipal PatelEducation GroupChicago
  25. 25. “Sustainability affects everybusiness d i ib i decision. L Large and small, d llfrom the HVAC design in theBrentano studio t the real dishesB t t di to th l di hthat replaced disposables, its about “Western Region Sustainability Coordinatorpurposefully and consciously f Los Angelesmaking sure that our choices have a gpositive impact.”Iris WangDesign DirectorBrentano, Inc. ,Chicago, IL
  26. 26. “Isn’t it simply a matter of life or Isn t death?”“Western Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles Donna Terzano Project Architect NYC Office
  27. 27. “The world shrinks everyday, bringing “Act Now; If one would changeregional practices into conflict on a globalscale.direction of this world, one the These conflicts grow exponentiallycreatingturn thecomplex subject, with must a hugely tiller early ” early.massive implications. Sustainability is aboutfinding the harmony in those interactions.” interactions. John LuchtJohn Lucht CDT, LEED AP+BC&DCDT, LEED AP+BD&CSan Francisco, CASan Francisco, CA
  28. 28. “Possessing this kind of Possessingknowledge and experience comeswith a moral obligation to share it.Our Earth needs us to do this nowmore than ever.Mike Cavanaugh, AIA, LEED APSenior AssociateBoston
  29. 29. “Preserving the earth’s richresources our prerogative.reso rces is o r prerogati e As aEngineer it is a privilege to be ableto d thi through responsiblet do this th h ibldesign solutions. We can all useskill and k kill d knowledge t make a l d to kdifference.”Doug ListerMechanical EngineerPhoenix
  30. 30. NatureN tknows. Mike Plotnick Writer St. Louis
  31. 31. “future proof (adj.) p ( j) 1. designed not to be obsolete inthe future” future - WiktionarySergiu OpriseArchitectToronto
  32. 32. All Im saying is simply this: that all mankind is tied together; all life is interrelated, and g we are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all directly, indirectly. For some strange reason I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. And you can never be what you ought to be until I am what I ought to be - this is the interrelated structure of reality reality. -Martin Luther King, Jr., ”Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution”Kimberly Reddin Chicago
  33. 33. BecauseSustainabilityS t i bilit &Design have acommon purpose:High-Quality-Sexy-Hi h Q lit SAwesomenessTroy Hoggard
  34. 34. Pollution is nothing but the  resources we are not harvesting. We  resources we are not harvesting We allow them to disperse because “weve been ignorant of their value.  Western Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles Gigi Grizanti Benefits & Compensation Manager f & Buffalo
  35. 35. “Sustainability is so important Sustainabilitythat its validity should never be ya question.”Marion MarcenacSustainability ConsultantChicago
  36. 36. “Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own opinions drown out your owninner voice.  And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.heart and intuition ”   ‐Steve Jobs Steve JobsNick CameronChicago Office
  37. 37. Sustainability is a personal act offaith.faith Like god or religion faith can religion,be strong or weak – but it’s essentialto have faith in our ability to act inbest interest of our planet &resources we are gifted b nature. It ift d by ttranscends race, colour, profession& geographical b hi l boundaries. d iSuhas BambardekarArchitectMumbai, India
  38. 38. “The earth is what we all have incommon.common ” – Wendell Berry ySara SchonourLighting DesignerBoston
  39. 39. “Because extinct is no way to live.”PAULETTE AMBELLAN, Research AnalystNortheastGrand Island
  40. 40. http://thelightisall.blogspot.com/2010/10/guest‐photo‐of‐day‐saving‐water.html Consider earth as a living spirit.  Let’s not take its kindness for granted. ’ k i ki d f d Let’s save water.Namrata Betigiri, LEED APArchitect/ Regional CoordinatorMumbaihttp://www.flickr.com/photos/callincaptures/3448625644/in/photostream
  41. 41. “Be the change you want to see in the world ” Be world. -- Mahatma GandhiTrish Beagle, Human Resources, Buffalo
  42. 42. “I don t come to your house and I don’tmake a mess…so?Harlen MillerArchitectLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio g
  43. 43. Commit
  44. 44. What dWh t do you thi k it thinkmeans t commit to to it t sustainability?
  45. 45. “Committing to sustainability g ymeans flipping from simply helpingour clients save energy dollars to gyleading the discussion towardauthentic stewardship. Thatrequires humility, courage, andbrilliance.brillianceJohn M. SyvertsenSe oSenior Principal c paChicago
  46. 46. “Commitment means making Commitment way of SAYING “DOING is the best DOING SAYING…..sustainability part of your life… notfor yourself,settings onrest of the slideshowof before going through the the purpose set slideshow, yourself but for power saving mode your monitor’sbuilding achildren deserve lightof life for ….as these better quality too” gthe people around you – f the h l d for hp p youpeople y love.” Sachin MulayJDAssociate Architect Balzli MumbaiWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  47. 47. “You must stand for something oryou will fall for everything " everything.Natalia Allen, Design Futurist AllenAshley MarshAssociateChicago
  48. 48. “Committing to ysustainabilityrequiresresponsibility,responsibilityholding yourselfaccountable.”Emil CuevasBoston
  49. 49. “I look forward to the day that sustainability isno longer an urgent issue and a p g g pressing gconcern, but simply a way of life.”Shannon AndrewsInterior DesignManhattan
  50. 50. To think long term on a daily long-termbasisAlexander SAl d Sexsmith ithLos Angeles
  51. 51. “To commit to sustainability is toembark on a l b k long h happy jjourney” ”Purvashri HatkarMumbai
  52. 52. I am looking forward to the daywhen we stop calling it“Sustainable Design” because alldesign should be inherentlysustainable.Jeff NudiPrincipalPhoenix Office
  53. 53. “You can ensure that your effortsare sustainable only throughdeep understanding of thecontext and its relation to the bigpicture.”Kaustav GuptaArchitect,A hit t BIM Leader, LEED AP L dMumbai
  54. 54. Take gentle footsteps footsteps.Marya GraffChicago
  55. 55. “Its the habit of awareness thatmy everyday choices have y y ypermanent repercussions for theplanet.planet ”Melissa GormanArchitectLos Angeles
  56. 56. “It’s time to turn by-products into It s by productsBUY-products.”Jerome BobakMechanical EngineerBuffalo
  57. 57. “…having a shared purpose havingwith a common future…”Carisima KoenigSenior AssociateNew York City
  58. 58. “We need to save our planet for pfuture generations”Rich KahnAssociate PrincipalNew York City
  59. 59. print less& save paperMrinal BhatiaInterior DesignerMumbai
  60. 60. I think it means much more thanpresent discussions t d t f t di i tend to favor.I think it means to recognize that gthere is not enough stuff in the worldto go around. For me to have moremeans someone somewhere musthave less I think until we confront less.this all other responses aretemporary.temporaryKent TurnerPresident, Cannon Design North AmericaSTL
  61. 61. “To leave a healthy environmentto my children and theirggeneration.”JT HsuarchitectLos AngelesL A l
  62. 62. ReduceReuseRecycleRETHINKBarbara KendzioraWNY RegionBuffalo Office
  63. 63. “It means taking the steps to be a Itpart of conserving resources andbeingb i responsible f our part i ibl for t inmaking the world a g g greenerplace.”Kimberly FeinbergWest R iW t RegionLos Angeles
  64. 64. “Sell your car ” Sell car.Harlen MillerArchitectLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  65. 65. “Growing our Growing own food provides my family joy andsustenance.” Sue Boeman Midwest Mid t Chicago office
  66. 66. “To make an effort beyond yourusual practice to do good to theenvironment and humanity”yJenny TseArchitectureLos Angeles – Y d i St diL A l Yazdani Studio
  67. 67. “Commitment means making Commitmentsustainability part of your life… notfor yourself, but for the purpose of yourselfbuilding a better quality of life forthe people around you – for the“Western Region Sustainability Coordinatorpeople you love.”Los AngelesJD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability C di tW t R i S t i bilit CoordinatorLos Angeles
  68. 68. To work and play withothers - those who arehere now and thosein coming generations.Rand EkmanChicago
  69. 69. “Keep y p your mind on the futurewith your actions of the moment.”Bret EathorneConfluenceChicago
  70. 70. “To awake, to be conscious;ignorance i no li is longer anexcuse.”Drew HermannAccountingBuffaloB ff l
  71. 71. “Committing to sustainabilitymeans engaging in a higherstandard of living.” gJenna RuthWestern RegionSan FS Francisco i
  72. 72. “Sustainability for“S t i bilit f me starts with t t ithconservation. How I can designsystems that conserve resourcesnow, and f future generations.” d for f t ti ”Michael J. RossiniElectrical EngineerBoston
  73. 73. What does EnvironmentalAwareness Week mean to you? y
  74. 74. “Having a special week focused on Environmental HavingAwareness means that we have not yet internalizedcritical ideas and practices to where they are a naturalpart of our work; they remain an overlay overlay.I look forward to a time when hosting a week of eventsto it raise awareness will b ill become redundant. ” d d tJayashri DeshmukhArchitectToronto
  75. 75. “ EXPLORE “ to  “ opportunity  “ It’s anDeborah A. BurkhartProject Manager j gChicago
  76. 76. “It’s about fostering inspirationand creativity, not guilt andshame.shame ”Stuart BroussardLos Angeles g
  77. 77. “Environmental Awareness Weekis a gold mine of new knowledge,a restating of our commitment toliving and working by ecological g g y gprincipals, and a real celebration ofour potential to change the world ” world.John M. SyvertsenSenior Principal pChicago
  78. 78. “A reminder, saying, we know youcan help, what are you waitingfor?for?”Kaustav GuptaArchitect, BIM Leader, LEED APMumbai
  79. 79. “The first day is about awarenessand the second day begins a lifelong commitment.” gDonna TerzanoProject ArchitectNYC Offi Office
  80. 80. “Environmental awareness week tome means th t Cannon Design i that C D i ismaking large strides to make theworld more sustainable through ourp jprojects and our operations as a pfirm. It’s something that I’m proud tobe a part of as a Cannon Design p gemployee.”Shawn MartinHuman Resources AssistantBuffalo Office
  81. 81. “EAW is a chance to refocus,,repurpose, and to be inspired.”JD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  82. 82. “We stand at a critical moment in Earth’s history, a time whenhumanity must choose it f th it t h its future. A th world b As the ld becomesincreasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holdsgreat peril and great promise. To move forward we mustrecognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures g g yand life forms we are one human family and one Earthcommunity with a common destiny. We must join together tobring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect fornature,nature universal human rights economic justice and a culture rights, justice,of peace. Towards this end, it is imperative that we, the peoplesof Earth declare our responsibility to one another, to the greatercommunity of life, and to future generations.” From: The Earth Charter PreambleAndreas HauslerPM/PA/Sustainable Design LeaderNew York City
  83. 83. Commit
  84. 84. What dWh t do you thi k it thinkmeans t commit to to it t sustainability?
  85. 85. “Stop Talking – Start Walking. StopGet up, Speak up, Act up. p, p p, pBe a witness! Silence andcomplacency is no longer anoption.”Andreas HauslerArchitectureA hit tNew York City
  86. 86. Make sustainable choices. Proceed until apprehended.Marya GraffChicago
  87. 87. “To me, it means doing the best you canevery day to make the effort to live asustainable life. Doing the small things, g g ,like turning off a light you’re not using ort othrowing a ca in t e recycling b g can the ecyc g bininstead of the trash and the big thingslike making the choice not to have a car– it all takes commitment.”Annie LehattoRegion gLos Angeles
  88. 88. For me it means living close to work andcommuting by bike, supporting local farmers and bikebuying organics, reusing containers and pickingrecyclables out of the trash, mending clothes, y gunplugging electronics, taking shorter showers,and turning the heat down. I certainly don’t doeverything I should, b t I t t li conscientiously. thi h ld but try to live i ti lI try to understand the impacts that my actionshave on others and on the planet and make others, planet,better choices wherever I can.Jennine TalbotBoston
  89. 89. “It means to make sustainability appriority in everything y y y g youdo…thinking beyond theimmediate reward ” reward.Morgan NewmanArchitectLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  90. 90. “Committing to sustainability means fixing the errors wemade in the past and making sure we don’t repeat them in p g pthe future.”Marion MarcenacSustainability ConsultantChicago
  91. 91. “To make sustainability a factor in yevery decision.”Stuart BroussardWestern RegionLos Angeles
  92. 92. “It means taking responsibility forthe harm we and those before ushave already caused and workingh l d d d kitogether to make it right for allthose who come lth h long after we are ftggone.”DONNA TERZANORegionNYC Office
  93. 93. “Our Family takeson t two newsustainablepractices eachyear.This year we gotrid of our frontlawn”Sue BoemanProject ManagerP j tMChicago
  94. 94. Because if you dont commit, youaren tarent going to do it Sustainability it.should not be a fad diet, it shouldbe a lifestyle.Amber LangChicago
  95. 95. “It means incorporating Itsustainability efforts into yourdaily life whether the activity be life,large or small the impact on theenvironment as a whole issignificant.”Shawn MartinNew Y k R iN York RegionBuffalo Office
  96. 96. Commitment to Sustainability is Leaving no Trace Behind “ Black Rock City,Region Sustainability a Western NV. ‘0’ footprint, 357 days Coordinator year. Los AngelesAhmed NaguibConfluence Team MemberChicago
  97. 97. “While there can be no denying the Whileimportance of Sustainability, too many ofus think that reducing our facilities’energy consumption and recycling office ti d li ffipaper is where it ends. We have tomove beyond the notion that doing lessharm is good enough, and embracelifestyle changes that will lead to healingthe environment.”Jeff NudiPrincipalPhoenix Office
  98. 98. “It is said that the greenestbuilding is the one that alreadyexists. Greener still is the one thatis not built at all.”Deborah KreuzeSenior Editor and Writer
  99. 99. “An internal commitment to leading Ana more environmentallyresponsible d t d lif while ibl day-to-day life, hilworking externally to replace the g y paging unsustainable system thatsupports it.” itJohn LuchtCDT, LEED AP+BD&CSan Francisco CA Francisco,
  100. 100. Commit
  101. 101. Why do you give a y y gdamn about the Earth?
  102. 102. I give a damn because thesehands,hands are hoping for a brighterfuture.Jessica FigenholtzAssociateChicagoChi
  103. 103. “For the futureof my childrenand all children.”Mike Cavanaugh, AIA, LEED APSenior AssociateBoston
  104. 104. “Because my grandkidswill be 43 and 41 in2050 and 93 and 91 in2100.2100.”Peter HourihanPrincipal and Director of ResearchBoston
  105. 105. Because of her.Jill GimeskyHuman ResourcesChicago
  106. 106. Because I B want to always have thi h this.Marya GraffChicago
  107. 107. Why? Because the one on the right is part of her high school’sEnvironmental Cl b and i a l d atE i t l Club d is leader t home on conserving “everything”. g y g Charles Smith
  108. 108. “Earth is a MIRACLE,“Because the impact I make onthis earth now is going to effect a TREASURE TREASURE,those in the future.” y, a gift where LIFE is a mystery, g y Earth is HOME.” .Shawn MartinHuman Resources Assistant Shilpa NaikBuffalo OffiB ff l Office ArchitectMumbai
  109. 109. “I want this planet to be aroundfor my kids and their futureggenerations”Rich KahnAssociate PrincipalNew Y k CitN York City
  110. 110. “I give a damn, Ibecause I don’twant to imaginewhat this viewwill look like in30 years if wedon tdon’t protect it.” itMarion MarcenacSustainability ConsultantChicago
  111. 111. “Because I love being outside andbeing in nature rather thanconcrete and smog ” smog.Amber LangChicago g
  112. 112. I give a damn about the Earth because… future generations won’t even know what they are missing. Bill Van Horn PM, New York City Grinnel Glacier 2009
  113. 113. “Because its my home!”Purvashri HatkarMumbai
  114. 114. “I want to do what I can to makethe world, my city, my , y y, yneighborhood a better place formy daughter and her friends.” friendsTeri WrightArchitect / project managerChicago
  115. 115. “Because Science is stronger gthan Rhetoric.”Drew HermannAccountingBuffalo
  116. 116. “I call it home ” I home.Donna TerzanoProject ArchitectNYC Office
  117. 117. Why do you give a y y gdamn about the Earth?
  118. 118. “Because I love running its rockytrails,trails swimming its cool riversand scaling its toweringmountains.”Christopher WhitcombBuffalo
  119. 119. “It’s elemental It s elemental” Deborah A Burkhart A. Project Manager Chicago
  120. 120. There are so many reasons itseems the opposite is the realquestion. How could oq estion Ho co ld you not?Alexander SexsmithLos Angeles
  121. 121. “Because there’s still time Because there sleft to change.”Emil CuevasBoston
  122. 122. “The earth is the place I call pHome.”JT HsuarchitectLos Angeles
  123. 123. I don’t.I give a damn about humanity.Kent TurnerPresident, Cannon Design North AmericaSTL
  124. 124. “Because I hope to be here for along time along with my family time, family,friends, and future generations.” gKimberly FeinbergMarketing CoordinatorLos AngelesL A l
  125. 125. “Im an architect so I care aboutbeauty. Actually,bea t Act all the term earth isnot really accurate, and thisprobably sounds all hi b bl d ll hippy-ish b t i h but,really sustainability is about theecosystem, which i really lif it t hi h is ll life, itsthe sustainability of the lives of all yliving creatures.”Melissa GormanArchitectLos Angeles
  126. 126. “Because it’s my mother ” Because it s mother.Harlen MillerArchitectLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  127. 127. “The ecology is a circulatory Thesystem and whatever we do noweventually affects our lives i th t ll ff t li in thefuture and the generations gbeyond.”Jenny TseArchitectureA hit tLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  128. 128. “It’s where I live.” It s liveJD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  129. 129. “Because I have to live in this Becausedamn place!”Annie LehattoA i L h ttLos Angeles
  130. 130. Why do you give a y y gdamn about the Earth?
  131. 131. “Because it shouldn’t be about Because shouldn thow long, but how well we live.”Stuart BSt t Broussard dLos Angeles
  132. 132. “Because future generations haveas much of a right to it as I dotoday.” yBret EathorneConfluenceChicagoChi
  133. 133. “It’s where I live.” It s liveJD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  134. 134. Because….“Those who deny [climate change] areacco p cesaccomplices to disaster. Those who doubt it d saste ose o tare ignorant fools. Those who think things aregoing to somehow work out are wishful. Thereis no other option for mankind : Start livingresponsibly or perish!”Andreas HauslerPM/PA/Sustainable Design LeaderPM/PA/S t i bl D i L dNew York City
  135. 135. “It’s full of mystery.”Rand EkmanChicago
  136. 136. Commit
  137. 137. What does EnvironmentalAwareness Week mean to you? y
  138. 138. “This is an opportunity for us tomake an extra effort in helpingour planet” pRich KahnAssociate PrincipalNew Y k CitN York City
  139. 139. It means I am caused to stop andthink about many things Iotherwise too often ignore. gKent TurnerPresident, Cannon Design North AmericaSTL
  140. 140. “Continuing to Continuingunderstand how tocreate a better worldfor the nextgeneration…”Carisima Koenig gSenior AssociateNew York City
  141. 141. “to raise the awareness to theentire company.”JT HsuarchitectLos Angeles
  142. 142. “A time to assess whether we are Adoing enough for theenvironment, and a ti i t d time t make to kppositive changes toward that gend.”Kimberly FeinbergMarketing C di tM k ti CoordinatorLos Angeles
  143. 143. It means not only making our livingspace a better p p place to be, ,but also for those “The world shrinks everyday, bringing regional practices into conflict on a globalbeneath the scale. These conflicts grow exponentiallysea. creating a hugely complex subject, with massive implications. Sustainability is about finding the harmony in those interactions.” interactions. John Lucht CDT, LEED AP+BD&C San Francisco, CAAmanda BuchheitSt. Louis
  144. 144. “Acknowledgement that my tiny Acknowledgementindividual effort ismeaningful.meaningful one week to be inthe practice of awareness andthen to get in the habit Its habit. It ssustainability boot camp.”Melissa GormanArchitectA hit tLos Angeles
  145. 145. “It’s a week to reflect on whetheryou’ve done your part or not.”Harlen MillerArchitectLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  146. 146. “To learn and acquire information Toon what we could do asindividuals to company level onsaving resources as well as howour decisions impact theenvironment”Jenny TseArchitectureA hit tLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  147. 147. “EAW is a chance to refocus,,repurpose, and to be inspired.”JD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  148. 148. “EAW is a time to celebrate thechanges we have made and toeducate about the changes wecan make in the future.”Annie LehattoLos Angeles
  149. 149. Commit
  150. 150. How important is p sustainability? y
  151. 151. “Not to be too melodramatic about it, Not it but the ecosystem of the planet is what has made possible every living thing, including us. And unless there are aliens out there, all of“consciousness,Coordinator sadness, art, Western Region Sustainability love, i l d t flowers, music. Why would we notLos Angeles care about that?” that?Melissa GormanArchitectLos Angeles
  152. 152. “To our future generations the excuse Tothat ‘we weren’t absolutely certain ofthe extent and magnitude of theproblem and, besides, we were toobusy’ will not even be worth an yutterance. We owe these futureggenerations every effort we can make ytoday.”Mike Cavanaugh, AIA, LEED APSenior AssociateBoston
  153. 153. Sustainability begins with each person taking a small step that collectively has alarge effect. If only 1% of the current US population reduces their water usageby 1 gallon per day the effect is over 1.1 BILLION gallons of water saved peryear. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth and you’ve done your part. Jack McCarthy Boston
  154. 154. “Worth more than your car.”“Western Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos AngelesMiller Harlen Architect Los Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  155. 155. If we LEED, others will follow.Mary J. WazAdministrative AssistantBuffalo
  156. 156. “Its imperative to understand howour actions not only affect theenvironment but the economy,society and our standard of living. livingAlthough we are making efforts to “Westernaddress sustainability i dd Region Sustainability Coordinator issues, weve t i bilit already done enough damage that is Los Angelesbeyond repair. Th fb d i Therefore...veryimportant.”Jenny TseArchitectureLos Angeles – Yazdani Studio
  157. 157. “Sustainability should not Sustainabilitynecessarily take priority - it y p yshould become the greatestcommon denominator of all ourendeavors.”JD BalzliWestern Region Sustainability CoordinatorLos Angeles
  158. 158. Pat MahoneyTechnology Services Group gy pBuffalo, NY
  159. 159. “Incredibly important! We need to stopliving like there’s no tomorrow and weneed to stop living selfishly, expecting p g y, p gother people to make the change. Iknow it’s totally cheesy but if we all “Westernit s Sustainability cheesy, Region Coordinatorwork together, we can make the earth Los Angelesa b tt place to live f many more better l t li forgenerations to come.”Annie LehattoLos Angeles
  160. 160. SUSTAINABILITY : GOOD DESIGN : QUANTITYCONSCIOUSNESSHemant PurohitArchitect.AssociateMumbai Office http://www.juniodesign.com/
  161. 161. “Important enough to change the “I t t ht h th y we live.” wayRegion Sustainability Coordinator“WesternLos Angeles Stuart Broussard Los Angeles Office
  162. 162. Commit