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Cannon Design's Sustainable Brochure.

Cannon Design's Sustainable Brochure.

Published in Design
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  • 2. 03 iNTrOduCTiON 04 ChallENgE & rESpONSE buildiNg lifECyClE 05 prE-dESigNOur wOrld haS ChaNgEd frOm ONE Of 08 dESigN & CONSTruCTiONiNfiNiTE pOSSibiliTiES aNd limiTlESS rESOurCESTO ONE Of limiTlESS pOSSibiliTiES aNd limiTEd rESOurCES. 12 OpEraTiONS 18 rEdEvElOpmENT 23 TEam EXpErTiSE 24 CONTaCT SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | CONTENTS 2
  • 3. TOgEThEr wE CaN lOOk aT buildiNgS diffErENTly,iNNOvaTE aNd bE ECONOmiCally, ENvirONmENTally aNdSOCially rESpONSiblE iN Our ChOiCES. SUSTAINABILIT Y SERVICES AT A GL ANCE Building Operations Consulting Commissioning Consulting Services Energy Analysis Energy Modeling Comprehensive Facility Optimization SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | SECTiON 3
  • 4. wE SharE a In response, we’ve organized specialized sustainable design servicesChallENgE wiTh that create enduring value through reducing cost, optimizing energy andEvEry ONE Of Our water consumption and creating durable, lasting and respected buildings.CliENTS—wOrkiNgwiTh iNCrEaSiNglylimiTEd aNdvaluEd rESOurCES. PRE-DESIGN ECONOMIC DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION VALUE REDEVELOPMENT SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTAL buildiNg lifECyClE By looking at building in the long view—from pre-design through redevelopment—we uncover OPERATIONS new possibilities for achieving cost savings, improving the environmental impact and taking seriously our shared civic and social responsibility. SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | ChallENgE & rESpONSE 4
  • 5. prE-dESigN grEEN dECiSiONS arE mOST EffECTivE priOr TO CapiTal SpENdiNg 5
  • 6. As projects are planned, Cannon Design helps clients with a wide range of services beyond building design—from prE-dESigN infrastructure master plans to site selection and analysis. More broadly, we work with clients both to develop portfolio-specific green building practices and standards and to train staff in effectively applying them. Our SErviCES bENEfiT yOuThe world population – Energy and Sustainability Masterplans – We help you take a strategic approach to managingwill likely increase to infrastructure, resources and costs. – Building Site and Climate Analysis9,200,000,000 in 2050. – As well-informed leaders you are better able to direct – Conceptual Design Energy ModelingThis almost 40% increase real estate and facilities departments to make long-means we must change – Combined Heating and Power (CHP)/ term cost-saving decisions.the way we plan our Cogeneration Analysis – By planning sustainably, your facilities or real estatecities, our buildings – Performance Standards Development departments become an integral part of yourand our infrastructure – Education and Learning Program Development social responsibility policies.across the developed and Deliveryand developing regionsof the world.UnITED nATIonS PoPUL ATIonDIvISIon, 20 07 SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | prE-dESigN 6
  • 7. “[ThE ChiCagO grEEN hOmESprOgram hElpS] uS wOrk wiThhOmEOwNErS, buildErS aNddEvElOpErS TO ShOw ThEm hOwThEir prOjECTS CaN hElp imprOvEThE qualiTy Of lifE fOr allrESidENTS Of ChiCagO.”Honorable ricHard M. daley, cHicago‘s Mayor CaSE STudy grEEN hOmES fOr ChiCagOSERVICES PROVIDED Mayor Richard M. Daley wants Chicago to be the greenest big city 1,126.4 tons of Co2 emission reduction in the world. Individual projects can certainly help demonstrate thisConsulting Services 34,057 gallonsEducation and Learning Program commitment, but the Mayor charged his Department of Environment of stormwaterConsulting with thinking broadly about policy initiatives. A major step in runoff reductionEnvironmental Impact Reporting achieving the greenest city goal: working with our team to create 10,851 gallonsGreen Urban PlanningGreen Standards Development incentives for building green housing at all residential market levels. of potable water use reduction AnnUAL CIT y WIDE SUSTAINABILIT Y AwARDS IMPACT of gREEn HoMES IMPRovEMEnTS Financial Times and Urban Land Institute: Sustainable Cities Award, 2008 ( THRoUgH 20 0 9) SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | prE-dESigN 7
  • 8. dESigN &CONSTruCTiON iNfOrmEd dESigN & buildiNg add up TO rESOurCE SaviNgS 8
  • 9. Once a project starts, Cannon Design ’s sustainability expertise reinforces the design of high-performance buildings. Our dESigN & systems analysis, commissioning and consulting expertise CONSTruCTiON supports the architectural and engineering design across a wide range of building types from the earliest stages of design through occupancy. Our SErviCES bENEfiT yOuResearchers have – Computational fluid Dynamics (CfD) Modeling – you can make informed decisions aboutcreated a method building systems based on both first-cost and – Lighting/Daylighting Analysisfor projecting and lifecycle payback terms. – Thermal Comfort Analysisevaluating up to 37 – your real estate holdings can be evaluated accordingdistinct environmental – Building Envelope Analysis and Commissioning to short- and long-term asset value as they areimpacts that result from – HvAC Load Calculations designed and built.building construction. – Renewable Energy Modeling & Screening – An integrated process enables the project team toSince we have meet high performance goals and achieve sizable – LEED Commissioningmethods for energy reductions. – new Building Commissioningmeasuring theseimpacts, we must – LEED Administration Sustainability Consultingnow work to manage – A/E Consulting and Peer Reviewthem effectively.gRoUP of ConSTRUCTIonRESE ARCH AnD InnovATIon(gRIC), PoLy TECHnICUnIvERSIT y of CATALonIA SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | dESigN & CONSTruCTiON 9
  • 10. CaSE STudy hErmaN millEr CONvia ShOwrOOm dESigN & How does a company sell a product that redefines the way office workers can CONSTruCTiON control their environment? We helped Herman Miller design a showroom in which responsible lighting and electricity use are foremost in every visitor’s mind as they tour through a wildly varied collection of the workstations, private offices, conference rooms and amenity spaces that make up today’s workplace. Product display is at the heart of a showroom, and this project immerses visitors in a Convia system that offers highly programmable, easy-to-use controls of electrical zones. our sustainability services worked to enhance the technology: from maximizing daylight harvesting to demonstrate the effectiveness of Convia’s controls to commissioning the showroom’s systems so they operate according to the design standards.SERVICES PROVIDED The design optimizes 80% daylighting in a wideLighting/Daylighting Analysis range of settings—Thermal Comfort Analysis from private offices of occupiedCommissioning to conference rooms, building area from workstations to that is daylit open teaming areas. SUSTAINABILIT Y AwARDS CoreNet Global: Sustainable Leadership Awards Commendation | Interiors & Sources: Top Ten LEED Projects SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | dESigN & CONSTruCTiON 10
  • 11. 88% 65% 22%of construction of occupied of materialswaste diverted building area with a recycledfrom landfill with access content to views SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | dESigN & CONSTruCTiON 11
  • 12. OpEraTiONS SmarTly maNagEd faCiliTiES CrEaTE lONg-ruN bENEfiTS 12
  • 13. As their facilities are put in action, building owners turn to Cannon Design to ensure that energy, lighting, heating, cooling, OpEraTiONS ventilation and power systems are performing up to current design standards as well as to re-engineer under performing systems for more efficient operation. Our SErviCES bENEfiT yOuCities occupy 2% of the – Detailed Energy Modeling – We find intelligent short-term and long-term savingsworld’s land mass yet in your operating expenses, utility consumption and – Existing Building Calibrated Energy Modelingcontribute more than greenhouse gas emissions. – Re-Commissioning66% of global greenhouse – By seeking out and solving building problems beforegas emissions. – Continuous Commissioning they happen, we help you improve operational efficiency.This disproportionate – Building operation Assessment – our consistent, cost-effective methods of measuring andrelationship can – Preventative Maintenance Program Development verifying your building systems lead to greater occupantbe significantly comfort, productivity and satisfaction. – Energy Audits (ASHRAE 1, 2 and 3)improved throughretro-commissioning – Utility Bill Analysisand energy efficiency – Demand Response Analysisimprovements – LEED Commissioningin our currentbuilt environment. – new Building CommissioningCLInTon CLIMATE InITIATIvE – LEED Administration/Consulting – A/E Consulting and Peer Review SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | OpEraTiONS 13
  • 14. CaSE STudy CamillE kENdall aCadEmiC CENTEr OpEraTiONS With a goal of being recognized as a national model for a green university, the University System of Maryland treats sustainability as serious business. When the opportunity arose to create a new academic center on USM’s Shady grove campus, we designed an energy- and resource-efficient building that responds to evolving curricula and technology with a humane learning environment.Cannon Design provided post-occupancy “ThE SuCCESS Of ThiS buildiNg iS ThE rESulTcommissioning to ensure that buildingsystems would operate according to Of gOOd plaNNiNg aNd TrEmENdOuSthe modeled standard. COllabOraTiON wiThiN ThE prOjECT TEam. Energy Savings were 25% ThE rESulT iS a grEaT buildiNg wE arE below LEED Baseline Models prOud Of, apprECiaTEd by Our faCulTy, Potable Water Use was 44% STudENTS aNd STaff.” below LEED Baseline Models SCOTT LUPIN, DIRECTOR, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND OFFICE OF SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES PROVIDED Lighting/Daylighting Analysis Thermal Comfort Analysis Commissioning LEED Administration/Consulting SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | OpEraTiONS 14
  • 15. $97,000 - $127,000 aNNual SaviNgSTO ThE uNivErSiTy duE TO CaNNON dESigN’S mEaSurEmENT aNd vErifiCaTiON SErviCES 75% 75% 40% 25% of construction of spaces have of materials reduction of waste diverted access to manufactured storm water from landfill natural daylight within 500 miles runoff SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | OpEraTiONS 15
  • 16. 23% more energy efficient Patient Care Tower mechanical systems than required by codeOpEraTiONS CaSE STudy advOCaTE luThEraN The new Patient Care Tower is the first gENEral hOSpiTal LEED gold hospital in the Midwestern United States. over a series of projects spanning the Advocate Lutheran general Hospital campus, our team has provided design 1,000,000 gallons of water are saved annually from treating water with and consulting services. Cannon Design hosted a series of pulsed-power cooling tower. sustainability workshops with hospital administration, and they embraced the subject as an inherent piece of their operations. Patient satisfaction is at 73%, its highest point on-record, andSERVICES PROVIDED energy savings from the most recent new project on campus is approaching $200,000 a year.Lighting/Daylighting AnalysisBuilding Operation AssessmentGreen Standards Development $190,000 aNNual ENErgy SaviNgSLEED Administration iN NEw paTiENT CarE TOwEr SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | OpEraTiONS 16
  • 17. 100% 39% of irrigating water for of rainwater reused campus comes from with stormwater stormwater retention management plan OpEraTiONS Building energy use ranks the school in the 79th percentile as compared a.E. STEvENSON high SChOOl CaSE STudy to other schools in the US. As a client of ours for more than twenty-five years, A.E. Stevenson High School hasSERVICES PROVIDED a campus our architecture/engineering team knows and loves. By leading the school through LEED-EB certification, we became more intimate with campus operations—Facility Condition AssessmentsExisting Building Calibrated Energy Modeling from helping Stevenson conduct an occupant comfort survey to coauthoring a greenLEED Commissioning standard that allowed the school administration to refine its purchasing policies. TheBuilding Operation Assessment process even offered an educational opportunity as students helped lead the processPreventative Maintenance Program DevelopmentEnergy Audits for calculating the school’s on-site stormwater management.LEED Administration SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | OpEraTiONS 17
  • 18. rEdEvElOpmENT a STrONg viSiON allOwS buildiNgS TO ThrivE agaiN aNd agaiN 18
  • 19. When a building has out-lived its intended purpose, many of our opportunistic clients look to redevelop or adapt for a newrEdEvElOpmENT use. Cannon Design support these value-added developments with broad consulting services: from conducting condition assessments to sourcing and supporting applications for grants and tax credits.A 2004 report projectedthat building owners inthe United States alone Our SErviCES bENEfiT yOuwill demolish and replace – facility Condition Assessments – our thorough analysis of buildings helps you unlock82,000,000,000 square – Retro-Commissioning Study added value and development opportunities infeet of buildings (or overlooked assets. – grant/Tax Credit Submittalsapproximately one-third – Inherently, we look at both long-term asset value andof the current total payback time frames in helping you evaluate projectbuilding stock) by 2030. costs and benefits.Re-imagining existing – We augment the benefits of redevelopment by helpingbuildings offers a you seek out government and utility incentives.strategy for reducingdemolition waste andpreventing greenhousegas emissions fromnew construction.BRookIngS InSTITUTIonAnD nATIonAL TRUST foRHISToRIC PRESERvATIon SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | rEdEvElOpmENT 19
  • 20. CaSE STudy ST. lOuiS pOwErhOuSE Constructed in 1928, the Power House provided coal-fired steam heat to rEdEvElOpmENT a dozen downtown buildings until the City of St. Louis decommissioned the building in 1980. Cannon Design purchased and re-developed the building and reinforced our commitment to triple-bottom line solutions: simultaneously developing a cost-effective new office, reducing our ecological footprint by preserving a landmark building and embodying our cultural commitment to the urban renewal of St. Louis. 100% 75% 30% 38% of the existing of the space reduction in of energy walls, floors, and has access to water usage savings below roof were reused natural daylight ASHRAE StandardThe empty volume created by the building’srelatively small floorplate and grand height ofits interior that had confounded developersfor many years allowed the project team toestablish one of the signature elements ofthe project: a curvilinear structure that exists $1.7 milliON fEdEral & STaTE TaX CrEdiTSwithin the power house’s now restored shell. ON $7 milliON prOjECT By purchasing and adapting an historic downtown power plant, Cannon Design took advantage of generous tax credits andSERVICES PROVIDED incentives for historic preservation and energy efficient design.Facility Condition AssessmentsLighting/Daylighting AnalysisGrant/Tax Credit Submittals SUSTAINABILIT Y AwARDSLEED AdministrationLEED Commissioning 2010 Green GOOD Design Award, The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | rEdEvElOpmENT 20
  • 21. “ThiS prOjECT dEmONSTraTES ThE NOTiON ThaT ThE mOST SuSTaiNablE buildiNg iS ThE ONE NOT builT. if SuSTaiNabiliTy EmphaSizES ‘lEavE NO fOOTSTEpS,’ ThiS ONE SEEmS TO daNCE.”CONTraCT magaziNE, SuSTaiNablE dESigN award jury 2010 SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | SECTiON 21
  • 22. SuSTaiNabiliTy SErviCESbuildiNg OpEraTiONS COmmiSSiONiNg on a range of sustainability measures across a wide a detailed economic and engineering analysis of range of building types, develops comparisons and capital improvement projectsCONSulTiNg Continuous Commissioning Monitors building standards to inform capital and o&M spending Energy Masterplans Develops short- and long-term system performance on an ongoing basis usingBuilding Operation Assessment: Reviews Space Utilization Studies: Examines the current strategies for energy use across a campus or group building automation systems and develops programbuilding operations, including energy management occupancy and usage within a building or across a of buildings to maintain system performanceand facility maintenance policies, compares real estate portfolio to optimize facility efficiency, Utility Bill Analysis Reviews a facility’s energyto industry standards and develops plan for New Building Commissioning Spans from operations, maintenance and other related measures and water usage rates, offers benchmarkoperational improvements and cost savings planning through occupancy, commissioning agent Computer-aided Facility Management comparisons with utility use at similar facilities documents owner’s performance requirements andPreventative Maintenance Program Database Development: Tailors a Web-based and develops before-and-after analysis of verifies that the building meets these measuresDevelopment: Works with operations staff to facility management tool for the needs of conservation opportunitiescreate a long-term strategy for maintaining building Re-Commissioning Re-evaluates the systems facilities management and ownership teams tosystems at optimal performance levels in an existing building for compliance with the owner’s performance expectations and identifies establish long-term priorities according to owner- ENErgy mOdEliNg specified measuresCONSulTiNg SErviCES systems that require corrective action Post-Occupancy Evaluations: Uses a consistent Conceptual Design Energy Modeling Develops and tests energy use factors as design Retro-Commissioning implementationA/E Consulting and Peer Review: Collaborates set of measures and customized tools to examine decisions are made to establish a concept that assistance Confirms results of retro-with A/E teams outside Cannon Design to a building’s performance as it is in operation meets the owner’s program needs and energy commissioning study by assisting buildingestablish design strategies that improve building according to quantitative measures and qualitative use expectations operators with plans to set recommended energy-performance and offers periodic review of design user survey evidence saving measures into action Detailed Energy Modeling Creates adocuments to ensure strategy compliance comprehensive analysis of a building’s energyEducation and Learning Program Consulting: Retro-Commissioning Study Audits an existing ENErgy aNalySiS use and evaluates against an established baseline building’s energy use and systems, recommendsWorks with public and private-sector clients to Combined Heating and Power (CHP)/ comparison to estimate total expected savings in energy-saving measures using a payback analysisteach facilities or real estate staff about green Cogeneration Analysis: Assesses validity of energy costsbuilding programs or develops client-specific staff implementing large-scale systems integrationtraining and education programs COmprEhENSivE faCiliTy and energy feedback across a campus or group Existing Building Calibrated Energy Modeling Employs a detailed energy model to compareGreen Standards Development: Authors OpTimizaTiON of buildings expected energy performance against actual usagesustainable design standards in collaboration with Demand Response: Analysis Reviews a building’s to bring to light untapped savings Building Condition Surveys: Evaluates theclients that meet each client’s specialized needs; energy use with the goal of achieving energy condition of the major building and site systems and Renewable Energy Modeling & ScreeningLEED Administration/Consulting: Manages conducts a room-by-room analysis of architectural savings and incentives for participating in public Determines the appropriateness of applying athe documentation required by the USgBC for features and finishes within a individual facility or utility peak-shaving energy use programs renewable energy technology to a given buildingsubmitting projects for certification across any of across a multi-building campus Energy Audits (ASHRAE 1, 2 and 3) Audits that and calculates anticipated energy usage based onthe available LEED products range from one-day walk-through assessments applying these technologies Facility Benchmarking and Assessment: Drawing on both proprietary and publicly accessible research to an intermediate energy survey and analysis to
  • 23. TEam EXpErTiSE Michael Tillou PE, LEED AP Rand K. Ekman AIA, LEED AP Joe Cassata AIA Michael Eardley PE, LEED AP, CCP, CDT Director of Energy Services Director of Sustainable Design Director of Comprehensive Director of Commissioning Services Facilities Optimization Mike Tillou brings a wealth of knowledge Rand Ekman is Director of Sustainability With extensive commissioning experience and experience in energy modeling, at Cannon Design and leads the With a diversified background and over with a variety of client and project types, analysis and design – knowledge firm’s Sustainability Services group, two decades of professional experience, Mike Eardley leads Cannon Design’s that is indispensable in the design of which provides consulting services to Joe Cassata has developed an efficient, Commissioning group. Mike combines high-performance buildings that are clients, organizations and institutions consistent framework for conducting this expertise with an in-depth knowledge increasingly demanded by Cannon Design including design assistance, building building condition assessments and has of energy design and studies and HvAC clients. In addition to providing integrated energy analysis, sustainable program spearheaded the transfer of building engineering to offer a comprehensive expert design and sustainability consulting management, LEED consulting, building condition data into customized Web- skill set to any project. services to support the LEED certification commissioning and environmental based databases for clients of all sizes. Mike holds commissioning certifications efforts of numerous university and standards development. Rand is a This suite of services helps allow owners from both the Building Commissioning corporate entities, he is an expert at member of the AIA Chicago Board of to manage and evaluate properties Association and the Association of Energy HvAC and control system analysis, Directors, the USgBC Market Advisory effectively throughout all stages of the Engineers. He is active in professional commissioning, optimization and Committee and the Underwriters building lifecycle. associations from the local to national troubleshooting. He specializes in energy Laboratories UL Environment Council, Joe is also one of Cannon Design’s most levels, in areas ranging from commissioning auditing, benchmarking and demand- and in 2010 he helped the AIA Large accomplished project managers. His to engineering, energy efficiency, and side energy planning. His professional firm Round Table develop the 2030 expertise in technical detailing, project sustainability. He has project experience publications have focused on innovative Commitment recording protocol and tools, organization and execution, along with covering over a million square feet of LEED applications of systems approaches and which allow architectural firms to measure a thorough knowledge of the contract registered and certified buildings in roles data analysis to improve buildings’ energy their progress toward driving the industry administration process, provides Joe including commissioning, measurement & efficiency and performance. to carbon-neutral buildings over the next with the ability to successfully manage verification, and project management. twenty years. Mike was recently named one of scheduling and budgetary issues on Consulting Specifying Engineer projects of all types, including educational, magazine’s 2010, 40 under 40. municipal and commercial. SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | TEam EXpErTiSE 23
  • 24. For more information, please contact us at Cannon Design. Michael Tillou Director of Energy Services Grand Island Tel. 716 774.3550 Rand K. Ekman Director of Sustainable Design Chicago Tel. 312 960.8146 Michael Eardley Director of Commissioning Services Boston Tel. 617 517.6249 Joe Cassata Director of Comprehensive Facilities Optimization Grand Island Tel. 716 774.3258 Chris Lambert Sustainability Services Business Leader Chicago Tel. 312 960.8339 clambert@cannondesign.comSUSTAINABILITY SERVICES | BUILDING LIFE | SECTION 24
  • 25. Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Calgary, Chicago,Houston, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York,Phoenix, San Francisco, Shanghai, St. Louis,Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Washington DC