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Canned Banners for Local Ad Sales Teams
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Canned Banners for Local Ad Sales Teams


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Learn how the Canned Banners self-serve banner ad maker can help online ad sales teams be more successful.

Learn how the Canned Banners self-serve banner ad maker can help online ad sales teams be more successful.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Hi, this is a quick walkthrough of how Canned Banners can help you sell online ad space to local and small businesses.
  • First of all, what is Canned Banners? Canned Banners is an online tool for creating Flash banner ads. It’s really easy. We offer a gallery of pre-designed, pre-animated templates to choose from. You pick a template then add your own text, photos and images. So a person with no graphic design expertise can create finished ads in literally a few minutes.
  • So if you sell online ad space to SMBs and local businesses, you don’t ever need to worry about whether your client has ads ready to run. If you have a client who’s maybe budget-sensitive or new to online advertising, you can quickly get them up and running with Canned Banners. In this way, Canned Banners is just removing yet another obstacle to closing sales.
  • You probably already have a design resource that you use, whether it’s an in-house team or an outside agency. Canned Banners is just another option that you can keep in your back pocket. We fill the need when a design job needs to be quick and inexpensive. So, for example, if you’ve got a client who’s ready to go with a test campaign and you want to get them up and running ASAP, Canned Banners may make a lot more sense than blowing half the campaign budget on ad design and spending several days waiting for ads to be designed from scratch. With Canned Banners, you can quickly make your ads, send them off to your trafficker or ad ops, and then move on to the next sale.
  • Another really awesome feature for sales reps is the fact that Canned Banners makes a really good prospecting tool. When you find a good prospect and you want to help them understand what they’re going to get from an online advertising campaign, what you can do is go to their website, grab their logo and a photo or two and build a draft banner ad that’s customized for their business. This doesn’t cost you anything. You can save the ad and then send a preview link to your prospect. This is going to give you a lot more ammunition than just a marketing brochure and it’s going to make the client’s decision that much simpler.
  • This is just a quick illustration of you save a draft banner ad and send a preview link to a prospect. When you’re building an ad, there’s a ‘save’ button in the lower left. Once you’ve saved an ad, you can grab a preview link and paste that into an email. When your prospect clicks the link, they’ll see a banner ad that’s been fully customized for their business.
  • So you can save draft banners for free. You only pay when you want to download your finished ads. Our list prices start at $50 for a single banner ad size. That goes up to $100 for all three banner sizes from a set. And if you want to have a discussion about custom pricing, just let us know. We can arrange team discounts, prepay discounts, subscription plans, per-seat plans. We just want to make sure that your costs are going to match your sales model.
  • And I want to stress here that because you can save draft banners for free, you can wait to pay for the ads until after you’ve gotten client approval. So there’s no risk. Canned Banners doesn’t get paid until you get paid.
  • When you purchase your finished banner ads, we’ll send you your animated Flash files plus static JPEG backups. Our ad files meet very standard requirements, so there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues. If you hve any concerns about technical requirements, we’d be happy to talk to your ad ops team.
  • And if you need something that falls outside our standard specs, we can make custom modifications to our templates. This can range anywhere from small code tweaks to specialized designs. So if your team sells a lot of ads space to auto dealers, we can work with you to develop templates that your team can re-use again and again over multiple campaigns.
  • We can also customize the banner ad preview screen that your clients will see. We can update the page so that your logo is front and center when your clients are previewing their banner ads.
  • Our billing process is really standard. We typically charge on a monthly basis based on the banner ads that you’ve exported out of the system. Like we covered earlier, we don’t charge for banner ads that you save as drafts, just the ones that you choose to export. That way you’ve always got complete control over your costs. And we include the client name for every line item, so you can match everything back to your sales.
  • And that’s how Canned Banners can help you sell online ad campaigns to local and small businesses. If you want to talk to us, just send an email to You can also read more and test out our ad builder at our website. Thanks a lot for watching.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Solutions for Local Ad Sales Teams |
    • 2. What is Canned Banners?
      Canned Banners is an easy-to-use online tool that you can use to create Flash banner ads for your clients.
      Pick a template
      Add text, photos, logo
      A customized ad!
    • 3. Do you sell online ad space to SMBs?
      Don’t let a lack of ad creative be an obstacle to your sales!
      SMBs want to advertise online, but many lack the budget and expertise to develop high-quality ad creative.
      Sales reps can use Canned Banners to quickly design effective, polished ads for local SMBs.
      This business owner wants to advertise online.
      Quickly design ads for his campaign using Canned Banners.
    • 4. Faster and cheaper than traditional design
      You may already have in-house designers or a go-to design agency. Think of Canned Banners as an additional automated resource you can rely on.
      • Less expensive. Save 90% or more compared to using a designer or an agency.
      • 5. No waiting. Design your ads in minutes instead of spending days or weeks working with a designer.
    • Use Canned Banners as a prospecting tool
      You can make banner ads and send free preview links to your prospects.
      A custom-designed banner ad will grab a prospect’s attention better than brochures and demographic charts.
      Here’s an example of a free preview link:
    • 6. How to send free preview links to your clients
      Design a banner and save it for free
      Go to your saved banners to grab
      the preview link…
      Send the preview link
      to your prospect!
    • 7. How is Canned Banners priced?
      We charge based on finished banner ads that you download from our site. You never pay for draft ads that you save.
      * Volume/team discounts and custom pricing are available.
    • 8. Did we mention it’s risk-free?
      You can wait until your client has approved the ads before buying them. This means there’s no risk to creating spec ads.

      Insertion Order
    • 9. Technical specs
      Basic technical specs for Canned Banners ad files. Custom modifications possible; see next slide for details.
      • Three most common IAB sizes: 160x600, 300x250, 728x90
      • 10. For each banner created, you get an animated SWF plus static JPEG backup
      • 11. SWF file size 30K – 50K (can be adjusted to meet your creative specs)
      • 12. Standard ClickTAG code embedded (can be customized per your specs)
      • 13. Actionscript 3 / Flash Player 10
    • Custom template design
      Does your team need a specific type of ad template? We can create custom designs to meet any requirements.
      • Custom banner sizes (e.g., 468x60, 300x600)
      • 14. Dynamic templates (e.g., XML-driven)
      • 15. Custom industry verticals (e.g., automotive)
      • 16. Branded or proprietary fonts
      • 17. Specific color schemes
      • 18. Custom code or scripts
    • White labeling
      We can add your company’s branding to the banner preview screens that your clients see.
    • 19. Easy billing
      It’s simple: we send you an invoice every month for the finished ads you’ve purchased.
    • 20. Contact us
      If you think we might be able to help streamline your online ad sales, please contact us.