TERRA International                                          2012        Mission                            Vision        ...
A                                     Welcome  Welcome to Terra LTD, an international company that provides a wide range o...
TERRA DEVELOPMENT   Terra International is a global hospitality related real-estate development and management company. We...
TERRA’S SECRET                  Sale & LeasebackIn Terra’s experience of over 25 years, certain factorshave been found to ...
• From project planning & design through final construction   TERRA SOLUTIONS                                     Developm...
TERRA INVESTTodays hospitality sector seems to be growingexponentially into all directions, thus investmentopportunities h...
A. Parador Resort                    B. The Preserve at Albanoi               C. Mautendorf Ski ResortManuel Antonio, Cost...
TERRA HOTELSFor Terra success in the hospitality industry consists of more thanproviding return of investment. We understa...
TERRA HOTELSPegasos Resort*****                    Club Resort Atlantis*****                   River Kwai Resort*****Alany...
Dear Clients, Friends &       Associates,Our mission is to thoroughlyunderstand and realize the needs ofowners,     invest...
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Terra Presentation 2013


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Terra Presentation 2013

  1. 1. TERRA International 2012 Mission Vision The impossible isTo thoroughly understand To create unique products often the untried…and realize the needs of that withstand the sense ofowners, investors and end time and become soughtconsumers, to consistently after classics.surpass their expectations bydelivering successful solutionswith a comprehensive service. terra@terrahotels.com www.terrahotels.com
  2. 2. A Welcome Welcome to Terra LTD, an international company that provides a wide range of services to the hospitality industry specializing in resort development, operations and consulting. Through 25 years of experience, Terra has gained in depth knowledge on all aspects of the business and thus successfully strikes for solutions to maximize owner’s returns and realize their investment expectations. Whether it is a multi- million dollar mixed use luxury resort project or a small family budget hotel business, Terra LTD strike with a clear definition of a propertys position and potential for a maximum result, even with a tight financial plan. Terra International takes pride in balancing the needs of owners, guests, associates and communities in which it operates. Terra LTD focuses on four main divisions, which are vital to the understanding of its multi-operational organization. However, Terra LTD is not solely limited to these four functions, but also welcomes other operations, as well as the functioning of the divisions either separately, or upon desire, in conjunction with other divisions. Terra Terra Terra TerraDevelopment Solutions Invest HotelsTerra’s comprehensive Terra’s range of services International investment Terra’s resolution forhospitality development for all hospitality needs opportunities in various successful world-wide services scales hotel operations 2
  3. 3. TERRA DEVELOPMENT Terra International is a global hospitality related real-estate development and management company. We specialize in giving our clients a complete package, where every issue from procuring the land to successfully managing the resort or hotel with our unique management system that allows the owner to have real-time updates on their property. Our expertise are in delivering a complete package with a concept and design idea that is followed through the whole project and gives the end product a strong red line that can be seen in every detail of the product. With Terra hiring an architect, a contractor, a designer, a management company and making sure they all work in unison becomes redundant. Terra’s team and network includes every type of professional that is necessary for a successful project. Our worldwide network allows us to deliver high quality at a low cost and our management expertise allows us to deliver every detail on time with the utmost workmanship. WHAT IS UNIQUE? We target an ROI of more than 30%. We offer an A to Z package; we will do it all to highest expectations. We create unique life style concepts that do not only sound lavish but also actually appeal to the customer segment. We give owners a tool that allows for real time financial and operational insight into the property; waiting for financial forecasts and P&L statements are a thing of the past with TERRA. Benchmarking & Development Permit Off plan sales Building Pre-openingPhase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Market Study Preparation of sample Life Style Design rooms Tender Documents Operation of the Architectural Concept Development Execution Construction of Project residences & Feasibility Study restaurants Construction Master Plan Construction Permit Supervision Resort/hotel Preparation of sales Management Business Plan brochures & legal agreements Procurement (FF&E, DS) Exterior & Interior Design Markeitng Architectural Negotiations with Real Interior Design Estate Agencies Execution conceptual design & plans Sales presentations & negotiations Completion of Project 3
  4. 4. TERRA’S SECRET Sale & LeasebackIn Terra’s experience of over 25 years, certain factorshave been found to be the key role players in thesuccess of a sale and leaseback project. Terrabelieves to have developed an expertise in this fieldas it has fostered a goal of financial success forowners and shareholders, which is verified to greatlydiffer from the intentions of large hotel chainoperators.The new sale and lease back program combined witha hospitality project secures the bank a first andsecond profit center. The sale of the apartments andthe hotel operation not only complement each other,but also absorb a possible poor financial situation ofeach other. If the absorption pace may be lower thananticipated, the cash flow is still secured by theresort income, and vice versa. Even in a worst-casescenario, such a dual function of the project is themost attractive variant for a possible sale to a thirdparty.As there are numerous parties that need to besatisfied, the demands that are placed on such aproject greatly differ from a pure real estate projector pure hotel project. First, the apartments,common/social facilities and landscaping must beattractive enough to interest buyers. The personaltaste of the buyer is a crucial factor, thus this must beexpertly researched in order to achieve the highestpossible sales. For e.g. what will achieve a highersales price and/or a better absorption pace - a livingroom with a tiled floor, or a wooden floor?In the second instance, the apartments must beattractive enough to appeal to holiday guests; theirrequirements might significantly differ from abuyer’s (which type of flooring would a touristchoose?). The project must also take into accountnot only these two aspects, but also the requirementsfor proficient and effective resort operations, wherework efficiency and flow, power rating, andadaptability to cope with the ever-changing tourismmarket, are just some of the necessities (whichflooring is here the right choice, for cleaning anddurability purposes?).Keeping the balance between these different interestsis of the utmost importance thus professionalknowledge and experience in this unique field iscrucial for success. Terra LTD prides itself in itsknowledge, experience and success in this field andthus can offer its services with confidence. The valuein Terra’s expertise cannot be measured in the“savings” that will be conveyed but in theprofessional execution of a successful project with aquick absorption pace and high operational profits. 4
  5. 5. • From project planning & design through final construction TERRA SOLUTIONS Development or refurbishment, TERRA LTD provides comprehensive development and expertise.Since every project has unique characteristics, itis our goal to provide tailor made solutions inevery step we take. The advantages of having allessential elements processed from one single Re- • Our involvement in the renovation or re-devoplment of under performing properties ranges from complete re-source build the basis for a wide-ranging series of postioning based upon strategic plans to re-furbishinghighly successful projects. Development during ongoing operations.Providing professional solutions at highest • We provide a compelte range of services in all pre-standards has over the years led to a great number opening phases. At this stage, detailed operationalof satisfied clients and partners. The industrialrecognition and our expertise enable us to realize Pre-Opening planning combined with a clear overview must be performed to ensure a harmonic opening & successfulsmall scale as well as multi million dollar projects operation of the property.at the highest possible degree of professionalism. • I n todays competitive environment, successful Resort organization will be those that focus on principles that directly relate to guest satisfaction, professional staff, and Operations quality management techniques that maximize the return of investment and property value. • We implement a full service financial analysis on each Financial property. Each property will be analyzed based on pre- determined standards and efficiencies and against industry norms based on the particular country. • Of crucial importance is the need to recruit an attentive Human and skilled workforce, one who can deliver the promised quality product and service. Developing and maintaining a committed, competent, well-managed and well motivated Resources team is one of the biggest challenges in todays hospitality industry. 5
  6. 6. TERRA INVESTTodays hospitality sector seems to be growingexponentially into all directions, thus investmentopportunities have risen in all directions offeringinvestors a wide array of choices and possibilities.Terra LTD has in-depth knowledge and experience inthis sector and being a company that truly understandsthe needs of customers, employees and investors itchooses not only visionary projects but projects thatare secure potentials. Thus, Terra LTD offers realestate opportunities in the hospitality sector of theirown selected projects for a lasting investment. A B CThe development of a new (mixed-use) Terra LTD has produced numerous A. Hashabah Cityresort or hotel is dynamic in nature and a market, feasibility and situation analysis Khartoum, Sudancomplex undertaking; as it combines studies, as a solid base for business and 345 Rooms & 246 Villasmulti-layers of different, professional conceptual strategy plans. Our Land: 100 hastructures that must be developed and involvement in the development process ROI: 76%integrated into the main frame. This can ranges from participating in pre-present multi-faceted issues and assembled groups, to engaging and B. Villarschallenges for owners, operators, lenders coordinating a compatible development Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerlandand builders. Only experience, team typically comprising of architects, 22 Chalets & 62 Residences & 55 Roomscombined with skill and innovation, civil engineers, contractors and Land: 8.7 haprovide the expertise necessary to designers, delivering a turnkey product. ROI: 51%navigate through such complexities andchallenges to deliver a project with We are passionately committed to C. Secret Harbor providing a un-outdo-able guestoptimum design and efficiency, Grenadawithstanding all guests’ demands and experience and delivering exceptional return of investment as resort/hotel 22 Villas & 24 Suites & Marinaanticipations, within the cost parameters Land: 3,7 hathat enable operational success. developers and managers. ROI: 56% 6
  7. 7. A. Parador Resort B. The Preserve at Albanoi C. Mautendorf Ski ResortManuel Antonio, Costa Rica Durres, Albania Mautendorf, Austria92 Residences & 40 Penthouses 288 Residences & 300 Villas 55 Residences & 30 ChaletsLand: 5.3 ha Land: 214 ha Land: 8 haROI: 75% ROI: 59% ROI: 40%D. Taganaan Resort E. Levera Beach Resort F. Casa de Campo IITaganaan Island, Philippines St. Patricks, Grenada Dominican Republic450 Residences & 450 Villas 200 Villas 1500 Rooms & 300 VillasLand: 300 ha Land: 150 ha Land: 1700 haROI: 104% ROI: 59% ROI: 71%G. Petit Mustique H. Bequia I. Desert ResortSt. Vincent & Grenadines St. Vincent & Grenadines Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.110 Residences & 40 Villas 40 Residences & 28 Villas 500 RoomsLand: 40 ha Land: 8 ha Land: 12 haROI: 45% ROI: 70% ROI: 68% for more please see our website www.terrahotels.com A B C A B D E F DG EH FI 7
  8. 8. TERRA HOTELSFor Terra success in the hospitality industry consists of more thanproviding return of investment. We understand what owners, investorsand guests expect from us: a financially fruitful partnership, tailored tospecific needs, a complete service range and a unique experience.We achieve this level of success through professional leadership, solidoperations, aggressive sales and marketing, content and well-trainedemployees delivering excellent guest services and timely financialinformation. Our innovative yet proven expertise in the hospitalityindustry enables us to focus on the nuanced factors of hotel management& optimizing the work process enabling strong financial returns.We create memorable lifestyle experiences for guests through storylinesthat emphasize and blend the unique aspects of property amenities;location and associate talent that transform an ordinary hotel/resort stayinto a special event.With extensive knowledge in the hospitality business & based on yearsof direct experience in the hotel & resort business as owners &investors, Terra is uniquely qualified to maximize the success & to turnaround distressed and under-performing properties into highly profitableassets. Desert Resort, U.A.E. Sunrise All Suites Resort, Bulgaria Secret Harbor, Grenada
  9. 9. TERRA HOTELSPegasos Resort***** Club Resort Atlantis***** River Kwai Resort*****Alanya, Turkey Izmir, Turkey River Kwai, ThailandHoliday Resort Destination Resort Boutique Resort474 Rooms - 15 F&B Outlets 303 Rooms - 8 F&B Outlets 100 Villas - 3 F&B Outlets GOP 43% GOP 49% GOP 48%Blumenhotel**** Sunrise All Suites Resort**** Club Marmara****St. Veit/Glan, Austria Obzor, Bulgaria EgyptBusiness Hotel Holiday All Suites Resort Holiday Resort110 Rooms – 2 F&B Outlets 150 Suites & 80 Apartments – 5 F&B 450 Rooms – 10 F&B Outlets GOP 32% GOP 45% GOP 51%Palma Riva Resort**** St. George & Neptune Beach Hotel President****Morocco St. Augustine, Florida TunisiaHoliday Resort Boutique Hotel Holiday Resort320 Rooms – 6 F&B Outlets 161 Rooms – 3 F&B Outlets 346 Rooms – 6 F&B Outlets GOP 44% GOP 36% GOP 52% for more please see our website www.terrahotels.com
  10. 10. Dear Clients, Friends & Associates,Our mission is to thoroughlyunderstand and realize the needs ofowners, investors and endconsumers, to consistently surpasstheir expectations by deliveringsuccessful solutions with acomprehensive service. Bycombining innovative andsustainable resolutions with highfinancial reward, we aim to createhospitality destinations for todaywithout compromising the future forgenerations to come.At TERRA, we’re building on ourheritage of creating innovative, Partners & Clientssolutions for the hospitality industry,we aspire to be leaders in theindustry and to join forces with like-minded companies, investors andconsumers to make a difference forfuture generations. Partners & clientsWe are at the beginning of ourjourney and we have a long-way togo but we have an incredible team atTERRA and we are committed,passionate and excited about makingan impact and hope you will join us.We absolutely welcome yourthoughts and ideas. a. canip oezkul C.E.O.TERRA INTERNATIONAL LTDP.O. BOX 25798Dubai, U.A.E.T. +971 56 7242 171T. +43 676 7878 222f. +971 4 347 9996e. terra@terrahotels.comw. www.terrahotels.comDisclaimer and ConfidentialityThis document is for information only. Neither Terra LLC nor any of the data or content providers shall be liable for any errors in the content. Informationdisclosed herein should be considered proprietary and confidential. The document is the property of Terra LLC and may be not disclosed, distributed orreproduced without the express written of Terra LLC.