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  • people find that they can pick a skateboarder out of a crowd, different is wrong to the narrow minded so with the immidiate draw of attention the sport is already misrepresented. a long history of property damage and steriotypes dosent help much either, the skateboarder has become synonamous with drug abuse and rebellion\n\nBIG DUMB CHERADE born ugly magazine rob lee\n
  • older generations are experiencing the sport for what it has grown into.\npeople relate to whan the had a fishtail in the 80’s and stop and watch skateboarding when their flipping through the channels. or they look at those little kids breaking stuff outside of a shopping center and hate it\n
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  • companies like zumiez and pac sun are here to cash in on the newest thing the youth is into, espn bought their way into the sport by creating a giant advertising cherade out of a vert ramp and a street course. the skaters have become well basically “a stock car” is what jay adams said to stacy peralta, stickers and logos pay your way when you sell out.\n
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  • by putting on fashion show skateboarding contest companies are able to minipulte the clothing worn by their athletes and use them as billboards. companies like mountain dew and red bull appear to be investing heavily in the sport for its growth but their really just trying to milk the income while people still think skateboardings cool\n
  • different trends within the sport have brought different times for its image, in the 80’s a visually stimulating air show known as the vert ramp attracted viewers and enthusiasts from all walks of life mostly because of its flashy approach and glam metal style, guys like geoorge powell who wasnt even a skater, started companies.\n the 90’ s brought grunge and post punk into the scene creating a more layed back approach to filming and media exposure. guys like steve rucko and rodney mullen began to elbow in\n
  • when the skateboard hape trial and error was finally over it was realized that the ultimate shape would be a symetrical popsicle stick shape with a negative rocker in the design\n
  • i have a clip of the ollie being performed and i would like to walk you through the physics of this maneuver \n
  • the nose of the board allows for the front foot to apply pressure like a lever in turn raising the tail back up to meet the back foot after takeoff. on a board without a nose the ollie is an interesting task\n
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  • the sport seems skin deep from the outside looking in, many remember the legacy of tony hawk just for his media envolvement and good nature. skateparks are always thought of as the go to thing for a skater but oddly enough itgs far from the truth. when a township builds a skatepark more than likely it will be abused vandalized and underused. the same area takes the soul out of creativity on four wheels\n
  • everyone knows there will always be bad apples in any group of individuals, skateboarding, well a little more so. drugs vandalism and loitering are all directly associated with skateparks when brought to the minds of those we need to plan and create them.\n
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  • dosent matter how you dress, what board you skate, what you skate. if your out there giving your all any other true skateboarder already has respect for regaurdless of your ability level the unimportance of skateboard fshiobn and branding\n
  • the ever bustling city enviornment allows for skating to take itself to every nook and cranny of urban construction all the way to urban decay, like a sidewalk tile thats popped up from a water main break, instant skate spot. or it could be a beautiful marble ledge just screaming out grind me. these skaters are constantly harassed by inner city bacon and renna bacon\n
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  • riot police fully suited were dispatched into the park several times, little ids getting tear gassed for skateboarding arrested, boards taken fined and brutally abused\n
  • skatings tough when you live in the middle of noware, a lot of rural areas are starting to build massive skateparks to bring culture and sport to the town and keep the kids out of trouble. but before that there was the vert ramp. a two walled ramp known widely from its popularity at x games. the ramp is built easily and has unlimited possibility which keeps a level playing feild for everyone who skates one.\n
  • the park is literally beautiful while the city is literally crumbling. the locals that skate rip and are great kids. the kids who lurk at the park and dont skate are dirty hoods, clear benefit for the community\n
  • skating vert or street was a good excuse for a while.\n“i dont skate vert” or i dont skate “street” would get you by but is becoming obvious that anyone with decent board control is ignorant for not skating everything. when the excuse is presented to me i just pity the narrow view of the person. as seen in the pictures above, bowls and staircases are becoming ne in the next generation of skating\n
  • unique styles are created from exposure to multiple types of skateboarding. when this can be created within one project you have a recipe for extreme skill and beautiful progression within the town and the sport\n
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  • carlos biazza and a group of renegade skateboarders began the project with a giant wall that was written in the paper to be a giant intimidating bunker like structure.\n all concrete bought with raised money\nthe group effort is what keeps the drive alive\n
  • many skaters want to skate slowly, with percision lamely, and thats just fine but when theres a raging session at the park. and you wunna toots around a 3.2 mph your gonna get a bit of bs. dont hate the park or the skaters, hate your ability level\n
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  • though it may be hard t understand and or document, with the amount of skateboard footage i have reviewed i can clearly see the distinction between a slow beat music taste and a hardcore music taste in a skateboarders style. a heavier effort into the perfection of a trick comes from a slower and more dialed approach to skateboarding. a punk rock approach just screams go fast and hold on tight\n
  • recently picking up drums i feel the same creative buzz wether playing or skating. wether it be my own music or skateboarding, its playing by my rule. \n
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  • Sgppp

    1. 1. Shreddings e a n k i r k p a t r i c k
    2. 2. thesiseducate the world on the true values ofskateboardingget rid of the black and white view of the sportdisclaim the media’s portrayal on the sportfinally show the posotive light skateboardingdeserves
    3. 3. personal relevanceSkateboarding is gnarlyalways been a major part of my lifedirectly ties to art and expressionhas enhanced my ability to create and viewthe world differently
    4. 4. skateboarding and its imagethe many faces of the sport make its imageone that is hard to grasp,brews speculation and misconceptionmostly youth participating in itblack cloud of stereotype
    5. 5. imageskateboarding is just recently starting to berecognized as a real sportx games and street league’s televised eventshave begun to make an impact on the mindsof those outside the sport looking in
    6. 6. contrarywhat the viewer dosent notice is what it tookfor that contest to get on tvsoul saleenergy drinks?
    7. 7. fashion showget the trick, but worry more about logoplacement.winning sells product, win or get cutwhen you win show the bottom of yourboard!! billboard style
    8. 8. lets see those stickers!!!
    9. 9. ad-space for cooks!
    10. 10. the stereotypethe main view is the competition and retail ofthe sportESPN’s x games and mall skate shops take allthe credit for the sports successthe true skaters are fighting tooth and nail fora place to skate, not for neon clothing andyellow helmets
    11. 11. gagskateboarder reality shows?
    12. 12. realismespn and high end retail would never touchthe sport if it wasnt making big moneythese companies give back to the sportminimally, and usually just for freeadvertising
    13. 13. how we got herethe 80’s and 90’s had polar opposite affects onthe sport80’s bought in a newskool aerial assault, and thebeginning of corperate companies.90’s brought the streets into the game and actualskateboarders began to take control of theindustry
    14. 14. shaping of the sport80’s began to introduce a wider skateboardwith a kick tail. this allowed for manuvers tobe popped on flat groundinbetween the late 80’s and early 90’s a nosewas added to the skateboard
    15. 15. the modern shapea new school shaped skateboard had bothnose and tail to maximize control, and aninward rockerallows for readjustment of the skateboardspitch while airborne
    16. 16. flaws in past designs70’sa very thin board with thiner trucks was thenormvery little other than riding was possibleno tail or nose, incapable of maneuvers
    17. 17. the flaws in past shapes80’sthe fishtails lack of a nose and large heavydesign made flat ground manuevers nearlyimpossibleit was built exclusively to ride up and downramps, a large platform and added control tohandle speed
    18. 18. mainstreamto the occasional skateboard enthusiast thesport stands as a fairly new alternative sport.tony hawkskateparkskidstownship space
    19. 19. townshipsevery kid wants a skatepark in their town,everyone it takes to get it done knows theconsvandalismloiteringusage stop
    20. 20. subculturesubculture makes the freedom of the sportmusic, terrain, landscape, and attitude defineskateboarders style on and off the boardincreases the oportunity for the sports growthby creating nich’es
    21. 21. edit yourselfnot giving a hoot what whos doing whereits all about your own expression when itcomes to the skateboardskaters dont care
    22. 22. subcultureinner city styles are generally asssociated withurban hip-hop, and a more devoted efforttoward clothing.the urban landscape creates a playground ofpossibilities and freedom
    23. 23. urban
    24. 24. love parkthe battle for philadelphia was a very realtimelove park was closed from the public in orderto spend millions of tax payer money on antiskateboarding rennovationspolicia
    25. 25. subculturetowards a more rural area one will begin tosee a more focused area of skateboardingless things to skate meens you get good atwhat you havemore vert ramp and skatepark devotion
    26. 26. york paa small struggling town now has givendirection to their youtha large concrete skatepark was built inmemory of a skateboarder from their townkids who would otherwise be in some allygetting high or worse are now given theoption to skate
    27. 27. subculturethe gray area in style is a great improvementin the sportthe next generation of skateboarders isbeginning to embrace all elements of the sportgrant taylor
    28. 28. york continuedthe park contains mimmiced features fromcity enviornments along with a full sizedinground bowl.this is a great attribute to learn from
    29. 29. FDR 666possibly the gnarliest skatepark on the eastcoastrawest concretebest vibehardcore mentality
    30. 30. !fdr!fdr was built as a direct action against thebust at love parkindividuals wantd control of their skate scene,so they took it
    31. 31. hatinggnarly transitionsepic sessionshectic atmosphere
    32. 32. rural
    33. 33. board control
    34. 34. the law
    35. 35. the youth
    36. 36. magazines
    37. 37. core
    38. 38. musicmusic listening directly influinces theskateboarders on board styletricks, ride aways, spot selection and attitudeall play a partslow= stylish fast=hardcore
    39. 39. musicvery much like music, skateboarding providesa creative release for participantsinstruments and skateboards both serve asempty canvas for the creative mindboth embrace the rythem of human motionand expression
    40. 40. money hunters