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Pitch Workshop Startup Live Istanbul 11/2012


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  • @OYUNDER : beni LinkedIn'de ekliyebilirmisin, orada konusalim: Can Ertugrul
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  • Can Bey merhaba. Sunumlarınız gayet başarılı. İstanbul'da yeni kurlan Türkiye'nin ilk Oyun Tasarımcıları, Geliştiricileri Yapım ve Yayıncıları Derneği Oyunder olarak Oyun geliştiricilerimize projelerinin sunumu hakkında öğretebileceğiniz çok şey olduğunu düşünmekteyiz. Siz bu konuya nasıl bakarsınız? Yani Türkiye'de yapacağımız bir etkinlikte bize destek verme konusuna.
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  • @All Viewers: To clarify a possible confusion, this presentation was shared as it was with the audience who watched it at Startup Live Istanbul. As it was not adapted for public Slideshare audience (did not expect that many non-audience viewers), a quick explanation:

    1.) Slides 6 - 32 represent a (fast-paced) demo pitch in 5 mins
    2.) Afterwards there was a presentation + discussion based on the crowd-sourced pitching advise from all pitching coaches during the Startup Challenge @ Pioneers Festival (Vienna, Oct. 2012) for selected Top 50 startups.
    3.) On Slide 23 you can see all of the coaches => Special thanks to all of you!
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  • Hi Jeanne,

    thanks. Honestly, I did not expect that many people viewing the slides, otherwise I would have adapted (and checked for spelling errors) instead of rushing to upload it immeadiately after the presentation, so the audience (ongoing entrepreneurs who were in need of preparing their own pitches) could access it instantly ;-)

    Would be great to meet up. I'll definitely let you know when I am in Prague the next time
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  • Thanks for the explanation, Can. I think it would be really useful to share your knowledge about pitching & startup competitions in a Slideshare format - specifically for online readers. It would have a lot more impact than a slideshow meant for a live audience (like this one) because the people that weren't there miss out on the message & feel let down by the title of the slideshow.
    Hope to meet you sometime in Prague! Jeanne
    PS There are a lot of spelling errors!
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  • 1. PitchingEssentialsby Can Ertugrul
  • 2. Crowdsourced pitching advise
  • 3. COINflip Ventures
  • 4. We are flipping around the way early stage investments are made
  • 5. “… most angel investors probably lose moneyon their deals… very few investments makemoney…”* An unknown investor from the Valley
  • 6. 56% of Angel investmentsexit at a loss* * According to 2009 BBAA report
  • 7. Why?
  • 8. „We simply cannot predict…“
  • 9.
  • 11. We make at least ½ of all our Angel Investments successful ** In average, instead of 56% Angel investments exiting at a loss in average, so at least +6% R.O.I.
  • 12. BIZ MODELCOINflipVentures %
  • 13. Participants in Startup Available Risk Events Austria Capital per Capita* 170 $ 75 $ 5.6 $ 1.9 $ Israel USA EU Austria 2005 2011 2012 increasing demand BUT low supply* Estimations based on reports by EVCA (no significant increase expected)
  • 14. COINflipVentures
  • 15. They spend too much time listening tppitches and trying to predict the future + They do NOT have what WE have COINflip Ventures
  • 16. No expensive Due Diligence
  • 17. BUT our BIGGESTunfair advantage is something else
  • 18. Board of Investors Board of Advisors Thomas Tiroch  Lukas Hudecek John Zerihoun  Matej Flacnik Vlad Stan  Marco Vitula Benjamin Rohe  Lukas Fittl Bernhard Thalhammer  Thomas Tödtling  Roman Pable  Schien Ninan +The Unknown Investor  Mark Tuttlefrom the Valley + Colette Ballou
  • 19. 200+ events / year Startup Acquisition Costs
  • 20. We are flipping around the way early stage investments are made
  • 21. We are flipping around the way YOU get money
  • 22. BackupSlides
  • 23. Founders:30+ startup events / year Investors Board: 70+ events / year Advisory Board: 100+ events / year
  • 24. Google FuturelyticsDaily Vists 20,000 10 Nov 31 Dec 1
  • 25. Going Forward 50 Investments Full Launch 10 Investments Public Beta Term SheetsSeed Phase Today Dec `12 Jan `13 Q1 `13 Q2 `13
  • 26. Crowdsourced pitching advise
  • 27. 1. Most important topics for structure2. Tipps for slide creation & preperation 3. Tipps for delivery
  • 28. 1.Structure
  • 29. One Suggestion In an ideal scenario, if you haveenough time, you want to mention (only) the most important things of following topics…. [Move Details to Backup Slides for Q&A]
  • 30. 0. One-Liner1. Problem2. Solution & Product3. Market & Potential4. Team & Skills5. Business Model & Going to Market6. Competitors & Unfair Advantage7. Facts, Figures & Traction8. What do you need? (Outlook)9. Backup Slides
  • 31. 2.Preperation
  • 32. Slides as visual aidsFrom 57th International Advertising Festival in Cannes
  • 33. "If you cant explain it simply, youdont understand it well enough."- Albert Einstein
  • 34. CoreWhat is the core ofwhat you do?
  • 35. "I am sorry I have had to write yousuch a long letter, but I did not havetime to write you a short one”- Blaise Pascal
  • 36. K.I.S.S. the Core
  • 37. Be or make it unique
  • 38. K.I.S.S. the Core YOU Prepare for audience
  • 39. 3.Delivery
  • 40. You want to win!
  • 41. Engage audience
  • 42. Confident, not arrogant
  • 43. Hold eye contact
  • 44. Use plain & clear language
  • 45. Lessons Learned
  • 46. Pitchers who are roastedColette Dave
  • 47. General Feedback (last 4 mins) is very valuable Watch video of „Roasted“ session at
  • 48. stARTistsCANdo Can Ertugrul