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Pitch and Networking Workshop Startup Weekend Kosice

Pitch and Networking Workshop Startup Weekend Kosice






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    Pitch and Networking Workshop Startup Weekend Kosice Pitch and Networking Workshop Startup Weekend Kosice Presentation Transcript

    • SUW Kosice Pitch
    • What are WE going to talk about today?
    • 1. Pitching Fundamentals2. Slide Preperation3. Investors Perspective4. Networking
    • 1. Pitching Fundamentals
    • Anytime
    • Art not Science
    • What is a Pitch?
    • Pitch ? ? ?Your Theirhead heads Never enough time
    • A (Start-up) Pitch
    • Pitching Universe
    • Investor Pitch
    • Friends Pitch
    • Back of Napkin Pitch
    • Elevator Pitch
    • Conference Pitch
    • „Impressing the Ladies“ Pitch
    • ?
    • In general for whole universe
    • “Everything youachieve, youwill achievewith or throughother people.”
    • YOUFor example „SUW Kosice“
    • You arehere
    • Startup Week 2011
    • Pitching forSuccess
    • If so important, you would thinkpeople work hard to do it well….
    • A European comparision?
    • ~ 500 pitchesReally good ones: ~ 20 (that I acctually remember)
    • We have aproblem in Europe!
    • People are dying…
    • …and dying….
    • …ok, some manage to survive…
    • …. but it is an epidemic…
    • …that covers Europe
    • Name of the disease: B.P.P.
    • BadPresentations & Pitches
    • but NOT (powerpoint) bullets kill people
    • people killPeople!
    • YOU (potentially) 1. Kill people 2. Waste opportunities3. Contribute to epidemic
    • Good news!!!
    • Pitching & Presenting can be TRAINED
    •  Right mindset (hopefully now)
    • Pitching Universe
    • YOU? Who of you was there?
    • YOU?Who of you was there?
    • Vs.What is more important?
    • Center of the universe
    • Pitching = inspiring
    • Pitching = selling
    • Pitching = convincing
    • But pitching requires more!
    • Let‘s think about the „center“
    • Remember?I bet you are inside here Pitch ? ? ? Your Their head heads
    • Get out of YOUR head
    • First thing to do Pitch ? ? ? Your Their head heads You have to get inside here
    • YOUWhat do YOU (as audience) want?
    • "I am sorry I have had to write yousuch a long letter, but I did not havetime to write you a short one”- Blaise Pascal
    • "If you cant explain it simply, youdont understand it well enough."- Albert Einstein
    • K.I.S.S.S.
    • Visualize!
    • Relate to know things
    • The Unknown meeting The Known „…it is like GPS, but for indoors.“
    • Clarity
    • AuthenticityFind a unique part…
    • Connection EmotionExcitement Retention
    • Investor PitchElevator PitchOne Liner
    • Structure
    • Anatomy of a One-Liner Adeo Ressi (Founder Institute)
    • Anatomy 1 – Elevator PitchYou Solution Problem Your Need
    • Anatomy 2 – Elevator PitchYou Satisfaction Need Your Need
    • Anatomy 3 – Elevator PitchYou „Product“ Vision Your Need
    • Bad PitchYou Solution Problem
    • But there is another way
    • The king died. The queen died.The king died, and thenthe queen died of grief.
    • Story = Structure
    • The forgotten Half of the Pitch
    • Magic formulaEmotion
    • 2. Slide Preperation
    • 3 Steps
    • 1. Preperation* 2. Focus 3. Process* Creating a good presentation starts far before designing the first slide!
    • PREperation
    • Unplug
    • Gather
    • Think before doing
    • Focus
    • Audience
    • YOUR Reason**Different reason why you want to present = different presentation
    • Core What is the core of what you do?
    • “Perfection is achieved, not whenthere is nothing more to add, butwhen there is nothing left to takeaway”-Antoinede Saint-Exupéry
    • Ready to go
    • Process
    • Back to basics**Use one piece of paper per slide and start basic drafting
    • Storyline**Fit to a „story“ and add more details to draft
    • Refine**Rearrange, add, remove slides & refine drafted slides, content & storyline (reasearch missing parts)
    • Design*57th International Advertising Festival in Cannes
    • 1. Preperation Three broad2. Focus steps for creating good presentations3. Process
    • 3. Investors Perspective
    • Broad Investor Perspective**Different investors have different expectations
    • The not so secret formula
    • PP CC TT RR2P 2C 2T 2R 2PCTR
    • ValueProductPotential
    • Can we win?Competition Capital
    • Lines not dots Traction Team*Mark Suster / Bothsidesofthetable.com
    • Return Risk
    • 2PCTR2PiCTuRes **a figurative memory bridge for the abbreviation
    • *if you literally want to remember 2 pictures of this whole presentation
    • 1 Possible Structure
    • 0. One-Liner1. Problem / Need2. Solution / Satisfaction = Product (!)3. USP / Unfair advantage4. How do you make money?5. Market / Going to Market6. Team7. Status Quo8. Outlook9. Backup Slides
    • Examplehttp://investors.dressrush.com/
    • 4. Networking
    • "When I started to go on auditions, I justwanted them to like me. That wasnt theright attitude ... I started to view auditionsas my chance to solve their problem."- George Clooney
    • Special Thanks
    • 1. Design your future with your contacts2. Create your networking map3. Add value to your network4. Know your One-Liner5. Networking is a ceremony, be prepared6. Meet like an networker*7. Introduce people with each other8. Use your social network(s)9. Be known (over time)10. Continue the relationship*a person that becomes the “host” in anywhere he or she goes
    • stARTistsCANdo Can Ertugrul