The Most Tempting Map


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Citibank and street directory campaign

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The Most Tempting Map

  1. 1. T h e M o s t Te m p t i n g M a p
  2. 2. BackgroundIn Indonesia, there is a great competition among one bank andanother. Each of them shows a high effort to promote theirproducts, especially from credit card line. To attract newcustomers, they keep updating credit card promotion incollaboration with some other brands, such as : restaurant, fashionstore, hotel, etc. to give a special price and discount. This strategyseems to be worked since everyone loves SALE.
  3. 3. ProblemWith many competitors, Citibank has got their strategy bygiving many special deals to its customer. But it’s not enoughyet, because the competitions are getting tougher. Besides,there are still lots of people aren’t notice about Citibankpromotion.Objective : to help people find and notice about fantasticshopping promotion with Citibank credit card in a way thatthey can enjoy.
  4. 4. InsightUnfortunately, even when someone has got their credit card,there are many times when they find it hard to know aboutcurrent promotion and special offers. They can know it ifsomebody tell them or they unintentionally see the promotionalposter placed right in front of the stores. When this situationapplied, they may lose some fantastic deals from their favoritebrand when the period has been expired.
  5. 5. Interactive city shopping map A giant touch screen map that shows not only a direction, but also shopping directory in every large stores / malls, plus information about Citibank credit card amazing deals. People can explore the map and find any store that they look into. In some stores /areas in the map, we put a callout to show special promotion with Citibank credit card
  6. 6. When people touch the store image on a screen, it will show more details about the promotion.But when people scan any Citibank flyer or print ad showing any product promotion in it into the web cam attached in the giant screen, it will also display the large tempting image of the product.
  7. 7. Street Directory When people try to find any place in it, they will see many brand logos in certain areas. When they click the brand logos, they’ll figure out about Citibank credit card promotion Street directory is a popular location finder in Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia since it can show the real details about places and buildings.
  8. 8. Street directory mobile application with GPSnavigation technology We also create Street Directory mobile application to provide easier way for people to find information about store location and spectacular deals.
  9. 9. The information about Citibank credit cardShare It discount will also be associated with any place in foursquare to tease people with shopping temptation.
  10. 10. Results : Many people will notice and love it,because they tend to look for anyinformation in a map every time they wantto go to a place. After seeing the ‘map’, theywill visit other places nearby because of theshopping deals temptation. And many people will find it useful because many of them used to be confused about the availability of any store location in a mall or large shopping centre, e.g : Can I find Calvin Klein in this shopping mall?
  11. 11. And definitely, everyone will noticeabout the advantage of having Citibankcredit card. Since everyone loves SALE,they will be tempted to swipe the card or apply for a new one.
  12. 12. Explore the City map with Citibank and feel the temptation.Your Citi never sleeps, go there, and get it done.