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Students hoping to work in an agency leave university with a new found ability. The world is theirs to conquer, but often they are missing one core skill, one they may not even know they lack. The ability to work as part of a large digital team.

Up-Grade was conceived to help students see behind the curtain of agency life and learn how they can fit in.

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Realise Up-Grade

  1. 1. right brain left brain harmony
  2. 2. UPGRADE
  3. 3. Pay no attention tothe manHead of client service. Jessica Mullen, behind thecurtain On managing client interaction and project management.
  4. 4. How does it all work?To a student the world of agencies can seem amazing but daunting, we createmad cap ideas like drum client service. Jessica Mullen, Head of playing monkeys to sell chocolate and all the wonderfulinteractive experiences you talk about with your friends. On managing client interaction and project management. do you have the courage, heart or brains to work in placeIt can be a bit daunting,like that. Fact is, its only when a team works together that great things happen.
  5. 5. The big ideaThere are many career choices for students, for those that want to work in an agencyit’s incredibly important that they understand how the skills they learn at university fitinto a team.We wanted to give that opportunity. Not a placement, not a competition, actualexperience of every function in an agency. What everyone does and how we do it.
  6. 6. What we did nextWe approached Napier University andsaid we wanted to change the way weas an agency thought about studentplacements.Based on these six steps
  7. 7. We got our wishThrough a form on facebook thirty five students applied stating why they thoughtthey should be chosen. We chose ten to come to the agency every tues night at sixpm for two hours.
  8. 8. KNOCKERS 1.THE CLIENT:Agency life Plastic surgeonscondensed 2.THE PROBLEM: Breast implants are seen as tacky 3.THE INTENT:In an agency winning work is extremely Change perception and increase queriesimportant and the pitch process is the greatest about breast augmentation amongexample of the team coming together. affluent and influential members of societyFrom the estimated cost, to the time needed,the research, the user testing, the technicalapproach, the expected return on investmentand finally the big creative idea.If you don’t get them all right you wont win thework.We set each pair a brief, simple, thoughprovoking briefs and six weeks to present theirbid for the work.The only restrictions where the budget (50k)and delivery date (8 weeks).
  9. 9. 6pm 7pm 8pm Help with Realise talk External talk briefInsight and helpEach night there are two talks, preferably someone from the agency in the first hourand then an external speaker in the second. Then if the students wanted to talkabout how they are getting on with the brief they can stay behind.If they need help through the week they can post questions to a facebook group orbasecamp, which is viewed by everyone in the agency.
  10. 10. THE SPEAKERS
  11. 11. Client serviceJessica Mullen, Head of client service.On managing client interaction andproject management.
  12. 12. PlanningRob McLeod, Head of planning.How to plan and gain business insight.
  13. 13. TechnologyJon Tonberg, Chief Technology Officer.On the role of technology in defining andcrafting digital solutions.
  14. 14. Pitching & creative processDon Smith, Creative Director.Talking about pitching, how to do it well
  15. 15. Digital designDave Ward, Dept Creative Director.A case study on the design and thinkingbehind
  16. 16. UsabilityChris Rourke, MD of User Vision talking aboutthe importance of user research and testing
  17. 17. ClientsIan MacKensie, Commissioner at Channel 4On commissioning creative work across TV andDigital
  18. 18. WEEK ONE WEEK TWO WEEK THREETASK SET: Research your brief TASK SET: Plan your project, TASK SET: Scope your idea& generate initial ideas - Write define your budget & research technically, define the idea an interpretation of the brief your usersHour one Hour one Hour oneIntro & agency overview Estimating (time & cost) Shaping through techHour two Hour two Hour twoSetting the brief Dreams of a client Real project exampleHour three Hour three Hour threePlanning Breakout sessions Breakout sessions
  19. 19. WEEK FOUR WEEK FIVE WEEK SIXTASK SET: Work on creative, TASK SET: Pull all your work intodevelop a proof of concept a pitch document and PITCH NIGHT (Doesnt have to work) presentation for the final weekHour one Hour one 30 Minute presentationThe industry & whats next Commissioning - Ch4 10 Minute questionsHour two Hour twoMarketing in a large org How to pitchHour three Hour threeBreakout sessions Breakout sessions
  21. 21. KNOCKERSThe idea 1.THE CLIENT: Plastic surgeons 2.THE PROBLEM:Natalie and Jamie worked on the ‘Knockers’ Breast implants are seen as tackybrief. 3.THE INTENT: Change perception and increase queriesThey realised through research that women about breast augmentation amongare more concerned with what their friends will affluent and influential members of societythink, rather than cost or health.With this in mind they created a mobile appthat allows the user to take a photo ofthemselves and change their breast size. Theuser can then share with friends or as a funtask when with friends.It also integrated clothes and culture to makethe experience more playful.
  22. 22. User research Timing plan The team created example users They created a detailed timing plan based on their research from concept to launch
  23. 23. Detailed costs ImpactA full cost breakdown by staff resource A supporting social media campaign was created and expected reach was estimated
  24. 24. LOTS OF CREATIVEThe team put in a real effort to show how the campaign could grow, from moodboards to blogs to stands in shopping centres. The proof of concept was a videoshowing the functionality of the application.
  25. 25. View this video on you tube
  26. 26. The winning team recieved iPads
  27. 27. “Up-Grade has been an amazingexperience. During the last six weeks I’vegained a real feel for the practical side ofwhat it would be like to work in a digitalagency and have learnt far more than Icould possibly have imagined. I’ve alsobeen very lucky, as the experience hasopened doors for me within the industry,and has subsequently landed me my firstfull-time creative role with Tesco Bank.”Natalie Jones
  29. 29. What was your view of working in agenciesbefore Up-Grade and has it changed at all?“ Slightly intimidating. My view has definitely changed. I didnt really know much, but I loved the community about the agency and everyone seemed to be happy to help, which is great! I now know I want to work in a team like this. I hadnt realised how tasks are split in an agency, it was also very interesting to see the general workflow in an agency and work with a budget which doesnt apply to university projects I didnt know what to expect in how an agency works. It has changed hugely in term of budgeting and planning and particularly the creative side of it too
  30. 30. How would you explain Up-Gradeto another student?“ A really valuable experience worth taking part in. A great insight into the profession. Up-grade, everything you need to know about the real world industry. Best way i can describe up-grade to another student, is that up-grade is the chance to gain a lot of agency experience in a small amount of time, and a great opportunity.
  33. 33. Positive PR in the industry
  34. 34. • Staff motivation and pride within the agency• High quality recruitment method• Be the agency that students want to work at• Give something back to the industry• Retain talent in the local area
  35. 35. PlanningThank youDave Ward - Deputy Creative