Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0


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Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0

  1. 1. Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 Massimo Canducci 3 Innovation Director Research and Innovation Division Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. Como, June 2011www.eng.it
  2. 2. An Engineering snapshot Delaware - USA Ireland Belgium •  system integration consulting Italy •  outsourcing Brasil •  products 3 •  software solutionsThe leading Italian independent, privately-owned software •  1,000 large accountsand Information Technology services company. •  724 M€ revenuesIn the top 10 in Europe in software and services •  7,000 IT specialists40 branches in Italy, Belgium, Latin America, USA •  40 branches1,000 large accounts in all market sectors in the worldEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  3. 3. Engineering Organizational Model Business Unit Research and Innovation Division Telecommunications Innovation Research Architecture and Consulting Utilities Innovation Competence Center Open Source Industry Innovation Identity Management 3 Public Sector / Health Innovation Enterprise Content Management ERP Finance Innovation Fonderie Multimediali Broadband Media Services (Xaltia) Software Factories Tablet PlatformsEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  4. 4. Enterprise Communication We’re going to talk about “Communication” 3 “2.0” and “Enterprise”Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  5. 5. Enterprise Communication In the fictional Star Trek universe, a tricorder is a multifunction handheld device used for sensor scanning, data analysis, data recording and communications. 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  6. 6. Enterprise Communication 3Captain James T. Kirk used a tricorder to update hisFacebook status too and to send tweets on Twitter.Really.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  7. 7. IntroductionBreak the ice with a question … How many of you have a Facebook profile? 3 About 80/90 %. Thanks.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  8. 8. IntroductionSecond and last question How many of you have a Twitter account? 3 About 30/40 %. Thanks.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  9. 9. IntroductionSecond question was NOT the last … How many of you today checked-in here on 4sq ? 3 About 1/3% Thanks.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  10. 10. IntroductionThis is the last question. Really. How many of you have not the faintest idea on ​what is a 3 4sq check-in? About 80/90 %. Thanks.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  11. 11. Different usersYou definitely are a “standard user” nice, agile, usable, connected, collaborative, useful, cool 3boring, unusable, slow,old-style, non-productive,uninvitingEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  12. 12. Different approachesOvertakingThere was a time when "technology" first came intooffice and then in people personal life.(PC, printing, CD player, CD burner, connectivity, ...) Overtaking 3 Today, the opposite occurs. ”Technology" often is more advanced in personal life than in professional situations.Alex Zanardi overtakes Bryan Herta at Laguna Seca 1996http://bit.ly/eGXi32Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  13. 13. Different approachesPersonal and Professional LivesEven the interaction and communication patternsare evolving differently. The so-called "2.0” patterns were born in 3 consumer contexts, and are struggling to be taken in the enterprise.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  14. 14. EvolutionsInteractions Models Evolution Web 1.0 Web 2.0 > 2.0 (Pretty much Web pages, plus a lot Various kind of objects HTML pages of other “content” shared over the net by shared over the web, different kind of apps viewed through a with more interactivity; (web apps, mobile apps, browser) more like an mashups, …) application than a “page” Mode Read Write & Contribute Share 3 Primary Unit of content Page Post Generic data State Static Dynamic In the cloud Viewed through… Web browser Browsers, RSS Any platform on Readers any device Architecture Client Server CS / WS Services / API Content Created by… Web Coders Everyone Everything Domain of… Geeks Most EveryoneEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  15. 15. Evolutions Communication Patterns EvolutionPatterns 1.0 Patterns 2.0 Patterns > 2.0Corporate news Submit news Share contentsExecutives speech Executives blog Executives tweetTaxonomy Folksonomy Auto generated tagsQuick pool Discussion forums Comments on a tweet 3 Regular broadcast Top down contentsAnnual broadcastCMS Wikis Wikis & AggregatorsDirectories (A – Z) Search Search, Tagging, RankingSticky content RSS FeedsHard Integration Mash-up Mash-up & API Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  16. 16. Innovative Interaction ModelsThe Consumer market influences the Enterprise oneThe most innovative InteractionModels occur before intoConsumer market and then intoEnterprise market.This situation influences thefunctional and technologicalchoices in companies when they 3need to design a new informationsystem.We can see that as early from“2.0” models …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  17. 17. The 2.0 Information SystemTypical User Requreiments “Our Information System must have:” Facebook – like User Profiling Wikipedia – like Knowledge Management System Flikr – like Objects (document and media) Management System Google Groups – like Forums 3 and Groups Management Wordpress – like News and Content Management System (Blog) Twitter – like Microblogging Platform Total Integration with existing infrastructures and systems and possibly… an Open Source (or very cheap …) LicenseEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  18. 18. The beyond 2.0 Information SystemThe Most Innovative Companies User Requirements “Our Information System must have:” Tablet dedicated functions (Apps) – i.e.: BI dashboards / B2B Multi device interface – different kind of tablet platforms Service / (O)API – based business logic – single set of services 3 (Private) Social Network integration – like / tweet / share / … Geo-refs functions – check-in / proximity B2B services Physical – digital gateway – i.e.: Qr-Code applications Plug-in / Widgets – based architectureEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  19. 19. Enterprise 2.0 Web Web Web 2.0 > 2.0 3 Enterprise Company 2.0Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  20. 20. Enterprise 2.0An Equation and a DefinitionWeb 2.0 + Companies = Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers. 3 [Andrew McAfee] http://andrewmcafee.org/2006/05/enterprise_20_version_20 Complexity science uses the term emergent to describe systems like ant colonies: the appearance of global structure follows the result of local interactionsEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  21. 21. Enterprise 2.0So … What is “emergent”? What are the tools and the platforms most commonly identified as emergent and then ecosystem facilitators and business - social - 3 oriented? To find out them we just have to take a look at what Web 2.0 offers in terms of services, patterns and ideas ...Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  22. 22. Enterprise 2.0This is “Web 2.0” today 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  23. 23. Enterprise 2.0So .. what’s the point? We are talking about •  collaborative models •  Interaction patterns •  methodologies •  features 3  typical Web 2.0 approach (they come from the consumer world)  merged or integrated into a single "Enterprise" platform  totally integrated with the existing IT environment  and possibly with a very cheap licenseEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  24. 24. Enterprise 2.0E2 is NOT only a technological matterImplementing an Enterprise 2.0 platform is NOT only atechnological matter. 3 Enterprise ≠ WebEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  25. 25. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredWhat’s the company goal in designingand budgeting a new Enterprise 2.0platform?Lower costsIncrease revenue 3Make processes more agileShare knowledgeSomeone could answer: “Because wewant an Enterprise 2.0 platform” ….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  26. 26. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredWhat’s the best E2 strategy?CollaborationSharingCommunity based approach 3Flat repository for contentsSomeone could answer:“We ARE 2.0, we don’t need astrategy”Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  27. 27. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredCEO reports are"top down articles" or"blog posts"?How many people will leave acomment on a CEO blog post?How many people will leave a 3comment on a CEO blog posthonestly, without cringing andpretending?Someone could answer: “Can wehave a blog post without commentfeature?” ….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  28. 28. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredIt makes sense to create nonbusiness-related communities?Yes, because we want bring peopletogether also in non business relatedfields.No, because we don’t want our 3employees lose their time playing.Time is money!Someone could answer: “We are notGoogle (they really play games inworking time), we have to earn!” ….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  29. 29. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredMust comments be moderated?Yes, because we want ensure thesecurity.No, because we want completefreedom in communication. 3Someone could answer: “Great! Wecan open a CEO blog pretendingtransparency!” ….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  30. 30. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredCan I be anonymous?(on a “logical” point of view, this is nota technical topic)No, because we want ensure thesecurity.Yes, because we want complete 3freedom in communication.Someone could answer: “Could wepretending anonymity?” ….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  31. 31. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredIt makes sense to use "ranking" and"tagging" as tools to evaluate contentsand than evaluate people?No, because we don’t want ourpeople evaluate themselves. 3Yes, because we want to bring outpersonal (hidden) skills.Someone could answer: “Could weavoid ranking into CEO blog posts?”….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  32. 32. Enterprise 2.0Some questions to be answeredWhat kind of incentive do you need toget active users (and influence the1:9:90 rule)?Money / AwardsProfessional growth 3Public visibilityPats on the backSomeone could answer: “We don’tneed incentives, the employees haveto participate!” ….Really …Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  33. 33. Enterprise 2.0The 1:9:90 ruleIn most online communities:•  90% of users are lurkers (i.e., read or observe, but dont contribute).•  9% of users contribute from time to time, but other priorities dominate their time.•  1% of users participate a lot 3 and account for most contributions.Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  34. 34. Enterprise 2.0The right approach to 2.0 Information System•  targets understanding (if there are ...)•  platforms selection (commercial / foss / cheap / …) and their integration•  integration with existing information systems (single sign on / security / HR / users / …) 3•  development of missing features•  system integration•  methodological consultancyEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  35. 35. Enterprise 2.0Different kind of Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 as a tool for Business Communication and 3 CollaborationEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  36. 36. Enterprise 2.0 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  37. 37. Enterprise 2.0 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  38. 38. Enterprise 2.0Different kind of Enterprise 2.0 Using 2.0 patterns to understand the market 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  39. 39. Enterprise 2.0 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  40. 40. Enterprise 2.0 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  41. 41. Enterprise 2.0Different kind of Enterprise 2.0 Using 2.0 patterns to influence3 the marketEnterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  42. 42. Enterprise 2.0http://www.facebook.com/alitalia 3Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  43. 43. Social Media e Comunicazione Enterprise oltre il 2.0 Thank you email: massimo.canducci@eng.it 3 skype: massimo.canducci twitter: @mcanducci www.eng.it http://geekandpoke.typepad.com/Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 www.eng.it
  44. 44. Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Communication beyond 2.0 Massimo Canducci 3 Innovation Director Research and Innovation Division Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. Como, June 2011www.eng.it