Innovating Enterprise Innovation Processes


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How to create a real Innovation Ecosystem and correctly leverage the Innovation Value
Presentation made at ICIS2013 in Milan.

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Innovating Enterprise Innovation Processes

  1. 1. How  to  create  a  real  Innova-on  Ecosystem  and     correctly  leverage  the  Innova-on  Value   Massimo  Canducci,  Research  and  Innova-on   ©  2014  Gruppo  Engineering     Innova-ng  Enterprise  Innova-on  Processes  
  2. 2. About  Engineering  Group   • 1,000  large  accounts     on  all  vertical  markets   Argentina   • Consulting,  business  solutions,   technology  solutions,     IT  management  services   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     Brazil   ●●●●●●●●●● • The  leading  Italian  independent,   privately-­‐owned  software  and   Information  Technology  services   company.       • 7,000  staff  in  Europe     and  South  America   Belgium   • Research  and  Innovation  Unit   with  300  people  involved  in   Research  and  Innovation   projects  around  the  world.   Italy   Lebanon   2  
  3. 3. Let’s  start  with  a  story   The  old  way   In  cases  of  heart  defects,  Doctors  want   as  much  informa-on  as  possible  when   preparing  to  correct  them  in  pa-ents.       They  read  images  from  CT  scans   (computerised  tomography)  and  use   soFware  to  study  problems  in  three   dimensions  by  moving  a  picture  of  the   heart  around  on  a  computer  screen  to   analyze  and  plan  a  surgical  strategy.     3   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     CT  scan  of  heart  
  4. 4. Let’s  start  with  a  story   Can  you  image  it?  Print  it!   At  the  Children's  Heart  Center  in     Phoenix,  Jus-n  Ryan,  a  graduate  student   at  Arizona  State  University,  thinked  up  a   way  to  model  and  3D  print  heart  models.     Now,  using  3D  printers,  doctors  are   prin-ng  out  color-­‐coded,  3D  plas-c   models  of  pa-ents  heart.     So  they  can  operate  in  the  best  way.   4   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     3D  printed  heart  model  
  5. 5. Is  the  4th  Industrial  RevoluNon  already  started?   A  complex  3D-­‐printed  object   1.  Water  and  Steam   2.  Electrical  Power  and  Mass   Produc-on   3.  Electronics  and  IT  Automa-on   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     What  could  represent  the  4th  ?   •  Cloud  compu-ng?     •  Broadband?     •  Big  Data?   Or  perhaps  …  in  a  more  philosophical   approach  …  the  awareness  that     If  you  can  image  it,  you  can  build  it.     You  can  build  your  thoughts,  your  imagina-on  …     Without  the  need  of  a  shop,  a  supermarket,  a     handicraFsman,  or  an  ar-st,  just  you!   5  
  6. 6. 3D  PrinNng   Mobile  Money   LocaNon-­‐Based  Services  (LBS)   Internet-­‐connected  TV   Cloud  compuNng   Telepresence   Near-­‐Field  CommunicaNon  (NFC)   Zero  emission  alternaNve  energy     3D  TV   Social  communicaNons   Cloud-­‐based  operaNng  systems   ePaper     Real  Mobile  broadband   Ubiquitous  broadband  connecNvity   High-­‐efficiency  inducNve  charging   Smart  meters   Telemedicine   Natural  gesture  interfaces   The  Internet  of  Everything   Machine  to  Machine  (M2M)   Self-­‐driving  vehicles   The  semanNc  web   Digital  life  integraNon   Voice  and  text  simultaneous   translaNon   ArNficial  body  part  replacement     Cure  for  cancer   Cloud-­‐based  storage  for  everything   Home  automaNon   Affordable  brain-­‐power  computer   Affordable  space  tourism   Cold  fusion   Virtual  tourism   Interplanetary  human  travel     6   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     A  New  World  is  coming,  is  your  Company  ready?  
  7. 7. ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     A  New  World  is  coming,  is  your  Company  ready?   7  
  8. 8. ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     InnovaNon  is  the  Key  to  be  ready  for  the  New  World   every  company  should  innovate  if   wants  to  survive  in  the  new  world   What  is  InnovaNon?     8  
  9. 9. What  is  InnovaNon  ?   Art?   CraF?   Skill?   Empirical  Prac-ce?   Engineering  Ac-vity?   Crea-vity?   Vision?   …   InnovaNon   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Or  mainly     Networked  Change  ?     In  Products,  Processes,     Services,  Technologies,   Organiza-ons,  Markets,     Finance,  Administra-on   9  
  10. 10. What  is  InnovaNon  ?  Change  !   Knoledge   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     Change  driven  by  knowledge     Knowledge  of  what  exists  and  you   can  improve:     Incremental  InnovaNon     Knowledge  of  what  does  not  exist   yet,  but  you  can  imagine  it:     DisrupNve  InnovaNon   10  
  11. 11. What  are  the  InnovaNon  Enablers?     Enablers   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     •  Crea-vity   •  Technology   •  Cloud  Compu-ng   •  Broadband   •  Company  Infrastructures   •  Organiza-onal  Models   •  Cultural  Models   •  Human  Resources   •  Con-nuing  Educa-on   •  Collabora-on  Networks   •  Knowledge  Management   •  Inclina-on  to  Change   Someone  says:  Knowledge  is  the  main  Pillar       11  
  12. 12. Is  this  enough?     In  everyday  situa-ons  InnovaNon  is       Change  the  material  shape       so  we  need       OperaNonal  PracNce     Mindset   InspiraNon   ImaginaNon   PracNcal  Skill   Art   Vision   …     12   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     Changinmg  the  shape  
  13. 13. InnovaNon  as  a  Tool   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     Knowledge   Networks   Innova-on  can  be  considered  an   extraordinary  tool  that  receives  some   company  key  factors  and  returns  an   improved  version  of  them.    Also  in  an  itera-ve  way.   13  
  14. 14. InnovaNng  InnovaNon   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     In  order  to  Innovate  Company  InnovaNon  Processes     we  need  a  new  kind  of  framework,  based  on  3  pillars   Methodology   Knowledge  and     InformaNon  Flows   14   Soiware  Plajorms  
  15. 15. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  Methodology  /  1   Guidelines   Overlapping,  one  wave  can   start  even  if  the  previous   one  is  not  yet  finished.     ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     •  Innova-on  Waves   •  Produc-on  Phases       15  
  16. 16. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  Methodology  /  2   Shared  Open  Virtual  Space   CollaboraNon  and  Sharing  Models   •  Crea-vity  and  Informa-on  Flows   (every  informa-on  we  lost  could   be  a  business  failure)   -­‐>  seman-c  tools  an  technologies   16   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     •  Shared  Open  Virtual  Space   (where  knowledge  can  openly   shared  inside  company  and  with   partners  /  stakeholders)   •  I  know  what  I  know   •  I  know  what  I  don’t  know   •  I  don’t  know     what  I  don’t  know    
  17. 17. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  Methodology  /  3   This  is  not  an  abstract  model,  we  have  to  measure  and  manage  every  real   data  because  we  need  to  trace  the  evolu-on  of  an  Innova-on  project.   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     ObservaNon  and  Monitoring     •  data  collec-on       •  performance  indicators   •  •  •  •  •  Related  Costs   Risks   Returns  on  Investment   Expected  Quality   …   17  
  18. 18. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  Knowledge  and  InformaNon  Flows   ObservaNon   •  Produc-on  Reality   (real  data  from  real  produc-on   lines  in  real  companies)   •  Innova-on  Opportuni-es   (from  world  outside)       CollecNons   •  Ideas   •  Documents   •  Comments   •  Experiences   (every  relevant  content   from  research,  universi-es,   partners,  stakeholders,  …)     SemanNc  CombinaNon   18   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     The  second  main  part  of  our  Innova-on  Framework  is  about  Knowledge.  
  19. 19. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  Plajorms   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     Two  different  types  of  Plajorms   User  Oriented   IT  Plajorms   Back-­‐End  Enablers   IT  Plajorms   19  
  20. 20. MCR  (Mission  Control  Room)     A  pladorm  used  for  networked  producNon  monitoring  and   op-miza-on,  especially  in  Virtual  Enterprises  scenario.   (many  different  LEs  and  SMEs  working  together  in  the  same     Innova-on  Project).     •  Networked  process  modeling   •  Networked  produc-on  plans  management   •  Monitoring  and  alarms   •  Diagnosis  and  solu-on  support     20   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  User  Oriented  IT  Plajorms  
  21. 21. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  User  Oriented  IT  Plajorms   VIF  (Virtual  InnovaNon  Factory)     Different  tools  that  enable  the  Innova-on  Produc-on:   •  Observatory   (con-nuous  web  scanning,  crawling  and  searching  to  collect   considerable  informa-on  for  Innova-on  Project,  the  selec-on  is   made  using  a  Seman-c  tool)   •  Shared  Seman-c  Whiteboard     (working  together  –  but  remotly  -­‐  on  the  same  idea  in  graphic  way,   sharing  ideas,  documents,  knowledge)   •  Guidelines  and  Best  Prac-ces     (using  document  templates  to  ask  for  informa-on  and  to  provide  it)   •  Knowledge  aggregator   (crea-ng  rela-onships  between  different  VE  tangible  and  intangible   assets)   •  No-fica-on  method  in  order  to  reach  the  right  experts     everywhere  and  every-me.   21   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering      
  22. 22. PIKR  (ProducNon  and  InnovaNon  Knowledge  Repository)     Integrated  Knowledge  Management  pladorm   at  Company  level  and  at  Virtual  Enterprise  level     RDH  (Raw  Data  Handler)     Different  tools  that  collect  and  aggregate  Real  Data:     •  from  single  Company   •  from  Virtual  Enterprise     •  From  Virtual  Innova-on  factory  repository   KPI  manager     Tools  for  KPI  defini-on  and  management   22   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  B.E.  Enablers  IT  Plajorms  
  23. 23. Innova-on   ac-ons   Op-miza-on     ac-ons  for   real  world   23   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     InnovaNng  InnovaNon    -­‐  The  Model   PIKR   (Produc-on   and  Innova-on   Knowledge   Repository)  
  24. 24. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  The  BIVEE  Project     These  are  the  results  already  achieved  in  the  European  Project     BIVEE  (Business  Innova/on  in  Virtual  Enterprise  Environments)   BIVEE  is  a  3  years  project  (ends  Aug  2014)  with  a  consor-um     composed  by  10  partners:   •  •  •  •  •  Engineering (It) BIBA (De) BOC (At) ATOS (Es) CNR (It) •  •  •  •  •  UnivPM (It) TAL (UK) SRDC (Tr) AIDIMA (Es) Loccioni - GI (It) 24   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     This  is  not  Theory  
  25. 25. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  The  BIVEE  Project     This  is  not  Theory  /  2   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •      Engineering  (It)  –  coordinator  and  IT  technology   BIBA  (De)  –  methodology     BOC  (At)  –  PIKR  technology     ATOS  (Es)  –  VIF  techonolgy     CNR  (It)  –  Seman-cs  specialist   UnivPM  (It)  –  scien-fic  coordina-on  and  KPIs   TAL  (UK)  –  dissemina-on  and  exploita-on   SRDC  (Tr)  –  monitoring  and  model  verifying   AIDIMA  (Es)  –  end  user  (technology  company)   Loccioni  -­‐  GI  (It)  –  end  user  (technology  company)   25   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     In  BIVEE  consor-um  there  are  all  the  tools  needed  to  verify  the   model  in  real  world  and  with  real  data.  
  26. 26. InnovaNng  InnovaNon  –  The  BIVEE  Project     This  is  not  Theory  /  3    hkp://        @biveeproject   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     More  info:           26  
  27. 27. Thank  you!               Massimo  Canducci   27   ©  2013  Gruppo  Engineering     InnovaNng  Enterprise  InnovaNon  Processes