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Personal finance

  1. 1. Personal FinanceIntroduction:This is a 12 week course. There will be one week of lesson followed by a week for aproject. During the week of the lesson, we will hold and online discussion three times a week,usually MWF, you are expected to sign into the lecture and participate in the class discussions;this will be a part of your grade. A bulk of your grade is based on your projects. Your projectswill be related to what we covered in lecture the previous week. You are allowed to work byyourself, a partner, or even a group but you must submit your own project, meaning no projectshould look exactly like someone else’s project. The projects are designed to give you somefreedom and options as to what you buy/choose. There will be a rubric and an example providefor each project. There will be a discussion board on D2L for you to ask questions and I will beavailable by the discussion board and email.It is designed to help prepare you how to handle money and budget money mosteffectively. You will learn about taxes, checkbooks, credit cards, loans and buying homes andvehicles. Everyone will need some kind of budget in their lives and this course will help youlearn how to budget effectively according to your income.Contact the Teacher:Email: colso034@live.kutztown.eduPhone Number: 570-573-0749Skype: candace_olsonDiscussions will also be on D2L available so you can communicate with all yourclassmates and myself through the discussion board.Grading Scale:Participation in Discussion: 25 pointsProjects: 5 projects at 35 points each, totaling 175 points.Total Available Points= 200A = 200-180 points
  2. 2. B = 179-160 pointsC = 159-140 pointsD = 139-120 pointsF = 119 ≤Syllabus:Unit One:August 26-30, Week one: Breaking down a paycheck and balancing a checkbook.This week we will have a lesson on MWF from 1pm until about 2:30 pm. During lecture I willteach you how to break down a paycheck, the different components, and how to balance acheck book.September 2-6, Week Two: During this week you will complete project 1 which isplanning a party on a budget. You may use any resource available to you. Your budget will be$1000.00. Your list must include: food (including a cake), party favors, games, and one rental ofa moon bounce, blow up slide, clown, or magician. If you have anything else you would like toadd you may email me about the details. You may make a power point or a word document andcreate a list of all your expenses and then the total cost. You will lose points if you go you’reyour budget and you do not have at least one of all the required fields. Your project must becompleted and submitted on D2L by midnight on September 6th.Unit Two:September 9-13, Week Three: Class will be held on MWF again from 1pm until2:30pm. This week we will be discussing interest rates, APR, annual fees, and credit scores.September 16-20,Week Four: Find the interest rates for the following:Mortgages, loans, and savings accounts. You will need to use four different banks. Make a tableusing the data you found and submit it by Friday September 20that midnight.Unit Three:
  3. 3. September 23-27, Week Five: Class will again be held MWF from 1pm until2:30pm. This week will be all about applying for a credit card. The applications and the effectsof too many credit cards/application on your credit score.September 30 - October 4, Week Six: This week you are to investigate fivedifferent credit card companies. Choose the one that would benefit you the most or give youthe best deal. In a chart, list the five credit card companies you looked at and also list their:APR, Annual fee (if any), interest rate, late fee, missed payment fee, any rewards offered. Alongwith your chart please tell me which credit card company you chose and why. This must be 3-5sentences. Your project is due October 4that midnight.Unit Four:October 7-11, Week Seven: This week our lectures will be held on Tuesday,Wednesday, and Friday due to Labor Day. The time of the lectures will still be 1pm-2:30pm. Thisweek will be covering the affects of using a credit card to make large purchases.October 14-18, Week Eight: This week you will be making a large furniturepurchase with the credit card that you chose in Week Six. Use any major name furniturecompany (i.e. Ashley Furniture, Raymour and Flanigan, etc). You may purchase any piece offurniture you want whether it’s a new bed set, kitchen set, entertainment center, etc. You arethen going to calculate how much you would end up paying if you paid it off in five years, tenyears, and fifteen years. Make a chart in word or excel how much you would pay at the five, tenand fifteen year mark also include the original price of the furniture. Also state which furniturecompany you made your purchase at and what you purchased. Your project is due Friday the18that midnight.Unit Five:October 21-25, Week Nine: This week lectures will be held on MWF from 1pm-2:30 pm. This week will be discussing how to buy and lease a car. Also we will compare thedifferences between the two.October 28-November 1, Week Ten: Your project this week will be purchasing acar. You may go online to any major car dealer and pick the vehicle of your dreams. You mayget any extra options that are offered. You are going to calculate the total price of your vehicle.In your report, list what car you purchased, the extra options, and the transportation fee, and
  4. 4. the total cost you paid. You may write a 3-5 sentence paragraph including all of the prices oryou may create a chart displaying it all. The project is due Friday November 1stat midnight.Unit Six:November 4-8, Week Eleven: Lecture will be held MWF this week from 1pm until2:30pm. For our final topic we will be discussing buying, renting, and leasing a home orapartment. The better deals given different situations and utilities that will be required alongwith insurances.November 11-15, Week Twelve: You will be looking into renting or buying anapartment or home. You may look in the paper or online. Find the best deal possible in anylocation you would like to move but keep in within the United States. Choose your apartmentor home and state and state what utilities are included and if you are going to purchaseinsurance; any kind. In a short paragraph state where in the United States you are moving and ifyou chose a house or apartment. Tell me how much you’ll have to pay a month (rent ormortgage payment) and what utilities, if any, are included and if you will be purchasing anyinsurance and what insurance you will be investing in. You do not have to find out the prices forinsurance because it will vary by each individual, just state which insurance you would like topurchase.