Facebook advertising best practices


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Facebook advertising best practices

  1. 1. Facebook Facebook Advertising Best Practices and Tips
  2. 2. Facebook Facebook is an online social networking service – the most popular one in the world. 1.5 Billion 2 Global Alexa Rank Highest Traffic Worldwide Active Users 50% Users Log in Daily Midweek 1–3pm 4.5 Billion Likes Generated Daily 20 Min Ave Time Per Visit
  3. 3. South African Stats 33% 33% 5.6 Million 13% 13% Active Users 6% 2% 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ 83% Access Facebook via Mobile 48% 200 Ave Num of Friends 52% Male Female
  4. 4. Ad or Sponsored Story? Ads Ads Sponsored st ories Sponsored st ories Voice of business Voice of business Voice of friend Voice of friend Paid messages coming from the business. They are the voice of the marketer. Sponsored stories are messages coming from friends about them engaging with a business. Businesses can pay to promote these stories so there’s a better chance people see them
  5. 5. Facebook Ad Types • Page post text ad • Page like sponsored story • Page post photo ad • Page post like sponsored story • Page post video ad • Page post comment sponsored story • Page post link ad • Page post share sponsored story • Question ad • Question sponsored story • Offer ad • Offer claim sponsored story • Event ad • Event sponsored story • Page like ad • Check-in sponsored story • App ad • Game played sponsored story • Mobile app install ad • App shared sponsored story • Domain ad • Open graph sponsored story • Sponsored results • Domain sponsored story • Offsite Ads ETC!
  6. 6. Most Common Ad Types Ad Type News Feed desktop News Feed mobile RHS of Facebook X Offsite Ads RHS of Homepage Best Use Case X Drives traffic offsite Like Ads X X X X Fan acquisition Page Post Link Ads X X X X Drive traffic offsite Page Post Photo Ads X X X X Awareness & engagement with current and prospective customers X X Very powerful word of mouth recommendation from a friend promoting and encouraging various actions X X Drive installs of FB app Page Like Sponsored Stories X X App Ads Mobile App Install Ads X Drive mobile app installs
  7. 7. Offsite Ads
  8. 8. Like Ads
  9. 9. Page Post Photo Ads
  10. 10. Page Like Sponsored Stories
  11. 11. App Ads
  12. 12. Mobile App Install Ads
  13. 13. Ad Improvements Facebook plan to streamline the number of ad units from 27 to fewer than half, while mapping all ads to the business objectives marketers care about — be it instore sales, online conversions, app installs, etc. How? 1. Eliminate redundancies Example: The goals of Question Ads and Offer Ads can be accomplished through Page Post Ads, and are far more engaging.
  14. 14. Ad Improvements 2. Include the best of Sponsored Stories in all Ads Previously, to get the best social context available, advertisers had to purchase Sponsored Stories in addition to ads. In the future, for example, when you create a Page Post Ad, Facebook will automatically add social context to boost performance and eliminate the extra step of creating Sponsored Stories.
  15. 15. Ad Improvements 3. Make Ad Units look more consistent This will reduce the number of ad formats and make the ad creation process much simpler for advertisers who run multiple campaigns or want to test which ad creative performs the best. A consistent look and feel to Facebook Ads will also be a better overall experience for people on Facebook.
  16. 16. Spotlight: Page Post Ads • Page Post Ads generate the highest CTR, CR and lower CPC’s than all other Facebook Ad units • The newsfeed is the most engaging real-estate on Facebook. News Feed advertising should form a central part of ALL campaigns • News Feed advertising requires a Facebook Page. Brands who are serious about leveraging Facebook for marketing purposes need a Facebook page • Many advertisers are now starting to move from offsite ads on RHS to page post link and page post photo ads
  17. 17. New Newsfeed View
  18. 18. New Advertising Features Facebook can track any conversions that happen within 1, 7, or 28 days of a click or impression. You can label the conversion accordingly (sign-up, sale, lead, etc.) as well as assign a value to it in order to help determine ROI.
  19. 19. New Advertising Features Custom Audience Facebook will allow you to market to target audiences (through segmentation) based on three different options: 1. Email Addresses 2. Facebook’s UID (Unique Identification Number) 3. Phone Number Look-a-Like Audiences Look-a-like audiences allows you to reach users on Facebook who “look” and “behave” in a similar way to your existing audience (your custom audience) . This ensures you can scale your marketing efforts with quality.
  20. 20. New Advertising Features Unpublished Page Post Ads (now in News Feeds) Unpublished Page Post Ads allow marketers to tailor the right messages to specific groups of people, rather than having a Page post appear to everyone who likes their Page.
  21. 21. New Advertising Features
  22. 22. New Advertising Features Improved Reporting 1. Customize, save and schedule ad reports 2. Measure key metrics more effectively – more detail per ad over any date range (reach, frequency, unique stats, etc.) 1. Pull and break up stats by demographics and ad placement
  23. 23. Creative Guidelines Keep it clear and close The image is the most important element of the ad. Use clear images and close-up photos for Ads. Try use little to no text on ad creatives.
  24. 24. Creative Guidelines • Create texts with a clear Call To Action • Ask questions • Highlight the benefit of clicking on the ad • Use brand/campaign related #hashtags in Page Post Ads • If you’re a well known brand, use it in the title or body of your Facebook Ad • If you’re selling something try displaying the price or make it clear that you want to drive a sale. Your CTR will probably get worse, but you may save money avoiding clicks from people looking for freebies.
  25. 25. Creative Guidelines Follow the Facebook Ad Guidelines! Facebook.com/adguidelines.php Don’t forget the Facebook Text Policy: “Ads and Sponsored Stories in the News Feed may not include images comprised of more than 20% text.” Use this tool to check text: https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
  26. 26. Campaign Checklist
  27. 27. Thank You! Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me with any questions or advice on Facebook Advertising. Candace Newton Candy.lyn.newton@gmail.com @candynewton