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My take on the visual resume based on the examples.

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Visual Profile Example

  1. Candace Malone
  2. and this is my resume
  3. This is what won’t tell you about me:
  4. The first training curriculum I designed & delivered was on conflict among community work teams. That was for BCCC in 2004, it is still being used today. The first e-learning I designed incorporated Wikis, Google Search, & YouTube use by students into the modules. That was pre 2.0 mania for an area school in 2006. The first presentation I ever made was 60 minutes to a theatre of 400 people. I was only 16 years old. Subject: Empowerment. The first consulting experience I ever had was to create a system for improving a work/life benefit program for a large capitol hill advocacy non-profit. They were so happy with the results, they asked me to analyze & evaluate their entire HRIS processes.
  5. a few things YOU should know
  6. I am proficient in eLearning & Instructional Design Technology, HRIS, Social Media 2.0 and mLearning Design.
  7. I can apply ADDIE, SCORM, & Six Sigma Skills to applicable projects.
  8. Over the years, I’ve gained a plethora of Project Management & Conference Management skills.
  9. I am familiar with training and designing curriculum for military and government organizations.
  10. I have a great handle on Cross-Cultural Communication.
  11. As a trained mediator, when Managing Conflict, I’m cool, calm, and collected.
  12. I have Talent Management skills including Onboarding & Managing Fit. Experience examining key processes in recruitment, retaining talent, development, and performance management.
  13. I possess key leadership skills that help teams win.
  14. I’m goal-oriented. I always try to give things my best shot.
  15. I try to practice out-of-the-box thinking for in hopes of above-average creativity to apply to organizational projects.
  16. Am I a good writer?
  17. I think I’m pretty good. I type over 6,000 characters at work in a day. I am good at getting a message across in a limited amount of time & retain context, I can text & tweet under a 140 characters. Just for fun I free write on life topics and career stuff of course. Check out & I have written successful grants and proposals in my non-profit heyday. I flex my technical writing muscles 5-days-a-week for my current employer. I took time out and wrote a storyboard for this visual presentation. C’mon, can’t you tell I love to write?
  18. I have been known to stretch beyond all expectations.
  19. examples of work produced Creation of Business Marketing Plan for SB 5-Year Strategic Plan for Managing Diversity Designed New Employee Curriculum Setup new payroll process for NP Wrote a Social Media Use Policy Collaborated with L&T Vendors Participated on a Taskforce for Morale & Engagement
  20. Interesting Feedback People on Ms. Malone “ Candace is a valuable asset. Her knowledge coupled with her experience enable her to add value in the Human Resources arena. Her personal characteristics, including her personality, ability to communicate, and adapt make her a very credible and desire person to connect with.” November 12, 2009, Corey Banks, Ashford University “ I've attended several training programs sponsored by Candace. These presentations have been well organized and well presented. She was very helpful and responsive to questions and made these sessions not only informative but enjoyable” November 17, 2010, G. Lawrence Hogue, Springfield Hospital Center “ Candace has the unique ability to formulate creative ideas but also delivers measurable successes as well as executes any project she takes on with ease and grace. She works well with others and knows how lead, motivate, and build the team. Once again I highly recommend Candace as a project lead for any organization or association.” September 24, 2009, James Huddleston, Ross Education Videos featuring instruction by Ms. Malone
  21. I’m all for sharing. Here’s some background information:
  22. The Basics full name age nationality current location website Candace Malone pronounced: KAN- diss muh -LONE 30 American Baltimore, Maryland
  23. I was born in a tiny city in Michigan along the lakeshore called, Muskegon. 1980 College Home Parents
  24. Resident Assistant – Campus Program Board – Student Government – Secretary – NAACP – Mediation Team – Minority Student Services Aide – English Department Summer Admin Aide – Saginaw Child & Family Services Intern – American Red Cross Intern 2004 I studied Psychology & Business @ Saginaw Valley State University
  25. 2005-2009 Over the years, I’ve gained a range of People & Planning Skills working alongside new homeowners at Habitat for Humanity, providing Leadership Training to young teens across the U.S., and helping families at the House of Ruth, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona - NYLSC Mobile, Alabama – Katrina Build
  26. After countless research, diverse experiences, and externships, I earned a Master Human Resource Development degree, Thanks to Bowie State University in MD Moving to the Charm City, I became a crab cake aficionado, learned what a stoop was, and bought organic veggies alongside John Waters & Rain Pryor 2007
  27. Delivering outstanding training and quality work in an Maryland state agency. 2007-2010
  28. presently employed LOOKING FOR NEW OPPORTUNITIES 2011
  29. Seeking New Organizations & Clients to Work With! Dear Company, I would love to be challenged, trained, and mentored by a senior manager. I want to become an integral part of the team. Collaborating with other managers is awesome. Give me a chance to do it often. Organizational values/mission, alignment, emotional competence, networking, team building, all the other stuff I need to know - include me (again and again). I would love to impact learning and business development at your organization. The bottom-line matters most, I understand that. Allow me to raise the bar. Sincerely, Could be your greatest asset (one of them!)
  30. “ An organization has to be able to help people move from where they are to where they want to be- to affect change in their community or in the world. To do that, an organization must be able to think strategically and creatively.” -We Make Change
  31. Candace Malone Trainer / Designer / HR Strategist / Learning Champion @candaceHR
  32. 202. 527. 9392 Let’s talk learning.
  33. PDF CV
  34. Pass it on. Tell a friend.