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YouTube for Real Estate


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Presented by Candace Godwin, Godwin Marketing Communications, at the 2012 Coeur d'Alene Association of Realtors Tech Camp. Basics of using YouTube and Video for Real Estate.

Presented by Candace Godwin, Godwin Marketing Communications, at the 2012 Coeur d'Alene Association of Realtors Tech Camp. Basics of using YouTube and Video for Real Estate.

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  • 84% of RE Professionals are using it..73% of homeowners said they are more likely to list with a realtor offering to do video, yet only 12% of the RE industry have YouTube accounts.
  • 73% of home owners say they are more likely to list with a realtor that offers video.
  • But only 12% of the profession are currently using video in their business
  • And only 1% actually use their account! So, there is great opportunity for those who embrace this technology.
  • Video can help you get noticed and found!Google owns YouTube and more and Google places videos high in the search results. YouTube #2 Search engine in the world. Searchers are 2x more likely to click on an image result than a text result.Only 12% are currently using this platform. Leverage this FREE marketing channel!Facebook loves video – larger Timeline format and apps that let you create a YouTube tab on your FB page. Video is also becoming popular on Pinterest – another visual social media network.Bloggers – try a video entry – and increase your SEO by having it transcribed for video and text on your site.
  • Real estate - homes and property are very visual.You can quickly become the expert and make a great impression with your sellers and buyers!Expand from the listing to the neighborhoodPresent market reportsIntroduce community news and events
  • No excuses for not giving video a try.
  • At closing – they are excited and happy to be there…or at the house in front of the sold sign! Short clips edited into one longer clip or just a series of short clips.
  • Preview listings for out of town clientsUse video to quell fears of out of town buyers, to view propery.
  • Check your pocket – you already have a video camera in it. Smart phones have good cameras that can upload video to YouTube wirelessly.
  • Amazon Warehouse for deals on electronics.
  • Like any Social Media network, YouTube is all about building relationships that lead to sales.
  • Login to YouTube – click create an account…you will end up with a Google gmail account since Google owns YouTube. Name your channel – this can be different than your user name.Create your background – image and/or color – size is about 130ish px wide. Create a separate account for wrestling video or funny animal tricks.
  • This is basic branding -- keeping all your SM pages consistent helps build brand and name recognition.
  • Nice job on background -- What’s missing here are their social media links! Facebook and Google Plus, Twitter
  • Kenn Renner is a KW agent in Austin TX who offers classes on video marketing and has almost 9 million views on his video channel!KelleySkar is in Calgary and also does video extremely well – note links to other social media.
  • Lose 75% of viewers if it is over 3 minutes.No floating heads – get part of your body in the video.
  • Photo editor - takes about 10 minutes. Animoto does fun, free 30 second videos using stills or video. Cheap $5 month for unlimited length.Called a donut or sandwich video. Video opening and close with a call to actionDon’t use every photo you have – only the best and high light the best features.Same goes for video – tour the home, but they don’t need to see the inside of every closet.Virtual tours from Tour Factory, ePropertysites or others can be uploaded to YouTube.
  • Editing software that comes with camera, Windows 7 has Live Movie Maker, iMovie, – free 30 second – add stills and or video – about $5 month for longer videos – more background.
  • Afteryou video is edited and uploaded you’ll want to optimize it to get the most traffic and to convert views into leads!Your title is most important. 100 characters, search engines will find your video primarily by the title with most importance on the the first 20 – 25 characters. Use the address, MLS number, neighborhood, or city and any other keywords, such as Homes for Sale.
  • Tip: Search for videos with comparable keywords and are already popularbased on a high volume of views. Also check out what categories and what tags these videos have used.
  • Youtube App for Facebook Page a Youtube app for the Facebook page. Everything you upload to the Youtube Channel will automatically be fed to the Facebook Page making it easier for your Facebook page visitors to view more of your clients' properties. that it doesn't divert the viewer straight to Youtube to be bombarded by Realtors who have uploaded similar videos. It keeps the viewers on the current FB page allowing them to view more videos or engage in other ways on the page.
  • Transcript

    • 1. VIDEO QUICK START STARRING REALTOR® Technology Camp 2012 www.GodwinMarketingCommunications.c om
    • 2. Social Media for Real Estate Social Media Platform Used by RE Industry90 7980 84% of Real7060 48 Estate5040 Professiona 293020 15 ls are Using 1210 Social 0 Media. Source: Postlings, 4/11
    • 3. Social Media for Real EstateWhy Video?73%More likely to list with an agentusing video.
    • 4. Social Media for Real Estate12%of Real Estate agents havea YouTube Account.
    • 5. Social Media for Real Estate 1% Actually use their account! Opportunity!
    • 6. Social Media for Real EstateA few more compelling reasons: Videos &YouTube are Search Engine Friendly  Google Owns YouTube Video is Social Media Friendly  Facebook Loves Video – larger format with Timeline Video Blogs get more views than text  Add video to your blog – get it transcribed and increase your SEO!
    • 7. Social Media for Real Estate You Can Make A Great Impression High impact and experiential. Showcase your clients’ property (and you!). You become the authority:  Homes and Neighborhoods  Market conditions  News Reporter – community events & news
    • 8. Social Media for Real EstateWhat’s Stopping You? Camera Shy or I “sound” funny… Get over it! No equipment… Check you pocket! Too much work… Really? Too expensive… It’s cheap - and, can you afford not too? Too complicated… Easy-peasy. You can do this! Don’t see the value… That’s going to change today!
    • 9. Social Media for Real Estate The easiest video you can do. Video Testimonial
    • 10. Social Media for Real EstateOther video marketing options Property/Neighborhood  Combine listing video with neighborhood – show schools, amenities that make the area attractive. Branding  Establishyourself and your team as the authority and expert in your niche. Educational  How-to: home stage, repair credit scores, prepare to list.
    • 11. Social Media for Real EstateRequired Equipment: Smart Phone
    • 12. Social Media for Real EstateOptional Equipment Video Camera: Stay cheap and easy! Under $150.  External microphone jack,  Removable SD card or USB connections Swivl ( $179 – your own cameraman! Tripod: Full size and desktop about $7 - $50. HD Makeup 
    • 13. Social Media for Real Estate #2 Search Over 3 Engine in the World Billion videos are viewed a day Google Loves (OWNS) 1 it! Only 12% of real estate Trillion views were agents use reached in 2011
    • 14. Social Media for Real Estate Create a YouTube ChannelKeep It Professional Create a separate account for “personal” videos.
    • 15. Social Media for Real EstateBe Consistent Across Platforms
    • 16. Social Media for Real EstateCreating Your Channel
    • 17. Social Media for Real EstateKenn RennerKelley Skar
    • 18. Social Media for Real EstateCreating the Video Keep it under 3 minutes! Under 2 minutes is idea. Allow time at the intro and exit for editing. Natural light is always better than artificial light. Speak slowly and SMILE! Show the background and stand to one side of the frame. Script it and practice, practice, practice.
    • 19. Social Media for Real EstateVirtual Tours, Stills and Video Create quality videos using high quality photos with a video editor. Combine a video intro and exit with call to action using stills. Highlight the key points of the home. Kitchens, Master Suite, Entry  Not the spare bathroom with the seat up!
    • 20. Social Media for Real EstateEditing Options Windows Live Movie Maker, iMovie, YouTube Editor  Annotations – Add a Call to Action!  Easy to add text to you video – like your name, phone number, web address, etc.  Can be linked to other videos, playlists or channels within YouTube.
    • 21. Social Media for Real EstateOptimizing Tips for ConversionVideo Title Title length is100 characters. Address, MLS #, Neighborhood, K eyword “Homes for Sale”
    • 22. Social Media for Real EstateVideo Description Add the property web address (incl. http://), your name and phone number first. Follow with property description. Include relevant “tags” and separate with “”.
    • 23. Social Media for Real Estate Sharing on Social Networks YouTube App for Facebook onsKeeps the viewer onyour Facebook Page!
    • 24. Social Media for Real Estate Post Your Videos on Pinterest!
    • 25. Social Media for Real EstateYour YouTube To Do List! Create your YouTube Channel and brand it. Practice, practice, practice, then upload a video introducing yourself/team. Call past clients and set appointments for video testimonials (and don’t forget the sold sign). Share your videos on Facebook Page and Pinterest!
    • 26. Social Media for Real EstateRock it, Video Star!
    • 27. Thank You! Candace@GodwinMarketingCommunications