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  1. 1. connected from birth to theclassroom? photo by thecrowells- flickr
  2. 2. As educational institutions advocate for more access to  mobile technology and social networking sites within! schools across the country, we have to ask:  
  3. 3. what are the benefits to using mobile devices as educational tools ? photo by mortsan- flickr
  4. 4. The Toronto District School Board recently voted to lift the ban on mobile use in classrooms and has begun initiatives to incorporate cellular devices as a vital learning tool within its schools. A lot of parents disagree with the school’s decision.photo by quinn.anya- Flickr
  5. 5. photo by gelatobaby- flickr
  6. 6. In United States high schools, 98% of students haveaccess to some kind of smartphone, according to a report byBlackboard and Project Tomorrow.Photo by PictureYouth- Flickr
  7. 7. so, what tools are available for usein the mobile classroom? Photo by SFU Public Affairs and Media Relations- Flickr
  8. 8. Photo by USFWS Headquarters- FlickrA great E-learning tool for little naturists is NOAH– an app that enables usersto identify types of bugs and trees by uploading a picture and receivingdetails of the exact type in as little as 24 hours.
  9. 9. photo by chucka_mc- flickr
  10. 10. Studying Abroad? Apps such as iLingual and Talk to Me help students learn the local language on field trips abroad while fully emerged in their learning experience. photo by swimparallel- flickr
  11. 11. photo by ben_grey- flickr other benefits in turning to learning tools available on smartphones and tablets for reasons of both CO$T and convenience
  12. 12. photo by hello turkey toe- flickr“Do you ever leave the house without your phone?” “The beauty of a mobile phone is that it’s always there.”how convenient!
  13. 13. photo by ciccioetneo- flickr
  14. 14. procrastination nation Some mobile education advocates believe that the tablet’s current shortcoming— limited multitasking– could be its greatest asset in education, forcing students to focus on onephoto by david boyle- flickr task at a time.
  15. 15. “a tried-and-true platform to let conversations flourish”#twitter is another example of a cost-efficient tool for mobile learning as it keeps the conversation continuing outside of the classroom, fuelling more class involvement than ever before. photo by VinothChandar- flickr
  16. 16. photo by johan larrson- flickr
  17. 17. Attendance for iPhone is an app created for Teachers that allows them to easily take attendance in their classrooms by taking a photo of a student and uploading it to their class list. Parents can also track their child’s grades and keep more up to date on their learning progression through apps such as SchoolCircuit and myGradeBook.photo by pink sherbet- flickr
  18. 18. photo by esparta- flickrwhat do you think about mobility in the classroom? useful or useless? tweet your thoughts @candaceberes
  19. 19. Sources used: the new yorktimes online, mashable.com, nationalpost.ca, nassp.org, thejournal.com photo by seyed motafa zamani- flickr slideshow presentation by: Candace Beres