Facebook 101 for Business


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Facebook can be used to the your business' advantage - learn how to get started.

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Facebook 101 for Business

  1. 1. Digital 3.0 101: for Private Business
  2. 2. What is Facebook? Are you on Facebook? Viral marketing at its best—it seems that everyone is addicted to this social networking interface. Building a public profile via Facebook enables you to share your business, services, and products with other Facebook users.
  3. 3. Who uses Facebook? Building a public profile via Facebook enables you to share your business, services, and products with other Facebook users. Join the one million new registrants each week so your contacts can interact with your Facebook profile, news feeds, and status updates.
  4. 4. Getting Started To sign up for a Facebook account, go to Facebook.com and click on “Sign Up,” and follow these simple steps:
  5. 5. How to Facebook Use your real name to sign up for your account so friends and potential customers can find you quickly. If you’re worried about just anyone viewing your company profile, adjust your privacy settings to limit what your Facebook contacts can view.
  6. 6. How to Facebook Once you’re registered, you can start adding friends by sending them individual friend or group invitations to link/join your profile. For full registration details, visit http://apps.facebook.com/registernow/.
  7. 7. How to Facebook To post a Facebook status update, log onto the Webpage from your computer or mobile device and use the status update window to instantly spread word of your newest product, service, or offer.
  8. 8. How to Facebook Once entered and saved, your status update will appear on your Facebook profile as well as in your contacts’ newsfeeds.
  9. 9. Why Facebook for Business? Facebook is becoming a popular promotional venue for business owners because they can gain repeat, rapid exposure to a wider range of interested customers. Facebook boasts many benefits for business owners:
  10. 10. Facebook Business Benefits Access potential business contacts through clients, peers, and prospects that make up your network. Instantly promote events, sales, special offers, and more through your Facebook profile. Save money—creating a Facebook profile is completely free! Use the “About Me” section of your profile to describe your business, products, and services, feature links to your Web site or blog, and add photos of your products (Facebook rules that your profile must be registered to a human not a business name). Use Facebook ads to further target your audience with customized graphics, texts, and networking. Participate in groups to network virtually with potential clients and peers—or start one of your own.