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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. BPMN 2.0 – a new area of BPM? And some expirences from Germany Bernd Rücker
  • 2. Who am I? Bernd Rücker Co-Founder & CEO camunda services, Germany
  • 3. Today I want to talk about processes… F I R E !
  • 4. Processes on a business level Sales Stock Account Customer checks ships issues sends order order order invoice
  • 5. And processes on a technical level
  • 6. But first: Why do we talk about that?
  • 7. The world is getting more and more complex
  • 8. Competition gets harder
  • 9. And strategies live shorter
  • 10. And what about YOUR business processes?
  • 11. Expensive?
  • 12. Unclear?
  • 13. Inflexible?
  • 14. Business tried with EPC or Power Point, but what about IT? Receive Invoice Accounting Insert invoice into system „How do I know that we receive it?“ Trigger check „Why does he trigger that?“ Accounting for invoice „How do they communicate?“ Business Check Invoice department „Hmm, how can we correlate that?“ Business Communicate „And if we don‘t get any result?“ department result „Is that good or bad?“ XOR Invoice Invoice OK Not OK Accounting Issue payment Payment issued
  • 15. IT tried to work with BPEL, but business surrendered… <!-- Deklaration eines asynchronen “Hello World” Prozesses --> <process name=”HelloWorld” ... > <!-- Liste der am Prozess beteiligten Services --> <partnerLinks> <!-- Nur ein beteiligter Service: Der Dienst-Nutzer --> <partnerLink name=”client” partnerLinkType =”HelloWorld” myRole=”HelloWorldProvider” partnerRole=”HelloWorldRequester” /> </partnerLinks> <!-- Liste der (XML-)Dokumente, die im Prozess verwendet werden --> <variables> <!-- XML-Dokument, das der Dienst-Nutzer beim Aufruf übergibt --> <variable name="input" messageType="HelloWorldRequestMessage"/> <!-- XML-Dokument, das der Dienst-Nutzer vom Prozess erhält --> <variable name="output" messageType="HelloWorldResultMessage"/> </variables> ? <!-- Definition der Ablauflogik im Prozess (Aktiviäten) --> <sequence> <!-- Übergabe-Parameter vom Dienst-Nutzer entgegen nehmen --> <receive name="receiveInput" partnerLink="client" portType="tns:HelloWorld" operation="initiate" variable="input" createInstance="yes"/> <!-- Output-Parameter abhängig vom Input erstellen --> <assign> <copy> <from expression="concat('Hello ',bpws:getVariableData('input', 'test','/tns:name'))"/> <to variable="output" part="test" query="/result"/> </copy> </assign> <!-- Dienst-Nutzer aufrufen, um Antwort zu übergeben --> <invoke name="replyOutput" partnerLink="client" portType="tns:HelloWorldCallback" operation="onResult" inputVariable="output"/> </sequence> </process>
  • 16. By the way: IT as well ☺
  • 17. So?
  • 18. Some boring facts BPMN is a worldwide OMG standard Latest version is BPMN 2.0 All big vendors go for BPMN
  • 19. Some not so boring facts
  • 20. What‘s so cool about BPMN 2.0?
  • 21. What does that mean as well?
  • 22. What you need is not only BPMN Methods Roles Tools Your BPMN approach
  • 23. Example method and roles Process Owner Process Analyst Process Manager Process Participant Process Engineer
  • 24. siehe Example: Incident Management Layer 1
  • 25. Reality Layer 2
  • 26. Maybe your tool allows different views Layer 2
  • 27. The executable process is one part of the story
  • 28. And it may be real source code!
  • 29. But be aware!
  • 30. Accept different roles = different views = different tools
  • 31. And it works! Transparency Business Process Process Forward Process Centric Process Engineering Reverse Development Monitoring / Engineering Reporting IT
  • 32. But: Don‘t believe in this! Modelling Monitoring Business IT Magic BPM-Suite Human Workflow EAI / SOA
  • 33. And in Germany?
  • 34. BPMN starts to be all over… …
  • 35. Activiti (Open Source BPM Platform), an european project
  • 36. Purely European? Not any more :-)
  • 37. What we all should try to achieve from here… IST SOLL
  • 38. Thank you very much! Any questions?
  • 39. camunda services GmbH Vielen Dank! Zossener Str. 55-58 1096 Berlin 1 Telefon: +49 30 664 0409-00 Telefax: +49 30 664 0409-29 Email: Bernd Rücker CEO 2do Seminaro BPM & BPO Chile, 05.10.2010 Der Praxis-Blog zu BPM: