How Plan B Marketing Made Mary a Star


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Even the best marketing plans hit snags. Do you have a Plan B contingency plan?

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How Plan B Marketing Made Mary a Star

  1. 1. How Plan B marketing made Mary a star
  2. 2. Mary was so excited www.simplystatedbusiness
  3. 3. www.simplystatedbusiness She landed a new job as Marketing Director
  4. 4. www.simplystatedbusiness On her very first project
  5. 5. www.simplystatedbusiness the you-know-what hit the fan
  6. 6. www.simplystatedbusiness Her presenter for the sales conference had an accident
  7. 7. The presentation flash drive
  8. 8. The presentation flash drive went with him to the hospital
  9. 9. There was no time to retrieve it www.simplystatedbusiness
  10. 10. www.simplystatedbusiness What could Mary do?
  11. 11. www.simplystatedbusiness Mary’s heart beat faster
  12. 12. www.simplystatedbusiness Mary’s heart beat faster She took a deep breath
  13. 13. www.simplystatedbusiness Mary knew it was time for Plan B
  14. 14. www.simplystatedbusiness She downloaded the presentation FROM THE COMPANY’S CLOUD BACKUP
  15. 15. www.simplystatedbusiness and pulled out her notes
  16. 16. www.simplystatedbusiness She knew the presentation as well as he did Mary had helped the presenter
  17. 17. www.simplystatedbusiness Mary put on her game face
  18. 18. www.simplystatedbusiness and took another deep breath
  19. 19. www.simplystatedbusiness Mary stepped onstage and shared her story
  20. 20. www.simplystatedbusiness A funny thing happened on the way to the conference
  21. 21. The audience loved it www.simplystatedbusiness
  22. 22. www.simplystatedbusiness Mary’s boss loved it
  23. 23. Sales soared
  24. 24. People shared Mary’s story Sales soared
  25. 25. www.simplystatedbusiness What could have been tragic
  26. 26. www.simplystatedbusiness Instead was a
  27. 27. The moral of the story? www.simplystatedbusiness Always have a Plan B contingency
  28. 28. P.S. The presenter recovered www.simplystatedbusiness He was glad Mary had his back
  29. 29. you made it to the end Congratulations!
  30. 30. Photo Credits: This is Part 10 Check out the entire series Follow the 10-Part Marketing Plan at
  31. 31. www.simplystatedbusiness Cathy Miller, Business Writer Business site:
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